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Mon, Feb29, 2016 – Day 579 – The Best Liars

Sometimes you need Big Iron. You have to sell a Big Lie. Call up Hollywood. They are the best liars, and just held their annual awards for, among other things like Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Best Liar EVAH! Leonardo DiCaprio took the cake while accepting an Oscar for Best Liar.

Climate change needed a Big Liar badly. In the litany of lies they have propagated to pay for spraying chemtrails to block solar ultraviolet radiation with the potential to kill us all. Because they accidentally destroyed the ozone layer of the atmosphere (AKA The Big Truth,) they have been caught in numerous lies by fudging the climate records to deflect blame. No problem. They can dial up the biggest liars around. This time it is tougher. Lots of people are finding out the truth, but for whatever reasons, that isn’t allowed. I suspect it is because there is no money in the truth.

Climate change is real, but not the way you may think. Couch a lie in reality to lend credence. It has happened for billions of years. We can see it in the geology. Tropical Fossils in the strata at Banff. Actually inside the stone, not just written on it. The popular lie blames Anthropogenic warming. We caused it. There is enough truth in that. We invented air conditioners to sweep heat under the rug, but at an unintended cost. If you remember the story, before climate change was selected to be the fall guy for our shenanigans, and global warming was abandoned in the blizzards of contrary evidence. We all heard about how the ozone layer was destroyed by CFC’s. We went to the hat, and all we could pull out was chemtrails. Spray solar reflecting chemicals up higher in the atmosphere. Life depends on it. We can’t handle the truth when it died in the regular media cycle. Space based systems to block ultraviolet rays like the ozone used to are not sustainable, manageable, or cost efficient enough for our purposes. They continue to work on it though with robotic space systems.

You can’t pull more ozone out of a hat. The residual CFC’s would act like a catalyst to deplete it any way. Water vapour and oxides of titanium would do a better job until we find a better way. That is the result of praying for the truth. They’re right. I can’t handle it. Here is a more detailed explanation of what is really happening. They still can’t tell us the whole unvarnished truth, but there is a lot invested in the big lie. A lie will go around the world, while the truth is still tying its shoes. Put it in a language a child can understand, ignore all the lies blaming the wrong boogie man, and the desired effect is achieved. The truth about CFC’s is too complex to encapsulate and motivate people. Lie, or else. Now the boogie man has fallen apart, Big Oil. That is who wound up paying for the cover up. Big Oil has really taken a hit. What now? We have to finance the chemtrails somehow as a stop gap measure until we find a way to unwind this, and we have no choice in the matter.

I wanted the truth about apple leaves. That came out in the wash. God says we must eat of the apple tree every day of our lives now in Genesis 3:17-19, and it may be painful, perhaps because of the herx, but also because of the multiple truths they reveal, and some knowledge of good and evil. I will understand if you cannot handle it. I have been there. It depends on your insect bites and stings. I had a lot of them from work and play, but it wasn’t that painful. It was becoming that way prior to that though. In 3:22, it is written that now, behold, we have become like one with God. Do not eat from the poorly understood tree of life though, unless you want to live forever. Straight from the get go. I personally think we are not worthy. We are all liars of every colour, shape, and size now. The Bible wasn’t lying, once you finally strike the right context. To fight insects, and the helminth they are carrying and transmitting, you have to nibble a few apple leaves a day. You do not get the same results eating the apples as you do eating the leaves. That’s no lie I confirmed now for 579 Days. If you do not, you will surely die, and I know how and why now.

I imagine all the other liars will claim I am a religious nutbar. I can tell you nothing will put the fear of God into you like eating Wild Apple Leaves. When you discover all those little parasites you have accumulated for years, I am here to say you can get rid of a lot of them, and I am living proof now. They won’t get rid of other trials and tribulations, but they do get rid of a lot of the trouble. Doctors will not believe it. It does not wake those helminths from dormancy, but it does shock them straight out of their cushy little homes in your joints, skin, intestines, eyes, and head. For that chance observation of a sick deer getting healed, I truly Thank God.

It got deeper. I knew nothing about Dark Matter physics. Now I suspect I can teach you about Dark Matter Lifeforms, present inside you, right now. They defy all detection, but cannot escape Wild Apple Leaves fast enough when you eat some, as God commanded that we do for the rest of our lives.  There could be other reasons why they are so stealthy under a microscope, but Dark Matter explains a lot to me. It explains their apparent intelligence by their actions, speaking louder than a library full of peer reviewed papers. There is something quantum going on there, and they know when they are being observed, maybe. They certainly graft into our grey matter. Our sensors are deficient, that is all, but Wild Apple Leaves add a new sense. Some of the helminths have been found recently. The seeds I started to sow 550 Days ago by direct email finally took root somewhere. They will deny it, but see the title. I’m just glad I could do my part.

One key thing that the Knowledge of Good and Evil imparted by daily, and later weekly, wild apple leaf consumption, was Mark Twain’s (Samuel Clemens’) take on mankind and election time. “If we would learn what the human race really is at bottom, we need only observe it in election times.” Don’t try to read a political agenda into that awaiting abyss. I think he was eating his Wild Apple Leaves, daily as instructed. 😉

This explains some of what weighs so heavily on US Presidents once they have access to higher level intelligence clearance. None of those running in the current race have that clearance, even though you may think the former secretary of state did. Granted, she ran a troll email server for intelligence agencies, but the truth was deemed above her pay grade. They are all on a need-to-know basis, and that may not come ever. Just a little truth is too much for even the acting POTUS.

That is a little too heavy for my mandate here though. It is a side effect. It can get answers for serious illness. Everyone will have a different point of view, including from the perspective of the Dark Matter side of our Universe. They may think WE are nearly 96 % of their view of the universe, as we perceive them. It’s complex, literally, as in =-1

There is another strange thing going on that is a little easier to grasp. We all know about supply and demand, with too much oil supply causing lower prices. But just a second, didn’t OPEC control supply? Why would they open up all of a sudden? I have a theory. Their control of supply was threatened by outside providers like Russia and Venezuela being forced into breaking ranks as they borrowed money to increase their supply capacity. So you want more supply says the cartel? Cut the taps wide open, boys. They hedged it off by shorting all the oil futures contracts they could first, though. All the alternate suppliers sold their oil projected production forward, but only as far as they dared though. No less than JP Morgan complained that they were holding too much forward oil infrastructure debt on their books.

The Saudi Oil minister was smiling when you thought he should be fretting. You know that he is in on the Big Short of 2015-16. Why? Because he has such a big piece of the supply, he can. It is like a tug of war, where one team lets go of the rope on their signal, and the opposing team tramples itself, off balance, crushing themselves or backing off a cliff before they can adjust. Add Iran, and it was the last straw that forced the oversupplying cheaters over the edge. That is easier to see in hindsight now, and it looks to match what has been happening. The Climate Change trade is on their side as well. Now they have frozen supply to cover, while picking up BHP and JPM cheap in the process, I imagine.

The ratings are in for the Oscars. They were the lowest ratings in 8 years. People are getting tired of being manipulated by liars for their money. The rich are getting richer, while the liar trade is getting stale. We’re already sick of politics, and it isn’t even March yet. The October Surprise is no longer a surprise when it is expected as the norm by no less than Mark Twain, over a century ago. He also pointed out that the freedom of speech of the press, and media, is protected fiercely, but no law can protect the people from that same press and media.


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Sun, Feb 28, 2016 – Day 578 – One Month to Easter

It is still a short 4 week month. Easter is 4 Sundays away. You look up the connection between bunnies and eggs and Jesus. I know an Easter Egg in a computer program, which is surprise hidden code usually triggered by an offbeat set of commands and/or characters. I suppose it was put in there by the programmer to confirm bragging rights for generating the program. March, finally just around the corner, is important for Apple Trees too. March 18, linked to Johnny Appleseed, is the day to plant new apple trees. If you prune your trees, they should be done in February I was told, but I want to collect leaves from mine. Pruning is more for apple eaters.

Eating plants can be dangerous. I always hear the cannabis promoters claim that plants are all good. Not quite. I was reading about Papain in papaya while looking up anthelmintic agents. It is from the skin of the fruit though. Before I started, I checked to see if there was anything dangerous about eating apple leaves.  Now I know that all those little helminths coming out of bug bites probably turned people off. They didn’t get the connection between those and disease. Organic orchards were mum when I asked them about eating the leaves from their trees. There are certified chemicals they spray to fight apple scab, and they are OK’d for the organic fruit growers. Nobody knew about the safety of eating the leaves. That is why I usually specified Wild Apple Leaves. If the leaves have apple scab, it is no guarantee they weren’t sprayed either. It might have been pesticide. I am reviewing all this to see if there is a way to scale it. I know Wild Apple Leaves work to skunk out bug parasite helminths, but what makes them work? I’m not sure. Horticulturalists aren’t either. Nobody knows.

It explains funny doctor behaviour. They knew but would not tell me. They continued to claim I was imagining it. I guess they figured I couldn’t handle the truth, or more likely, they were hiding it intentionally to protect a huge legitimate Worker’s Compensation claim. They will claim this whole blog is delusional if they follow suit with their usual behaviour. This is exactly the same thing that happened to Jesus. The ones responsible for murdering Him simply don’t believe in Him. There is the context.

I’m no saint. I’m not that much of a sinner relatively either. I have regrets. I wish I had never been bitten by bugs. But what can you do? Who knew? I have a plan at least going forward. I have an acaricidal and anthelmintic agent to fight back with, thanks to a chance observation of deer. I have Wild Apple Leaves that give me hope when all is hopeless. It is better than the alternative. I wouldn’t trust doctors as far as I could throw them. Everything is suspect from them here now. It isn’t their fault totally. I can see management involved in this huge cover up. They got their’s by sweeping their true liabilities under the rug. If there is a God, they’ll get a lot more than they bargained for when it comes time. Again, there is hope, and they say pray for these enemies. Lyme sufferers have a lot of praying to catch up on from what I have seen.

We have no alternative but to handle the truth. It is handling all the lies that is tough. No wonder this country is heading for bankruptcy. The schemers will wind up atoning for their sins. Humour me. It’s Sunday a month before Easter. There is time to reflect. I take heart in the bank disclaimer, “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” Oil could come back, but the indicators are still not really there. I am uncharacteristically depressed a bit. Time for an Apple Leaf AppLyme capsule. It always cheers me up a little. I can really see medical management not liking that. Something for almost nothing that really works. Knock off two bad birds with one stone.

To medical management, everything is simple. Smoking causes everything, yet non smokers still die too. Strange that a 50 cent vaccine, Cimavax, is kept away from their tax gravy train. For the price of one cigarette, they would lose all their credibility and gravy. Now that’s a positive thought. They get addicts to pay for their excesses and incompetence. They’ll have Hell to pay back for that. The apple leaves must be kicking in. Just imagine the justice of that. That should amp the faith. Propose a health tax on pectin and starch, hundreds of times deadlier than smoking in this bug transferred filarial spirochaete farmer nematode jungle.

Zika was revisited on Sunday Housecall. 9 pregnant women in the US have contracted the virus. The first STD case was reported in Oregon. 80% of people getting the virus are asymptomatic. I take it it fits into their existing biofilm without incident. That is 4 out of 5 people that test positive for Zika show no ill effect, but can transmit the virus then. It has spread widely in South America and tropical regions, popular for vacationers. Since it is a vector illness, transferred initially by the common Aedes mosquito, apple leaves may contain the key to fight it. The threat was downplayed by Dr. Samadi, with no explanation or factual basis as to why. That sounds so uncharacteristically Canadian from him. We’re doomed when US healthcare starts playing the same shell game with vector diseases like that. I notice the CDC said human mosquito human vector transmission is worrisome to the point where confirmed infected cases are urged to prevent mosquito bites in the weeks of their infection.

A Biblical pestilence. That is just one horseman, but that’s enough. I got the message. Remain Calm, just hurry up and die. What if it happened that everything opposite of what we were always told was the only way out? What if every non smoker was suddenly stricken by illness, and only smokers survived? It would be like Lyme Disease, where all the best medical treatment eats the rich. A complete twist in the plot. It would make a good movie script for good old fashioned Hollywood entertainment. The Oscars are tonight. The low Canadian dollar is attracting lots of movie investment and filming they say. That is a way to think about something else in unlikely quarters, redirecting all our thoughts from the seriousness of what is really happening.

SpirocheteThat is fantasy though. The odd thread connecting fantasy to reality is Lyme Disease. All from a bug bite with a spirochaete farming worm in it that hardly anybody knows about. Wild Apple Leaves make it all too real when the worm actually comes out first. It’s not as easily tricked as people. They have remained hidden from all medicine for all time Medicine only knows they can see their diet, borrelia spirochaetes, and sometimes while they are eating them.

We are in the age of Con Man politics. Preston Manning defined it when he pointed out that politicos promise to be the exact opposite of their opposition to pander for enough votes to garner a majority. Each successive generation of that will get worse and blame the opposition for it. The bureaucracy runs everything any way, so changing the look and feel will do nothing. The con men will take that. People will believe them that whoever they blame caused it any way. The analogy is blaming the spirochaetes for the actions of the farmer worm. It works for the worm, while the spirochaete takes the fall. The worm gets off the hook every time. Not after taking Wild Apple Leaves, it won’t. Too bad there is no way to do that with politics. The bureaucratic worm stays put no matter how many elected spirochaetes you get rid of, when it is really the trouble, feeding itself at your expense.

The Oscars with Chris Rock plays on into the same narrative. Get everybody mad at everything. The next politician will vow to fix it all, but not really. The crops will go on being poisoned. Health care will cost more than ever, and provide less options than ever. The surrender date will be set on the war against disease, but not the symptoms. In short, the same old. Hollywood seems real in comparison. Like Mark Twain said, if you tell the truth,  you don’t have to remember anything. They can edit. Con men can because we let them for some reason we’ll likely regret.

Mark Twain also said, “Dear reader, consider you were an idiot. And consider that you were in government. But I repeat myself.” Joe Biden agreed. j/k Still watching myself…

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Sat, Feb 27, 2016 – Day 577 – Triage

Most know that Triage is the prioritization of limited medical resources in a medical emergency or disaster. It is part of the site safety assessment and security initial phase of emergency response, because you do not want to become a victim of the same thing. Sometimes it is obvious like in an accident. This is difficult because there are so many patients, and so little resources. I am trying to get past step 2 “Call for Help” after giving up on trying to secure the site. The vectors that caused this are an ever present attack and reinfection threat. In that light, step 1 becomes find an apple tree that produces enough leaves and medicine to go around to save the care givers. I eat the apple leaves myself, so I personally have protection from re infection. Every single person is a patient at the beginning. That complicates things until they can be shown how to cure themselves. You have to assemble a small army of patient/medicine harvesters. The medicine will make it obvious to them that they are patients themselves. Filarial Nematode Spirochaete Farmers will win in the end if you don’t stop it. Most of the people who die from chronic illness every day die from conditions caused by this.

You must learn how to identify a safe and effective apple tree. That is job 1. Deer can help you. They will show you which trees are prime candidates for anthelmintic properties. Be careful around deer, especially mothers with young ones. Give them distance. They will protect their young fiercely. Learn to identify the signature of where deer have been eating the tree leaves. Their sense of smell and taste is highly advanced. They are more interested in the leaves than the apples until the apples fall off the trees here. That is not always the case, as it is here. A local cougar has scared the deer away, but the apple trees are good. Once you have found some viable apple leaves, you will know the taste, and see the effect of eating a few leaves a day. Helminths will drill out of you at several old bug bite and sting locations. Studies have shown about 30% were infected with helminth eggs and/or larvae, but owing to local conditions here, the percentage seems higher. The nematode seems to drill out at almost every new bite I get now.

I am the first response here. I researched the leaf composition and found out that not only were they OK, but later found they were preferred for several human medical conditions. Their use was historically documented as Pyrus Malus Bark and tinctures made of the same. I discovered that the leaves themselves were a powerfully anthelmintic analogy for the bark.

Why is there no higher level of care for this? Good question. I discovered they underlie nearly every medical condition that kills. There’s no money for it in our horribly misguided Pharmacentric medical system. Things that work spectacularly are not welcome unless they can be patented. They still complain that the condition these leaves address is epidemic, and fatal if left untreated. Pharmacological treatment is ineffective and expensive. If money could cure it, why are Yolanda Foster and Avril Lavigne still sick? Well, for starters, they haven’t done a Wild Apple leaf sweep yet to get rid of all the helminths that reinfect them as soon as they pause treatment.

Is it hopeless? I am proof that it isn’t, simply by making it to step 2 of our Triage, Calling for Help. Nobody will answer like a gas attack aftermath. They have all been affected, and none of them know it. I’ve been on step 2 for over a year and a half. That took me to a bizarre place where clinics become a place to get reinfected. My first leaf harvesting helper phoned last night to complain that he was sick from the flu for over a week, after I warned him not to go to a doctor in flu season for a check up. I told him apple leaves could cure that in days. He has none where he is. Always keep an emergency supply around. A century ago, a simple flu epidemic spread through Europe, killing many. Pharmacentric medicine had forgotten about Pyrus Malus and/or ferri pomatum already.

Botanischer_Garten_Berlin-Dahlem_10-2014_photo08_Malus_sieversiiBack to the triage, I will have to give up on adults. They simply waste too much time when time is of the essence. They love to argue why dying is normal. Great. Continue being normal. Kids are the only hope. Avoid clinics full of sick adults. The only way to do that is find a good apple tree for yourself. Kids will not need as much pectin enzyme biofilm antidote. Two huge problems solved. Adults will have to help themselves. That is what doctors said to me. Then I eventually identified my ACA Herxheimer. Doctors were all either ignorant or liars, as ACA Herxheimer is 100% proof of Late Stage Chronic Lyme, and I had it since early May, 1992. The stock line is that there is no Lyme Disease in Canada even though borrelia spirochaetes can be easily identified by blood microscopy. The Mayo Clinic said so. Canada does not recognize the Mayo Clinic, the premier medical educational facility in their World. On the Finland triage scale, I was “Blacked,” meaning “Lost.” Not so fast there. I have Wild Apple Leaves here. Now you’re all “Blacked.” Physician, Heal Thyself!

The logistics of this undertaking are staggering. 7.4 billion patients would require 3,700 tonnes PER DAY of dried apple leaves, and they are typically up to 95% moisture, by weight. 20 pounds of leaves would yield 1 pound of dry powder. The panacea nature of apple leaves points to the possible presence of bacteriophage, difficult to identify and develop a chemical analog for. Then there is distribution. Luckily, you need less as you use it more. You only need 1/5 the dose for maintenance, and can pad it with 4 parts pectin enzyme to 1 part apple leaf powder to increase efficiency. So many leaves. So little takers. The future will be very lonely with Zika and possibly similar vector illness like malaria and dengue/Yellow Fever poised to expand their transmission via hardier insect species. There is no cure for those, other than stopping the infection with Wild Apple Leaves, and that is only a theory, albeit one you can witness for yourself. It does not require that you be the next Einstein to figure that out fast, but if you can deploy this, you may be a candidate. I have many ideas to ezpeiate distribution and supply of the existing crop, but it is nowhere near enough if chemical substitutes can’t be identified and demonstrated to be as effective or better. The Aspirin analogy springs to mind.

This is an entirely new paradigm for medicine, and in fact, a complete paradigm shift. An explosion of questions with unknown answers results when nematode parasites start drilling out every infected vector. Who? Everyone. What? Vector helminth parasites. Where? Multiple bug bites and stings. When? From all your life, the parasite was previously permanent. Why? As each parasite leaves, you feel better, naturally, and you can see and sometimes eventually feel where it was. Then the real questioning starts. How does ingesting a few apple leaves a day make that all happen? Good question, but it does, undeniably. Why is there such incredible neurological effect early on? What caused that condition, other than simply parasites? I continue to be educated by Dr. A B MacDonald and Dr. Eva Sapi towards those ends.

When everybody suffers from the medical condition to some degree as they get older, there are just too many to triage effectively. Imagine happening on an accident scene like that where everybody is injured to varying degrees. Would you attempt to halt the suicidal ideations of the young first, or waste time arguing with ignorant adults, including incurious doctors? You have to black them out using the Finnish triage model. You would have to forcibly treat them to snap out of it, but that is beyond your mandate. You can lead an idiot to apple leaves, but you can’t make them eat. That is the paradox. The better distribution model is to advertise them for the likely prevention of vector illness like Zika Virus, which is forefront in the news these days, but just the tip of the iceberg I have discovered and eliminated. This is the only proactive defence I know for vectors with the inherent acaricidal properties that apple leaves seem to impart with no apparent ill effect.

Oh, what’s the use? It’s overwhelming. Works for me, any way. See that cellulite? I suspect these cooties are what did it. Enjoy that. Bet you never knew all those bugs left something alive in you, and that is what has been “eating you” all these years.That is until you eat a few Wild Apple leaves.

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Fri, Feb 26, 2016 – Day 576 – Plan a Harvest

Pyrus Malus

King’s American Compendium, 1898

You do not want to hurt the apple tree. There isn’t much of this Pyrus Malus Fibre around. It is now sold out, Organic Apple Tree Bark from Starwest on Ebay. I was unable to confirm if that would work as well as the leaves do. This is not the right stuff I think, but YMMV. You want the leaves, like the deer do. Then you are sure. I have enough samples from my experiments to make it to when the trees start budding out again. The leaves are comparable, and in fact, what I have been consuming, making a nematode come out from about 30% of the bug stings and bites that I ever had, presumably from all my 60 year life. They even force a nematode out of recent newly acquired infected bites.

After 576 Days of apple leaf treatment, on and off, I haven’t suffered much further ill effect. On eating apple leaves from the start though, there was what I now realize was a Jarrisch-Herxheimer effect, and it was local to the chronically infected areas of my body. I only recently found out about ACA Herxheimer, a condition associated only with Late Stage Chronic Lyme disease. Serology showed all my liver functions were normal taking over 1,500 mg a day of dried apple leaf powder that I put in size 0 capsules. The sentinel event of ACA was in May 1992. I am an extremely tough case, and this blog is a chronicle of what I went through. Most people will not have suffered from this as bad or as long as I have, but there may be worse. I hope this offers hope where all medicine throws up their hands and says it is hopeless.

You may need about 100 2-3″ leaves a month. Depending on how much biofilm has to be eliminated, you may need a pound of pectin enzyme, like used in wine making. I am still working on that first pound because I started by buying small packets from the wine store on Day 313, and I reduced from taking up to 2 grams a day down to about 400 mg a day now. That should convert the bulk of that biofilm to simpler sugars. The fact that I am still here tells you that I am still surviving from being flat on my back, virtually paralysed, two years ago. I have had no effective treatment officially for this. I am starting to realize there was no effective treatment for late stage chronic lyme, and will not be short of this, in the foreseeable future. This is where nobody has really been before, or they just never said anything. AFAIK, I am guinea pig Zero.

Deer SaladAs the leaves get bigger, you may need less. I started with a small branch that led me to seek more. That appeared to be about what the deer were eating daily or so. This branch, the first one, July 31, 2014, got fast results because I ate too much, about a cup. I started getting a headache over my right eye that I took a single generic ibuprofen for. Within 3 days, my brain fogginess and confusion, which I didn’t realize I was suffering badly from, improved dramatically. From that point, I started improving every day to a 9 month plateau, before I clued in to reduce the biofilm more aggressively. In retrospect, I see now that too much leaf consumption creates too much thick mucus, and can leave you gasping for air, like an asthma condition. Ventolin treatment did not help it much. When I discovered pectin enzyme, that was an effective workaround.

What has it done for me in 576 Days? It has reduced swelling in my extremities. Hundreds of nematodes came out at bug bites and stings. The stings were where my arthritis started when I was 10 years old or earlier. There was also a surface dirt being produced that I now attribute to Swimmer’s Itch, decades after the infection. I am 60 now. If you start concurrently with the pectin enzyme, I suspect you could halve the time required to get where I am. I was a surveyor and outside engineer, so I got more than my fair share of insect bites and stings. There’s your trouble, I found. I proceeded carefully using Chinese Traditional Medicine testing protocols for new herbs, so you could go much more aggressively than I did. I intentionally started slow to prevent trouble after that first headache on Day One. After all, the deer didn’t need that much either. They would stop by for a few minutes only. They were used to the leaves, and didn’t need very much, which is what I am finding after getting used to them myself. I need less to get an effect I can feel from them now.

I must admit I feel younger, and look younger now, than when I started. My face is less puffy. My muscle tone is better. My skin has cleared up and my hair is growing where it was falling out. It is coming back darker than it was. My joints have and still are recovering a lot from where they were arthritic. I wish I did this when I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. All that damage from insects would have never happened. That was in the 60’s though. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, but no. If you are younger, get ready to halt a great deal of what ages you in its tracks. Mentally and physically. This is more than just Lyme Disease. This is a new paradigm of medicine, once you see it yourself, and see what was causing all that trouble, known and unknown. I have lost over 10% of my weight since I started with the pectin reduction on Day 313, so that is mostly nematode and biofilm weight, plus what ever else they left there that my body eliminated.

All I can say is plan this harvest as if your life depended on it. Kids can do it, and should do it, too. Give them wire cutters and tell them just to harvest a few without hurting the tree. Show them what apple scab fungus looks like, but say those are OK. Avoid the overly insect bitten ones if you can, but I tried some of those too. It is the leaf fibre that is the main ingredient possibly. Earlier elimination would be key to getting to a new plateau of health, defying all history. Also plan for anyone you want to keep around. Nobody will believe you, especially doctors that have not tried it, so don’t mortgage the farm on this. I just hope it works for you too, and I can’t see why it shouldn’t. It worked for the animals too. It is simple to keep a sustainable harvest for one. There will be plenty of leaves in the fall after the apple harvest if you don’t denude the tree. The leaves are more powerful as harvest nears too. Let them grow as much as you can if you find some good trees. Harvest sustainably. Protect those trees. You can’t buy that fibre for love or money it seems. Find a lot of trees and sample a bit from each one if you are so lucky. Newly infected bug bites should produce a nematode immediately in the first day. If they don’t, they weren’t infected with nematodes. When the leaves get riper, chewing them should clean the biofilm scuff partly off your teeth. They continue to keep them cleaner than brushing which seems barbaric in retrospect. If you light or air dry them under 60°C, they seem tastier. Just sayin’.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t try this to fight Zika and other vector diseases. That is right up the apple leaf alley and you will instantly see why when bitten or stung by infected bugs. Unfortunately I found this out decades after the fact, but that’s life. I’m sure glad I found it out, and it’s all here recorded. Well, almost all of it. There’s only so many blank pixels I can un blank here in my blogging physio. This is no doubt an urgent youth safety issue for children playing outdoors or around woods. Seriously. I was a surveyor on and off over 45 years, and I seem to have revisited most of the bug bites with a nematode parasite in them, and every new one as well. I know that has to hurt, even kill, with those fateful bug combinations. Medicine has no idea… yet. I have tried but only researchers were interested. At that rate, it will be 30 years and countless lives ruined by the delay until this reaches the front line. Being a senior surveyor for that long made me an HSE – Health Safety Environment – professional if not an expert. This is more of an existential issue for mankind now though, and you can see what will happen if it is left unchecked. If you find a good organic leaf source, you can start to save your world now, and anybody else you want to help. Just remember, whatever you perceive your God is, is watching, or somebody else’s will be. lol

Old people will not listen. They’re as good as dead until it comes from the mouths of babes. Cubs and Scouts, Girl Guides, and more worldwide, better listen up. 7.4 billion people are infected and this is the only possible cure so far. At least do it for your pets. Then it won’t matter if you die. You helped some little soul. As for us old codgers, from what I have seen, you’re better off without the way it is going now anyway. You’ll know pretty quick that all their medicine is futile too, given what you will witness first hand, or else. Join the existing parade off the cliff. Tasmania and Tierra Del Fuego may have crops ripe for harvest in a month, if you can find the organic apple trees there. Then the harvest can proceed northward through the temperate zones and more. I can remember Yellow Jacket stings from when I was 8, and that was 52 years ago. A nematode came out of them over 500 days ago. Several more did from other vector infections over the years too, and new bites as well.


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Thurs, Feb 25, 2016 – Day 575 – Nobody is Immune

That is a hard sell. Everybody thinks it will not affect them, but when you know what is happening, vectored chronic illness, or basically disease transmitted by bug bites and stings, it becomes everybody’s problem. The CDC ups the ante by suggesting a second method of transmission; STD. I am not sure how much could be attributed to skin contact with aquatic biofilms, but Organic Apple Leaves also forced out the active nematodes from that, and decades after they were similarly established as a parasitic force to be reckoned with.

The World population clock  says there are about 7.4 billion people here. Only a handful have got the memo that we’re on it. Nobody had an inkling about parasite farmer nematodes, and they largely still don’t. Ironically I found a way to extricate them with Wild Apple Leaves, but nobody even knows they exist until they actually try. Nobody really has an inkling what side effects they will have, but I think it is a fair bet they will suffer from the same ones I did. Pectin enzyme fights the main one, being the breakdown of polysaccharides from biofilm that I can only attribute to the nematodes. They built it to protect their parasitic pathogen flock, largely borrelia spirochaetes. They have tried everything to kill the spirochaetes, but they hide and persist in that impervious biofilm, and inside the nematodes themselves. When you stop, they repopulate.

Knowing all this is most of the battle. My focus is on skunking out the nematodes. That seems to be the analogy that describes what Apple Leaf consumption does. When I turned to trying to dissolve more biofilm, a second wave of nematodes hiding in biofilm came out, so I would recommend reducing that biofilm concurrently. If the pectin enzyme can get to it, the biofilm is reduced to simpler sugars that can be consumed by your pancreas. This will become much more difficult if you are diabetic, because it raises your blood sugar while it is happening, and really suppresses your appetite.  I am trying the leaves now with it, but it takes a lot less to keep the nematodes out now with reduced biofilm, and instantly or within a week of getting reinfected by another bug. The nematode exits quickly if the bug was infected with nematodes.

We all know about Apple, the computer company, and their battle to keep the iPhone locked. I can see the reverse happening here, where we all want to unlock the nemtodes and get rid of them, because they seem to be behind lots of medical conditions. Doctors are dead set against it it seems, and the reason I suspect is that it will put them out of business. Nobody will believe that, but I know intimately from first hand experience that the nematodes were underlying all sorts of medical conditions from common colds to heart disease. Slowly, I have faith that everybody will find this out eventually, but likely too late. Apple leaves can only repair so much of it it seems. Now I see John Macafee, libertarian presidential candidate, is weighing in on the Apple side. He feels that we are already 20 years behind on cybersecurity, leaving us vulnerable to attack that will kill 90% of us within a year.

I wondered why the deer, normally very shy, risked so much to access those apple trees around here. Now I know. I bet that little fawn tangled with a hornet’s nest, and got stung 2 Deermultiple times. The apple leaves nipped that in the bud as she followed suit from her mother, eating a handful of leaves a day. In a few days, she appeared OK again. When my hornet sting nematodes came out, residing deeper than most, my arthritis finally started to get some real relief. I am 60 years old, and suffered from RA for 50 years at least. The apple leaves were much more powerful than Celebrex, obviously. Celebrex generates a billion dollars a quarter for Pfizer, after Monsanto sold it to them. The Celebrex replacement factor alone makes the apple leaves worth trying, because you know how expensive those prescriptions were. But they are so much more than just that, and you will see what I mean. 50 years of damage was a lot to reverse, but I am staying the course. Finally something that gave me hope after a long painful existence. Eventually, the bug connection makes sense. That is most of the reason why people, and animals, get sick.

Another is GMO’s, or more exactly, the herbicides they were genetically engineered to withstand. They coat almost everything we eat, and are even in some medicines, like papaya sourced bromelain. Animals we eat get it in their food. They spray 73 million tonnes a year of this antibiotic weed killer Glyphosate on our farms. Apple leaves eventually become probiotic after initially skunking out intestinal parasites. How did they get inside there? I suspect they were from bugs in food. Once they are cleaned out, your digestion improves immensely. They said my troubles were hereditary, but now I know it isn’t only that. There may be a genetic weakness towards the nematode operations, but there is a huge environmental component too, and partly GMO. GMO’s are the smoking gun Dr. Seneff from MIT linked to the explosion of autism in children these days. Glyphosate resistance of plants has led to them adding Agent Orange to our food too. It makes the genetically modified crops look pretty because they are engineered to withstand it too. They’ll get around to a GM Human someday that can survive it as well. They are still trying to get test animals to survive the stuff past 96 hours. Progress.

People don’t want to know about more environmental pressures they can’t do anything about. This is a massive one they can do something about. If I were 40 years younger, I would try to harvest as many apple leaves as I could. They used to sell Pyrus Malus/Apple Tree bark on Ebay, but they are all sold out. Harvesting will be in huge demand not only for yourself, but also everyone else when they find out. You may want to offer a cream to sooth callouses on the forehead from people slapping themselves when they find out, and realize they should have done this years ago. Getting rid of the nematodes will become Job 1, as they realize it will make them feel better every day. There may be a large psychosomatic component to that, but we could all use a little cheering up, especially after a dismal winter. That could also be a hard sell. People just have no idea how much drag these things have on them until you lift it.

I was personally trying to find out what was wrong when I started suffering from ALS or MS symptoms. More reading led me to suspect Lyme Disease, and it is said that MS is just a symptom of Lyme Disease. There is no treatment for Lyme Disease in Canada because they are trying to sweep it under the rug. They admit all the sufferers through their psych wards to absolve themselves of obvious blatant malpractice. Eventually, there is no room between the rug and the roof. That seemed to be where I was when I found this out over 575 Days ago. All I could suggest is to cram a handful of apple leaves into their pie holes, and lock them up until a hundred nematodes drill out of them. Then they’ll get it.

That just isn’t going to happen. World Lyme Day on May 1 should follow Apple Leaf salad day on April 30. The panic by May 2 would be worthy of a good movie. By then, word might get around. If not, at least they will have a lot of their bug bite brain fog scoured out, and will futilely try to deny that these things are drilling out of their skin and deep dermal tissues all over their body, inside and out. That confusion should end after the third day, and when you realize you are just getting started. Then what? Hollywood will try to sell it through the alien attack angle, I bet. Monitor your weight too. You’ll lose a couple dozen pounds of nematodes and their gooey biofilm stuff before you’re done. I have so far. I’m still going. The bugs are still biting.

This blog is morphing into a memoir for mankind. It wasn’t intended to be that. I just tried to get the word out. That is thwarted by more ways than I can count, but the big one, if not the biggest, is that people think this affects almost no one. Guess again. Nobody is immune to this. I’d like to see you prove it too, like I already have, and continue to prove with every new bug bite that has a nematode drill out of the centre of it.

Meanwhile, 38% of people side with Apple Computer and 51% want the FBI to have all their personal info for use and abuse. They don’t get it yet either I take it. The government is notoriously bad at protecting personal information, losing 21 million records of all their own government employees. Give them a master key? Same problem. They all think it won’t affect them. Ironically, Apple made a huge business out of pandering to the majority non technical crowd. The more technical will do everything they can to swipe that master key from them.

Let’s get back to the plot. Nobody is immune to the bug forces of the environment. Apple leaves and pectin enzyme offer ways to fight it, before, during, and after the fact when you get infected by a bug with a nematode infestation. For whatever reasons, the bug pressure is increasing. Pollution and herbicides are two major suspects, and they are two genies that we can’t put back in the bottle. By the time medicine finally gets a clue, it will be too late. That is what worries me. It seems I am all alone against it at times. Another analogy is that we are all leaky boats. You have to keep bailing or you are sunk. As of now, hardly anyone has raised a finger to bail their boat out. Apple leaves are the only coffee can available to fight the leak, and offer a method to keep it plugged off so that you can see the results for yourself.

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Weds, Feb 24, 2016 – Day 574 – What would you do?

If you found all this out, what would you do? I tried to mail leaves to somebody, but the Plant Act said I couldn’t do that to the USA from Canada. Well, apple trees are nearly everywhere, and there are more reasons why they would work than why they wouldn’t. The one worry would be pesticides to keep the worm out of the apples, and fungicide to fight Venturia Inequalis “apple scab” fungus, which is harmless to humans. That fungus actually creates more medicinal ingredients in the leaves it is said. If you find an abandoned orchard, that would be great.

Starwest Botanicals used to sell Apple Tree Bark. They are sold out on ebay, or the seller hasn’t listed any more. They claim it is organic. I have a sure organic source from my now Wild trees. They are dormant now, but may be waking up in your climate. There may even still be leaves on the trees. I found that even fall leaves work well.

Doctors do not like treating Lyme Disease because antibiotics destroy your biome. There are ten times more cells in your biotics than there are in your body. Your digestive system runs your whole body, but when you kill the biotics with antibiotics, it can create even more problems. Antibiotics are recommended for short term use only.

Finding all those nematodes coming out of bug bites was a stroke of luck. A lame fawn ate the leaves and was cured. It appeared to have the same symptoms as I did. Its strongest side, right side, appeared to be weak, and it was stumbling. The mother deer went straight for that apple tree every day, and the fawn’s peripheral neuropathy was cured in a couple days when it followed suit. Then I tried the leaves after looking to see what they were made of. They tasted a bit like apples. I ate them straight off the tree, and grabbed some more on twigs near where the deer was eating. The young leaves were tastier raw. When the leaves dried, they were less bitter from chlorophyll it tasted like.

I really became interested when nematodes came out of hornet stings from over 50 years ago, when I accidentally brushed a hornet’s nest with a twig. The nematodes, from those stings, must have been alive in there all that time. Whoa! Lots of other little nematodes were coming out at other bug bite locations too. Again, like the apple leaves, nobody knew anything about them.

You could feel them working. I was taking Celebrex for rheumatoid arthritis before that, but the same feeling was much more powerful with apple leaves and at the target areas that had more arthritis it seemed. After a couple months, the arthritis had backed off to a level I hadn’t experienced since being a juvenile, and come to think of it, before those hornets stung me. Celebrex was a buck a capsule, and more like an NSAID. The apple leaves were free for me, and they worked, eliminating the condition rapidly at first, and slowly later for the lingering bits. I was HLA-B27 positive for Arthritis, so it was a known incurable condition with me. Now I have a way to fight it, even well after the fact.

FloatersI noticed after a while I couldn’t find any more floaters in my eyes. The Apple Leaves made them scatter for the exits. Those little things must have been alive too. If you try apple leaves, watch for those to see what is happening. I wasn’t really paying attention. They were just gone when I looked for them last spring. Another huge mystery solved in my opinion. Oh well. I was preoccupied at the other end. My digestion was clearing up to the best it had ever been. The leaves had a strong probiotic effect. The jury is still out whether they are strong enough to combat GMO Weedkiller in all our supermarkets. Just when you thought honey was safe. They also spray Stevia with glyphosate. California has linked that that GMO herbicide to cancer. Apple leaves may not be that mighty against all that. But you can try. I thought that was what it was all about.

I wondered if those nematodes are GMO friendly? Maybe not. If they get sick, you will get sick too. Maybe that is a part of the trouble. I know you can survive much better without a lot of nematodes farming spirochaetes in you. Some new bug bites have a nematode in them, and it comes out immediately. Stay the course. The whole GMO mindset has increased the infection level of the insects I think.

Am I doing this for my health? Well, yes, actually. Because it works and continues to work. I started writing about it in a journal here, because there was a lot to write about, and it was good physio for my left hand. Correcting the typos was more of a good physio exercise too. A doctor encouraged trying to play guitar, but I find this is good mental physio too. Any way, it’s all recorded, albeit with bias sometimes. I just know what I feel, and it is better than it was when I started. I truly hope it can help you as much as it has been helping me. I may be kind of a lone voice in the wilderness, but I can see how this fell through the storied cracks there.

220px-Nobel_PrizeIf you can find a tree growing, use wire cutters to snip the leaf and the stem off. Both have the active ingredient. A hundred leaves will last a month. By then, hopefully there will be a lot more. If you catch them all in the fall, dry them, and powder them, you’ll have plenty. But the fall leaves just before they change colour are best I found. They are the ones that produce the apple ripening enzymes, I take it. It may not be Einstein, but this Act of God discovery has to be worthy of a Nobel Prize. All medicine is still in the dark about it. I’m not holding my breath. d’Herelle was turned down too.


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Tues, Feb 23, 2016 – Day 573 – Accelerated Healing

A few days ago I pulled a hamstring muscle. It seems to have cleared up. I took AppLyme and bromelain. Hamstring injuries are noticeably nagging, and hard to heal usually. This is something that definitely needs more research to prove with other injuries. I am trying to feel where the swelling was but it has disappeared. People might feel that is the main reason for Wild Apple Leaf therapy. They don’t know that hundreds of vector nematodes will also flee the coop. To me, that is the main draw. Accelerated healing is just a side effect.

Bromelain is known for accelerated healing too. They officially use it in Germany for that purpose. Germany also lists Pyrus Malus tincture Ferri Pomatum in their compendium of phamaceuticals. I use just the raw organic Apple Leaves, air dried and powdered in a blender. It turns out that their use has been forgotten in Western Medicine. They were noticed to be far more effective than Celebrex for rheumatoid arthritis. After continued use, the arthritis largely disappears. Unlike Enbrel, they do not destroy your immune system, while actually enhancing it. Enbrel costs over a thousand a month.

This is unproven. You would have to do clinical trials. A ‘double blind’ study. They only do that with stuff they can make a lot of money with. Apple Leaves are an amazing orphan herb that nobody wants to take on. They raise more solutions and questions than all medicine put together. I suspected that they are truly from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil for that reason, because now I know our medicine is evil without a doubt. They take all the money and have almost no solutions. Medicine can’t touch a common cold while apple leaves fast forward it, walloping ten co infections in a day. It takes longer to get all the mucus from dead pathogens though. You’ll need the equivalent of a beach towel to mop it all up as you cough it all out.

I use pectin enzyme to break all that mucus down to a more liquid form. The bromelain makes it all taste slightly like pineapple. I keep my liquids up with weak coffee, because a lot of liquid gets produced too. I sweeten the coffee with liquid unpasteurized honey for the enhanced invertase when I can get it. All these various enzymes lessen the side effects of straight Apple Leaf powder. That appears to be mostly from biofilm breaking up, although you can also feel a cooling effect on the diseased or injured tissue the leaves appear to target. The pectin enzyme also enhances circulation in the targeted areas.

Bacteriophages1That is how apple leaves fight fevers I suspect. They cool the heated areas. Handy to know. If you thought aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen, or anything, is a miracle drug, you haven’t seen anything like Wild Apple Leaves yet. They not only behave like bacteriophage, but also the source of phage. The tree is adaptable. Phage therapy is also ignored in Western Medicine, and cures things western medicine can’t even make a dent in, as well. It should be the first thing you try, not the last. You would see if you ever tried it.

Doctors say you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Point out that everything they learned is now on the internet, including everything they ignore, especially new developments. That should cast doubt on  their parade. I took it to heart and started digging with a healthy bias to scepticism. Look at their response to the borrelia epidemic. It is a major example of why they are 30 years out of date now. I had no idea it was that bad. They shot themselves in the foot with their closed shop mentality in a wide open world.

Here is one thing. Varidesk. Doctors know sitting is bad for you. Then they ask you to sit in their clinics. Varidesk equates sitting to the new smoking. They’re preaching to the choir here. Unfortunately, I have had to sit on the largest muscles in my body to scour the internet looking for where doctors were sleeping on the switch. I can only hope apple leaves can speed up that healing process too.

In other vasodilators, cayenne pepper increases circulation in the microcapillaries, and you can feel it. Aspirin works by lowering blood viscosity. Ethanol is a vasodilator too, but cayenne pepper has less drastic side effects.

Google says “The exact length of a solar year is actually 11 minutes and 14 seconds less than 365 ¼ days. That means that even if you add a leap day every four years, the calendar would still overshoot the solar year by a little bit—11 minutes and 14 sec.

There you have it. ’16 will have 366 days. Centuries aren’t leap years, except centuries divisible by 400. Meanwhile trying to quit smoking, but it is going more like Mark Twain. He said quitting smoking was one of the easiest things he had ever done. He personally did it hundreds of times.