Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Feb 1, 2016 – Day 551 – Travelling

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I did my fair share as a Surveyor. I picked up filarial and other unknown nematodes from all over the place, in woods and jungles. I guess I would be the acid test for Wild Apple Leaves, as it soon became apparent that International Lyme Disease would be a death sentence.

Have you ever played Pick Up Sticks? This was like that, getting rid of a bunch of nematodes, then more biofilm, then more nematodes. The nematodes were all different, some small, some larger but still small, most external for me, and many also internal it seemed, initially. The external ones came from bug bites and stings, as far as I could tell. Many were from decades ago. I could always get a new batch, then I would simply start this again. No thanks. lol

Bugs would just bite again. Their nematode infestation would get transferred. They would join the party. The behaviour of the medical community puts the spotlight on a coverup. It is us against them, or literally all odds. People demand antibiotic chemoprophylaxis, but I know that could be a death sentence from the deadly herxing. The nematodes could kill in a mutual suicide pact. Trust me. I’m Not a Doctor! lol I may be an engineer from hell or a helluvan Engineer. The jury is still out there. I collected my bleary eye credentials in my travels any way.

FloatersThe damn things were in my eyes initially. It is a cheap microscope to monitor your progress. Watch for your eye floaters to disappear. Adios, “amigos.” They skidaddled outta my eyeballs, and I suspect they exited through tear ducts after that. When I made a Grade 3 engineering stink bomb, I didn’t screw around, even though it was purely a fluke. lol I augmented with several engineering grad school tricks to cross the eyes of the little buggers. Occasionally I would shock the daylights out of stragglers with a little Wormwood, but very little. I didn’t want to electrocute us both. I went slow, and it took over a year until I could really wallop them with wormwood drop sweep.

The TreeTasmania has good leaves now I imagine. I suspect apple trees from temperate regions may work better for me because that is where I am from mainly. Those Mexican nematodes I acquired in 1992 never saw it coming. Now we have Zika. Bring it, bandechos. Have we ever got a surprise for you! I am the Director of The Vector, and I can show you the direction to the door, señor. This tree at the Tigris and Euphrates looks nothing like mine, and was planted to be a tourist trap to replace one the Brits hacked down.

This whole process has more ups and downs physiologically than a roller coaster because of the biofilm geology. It was slowly built in layers, stratified and strata bound, going by the feelings of eroding it all down with food grade pectin enzyme, invertase, and more. Each layer of bacterial biofilm may house a new group and type of illnesses that your immunity must ultimately deal with. It is a multi story crud farm.

University of Minnesota Infectious Disease Center has weighed in on Zika, Microencephaly. They say Flu is a larger threat. Still, 2016 is the Brazil Olympic year. Travel and communication maximum to a hotbed of Zika. I’ll pass. Phage engineering takes a long time and I am too busy for now. Nobody is doing medical phage engineering, mbigand I’m up to my last molecule in it whether I like it or not now. There are too many roadblocks in medical R+D. Enhanced phage pyrus malus fibre, in the guise of Wild Apple Leaf, overarches it all. Luckily I am no longer “human” not having the 10%+ component of disease, bacterial biofilm, and nematodes by weight. There are a few percent to go maybe.

Vectors are an ever present reality of our planet, poised to reinfect the whole thing at any time. Multiple Vector Borreliosis, MVB. Parasitic Helminth Complex, PHC. It covers all of the above. ALS, Alzheimer’s, MS, Lyme, Heart, Gastrointestinal, Prostate, Baldness, Neurological, Dark Matter Energy, cancers, and more with Dr. A. B. MacDonald theory. Through vectors, and fluid contact, like Zika, it becomes contagious. It is airborne in dust. The more infections I get, the bigger my phage library gets. Trust me. I’m not a Doctor.

PHC is “String-Of-Pearls Borrelia,” inside the parasitic helminths that Wild Apple Leaf forces out of you. Prof. Morten Laane may want to know. Back to physio. Led Zika version.

Back. Well, at least my left hand is getting on the mend again. I lost feeling in the pinky and ring 9 years ago, but it recovered slowly, presumably from a TIA/Stroke. The improvement was dramatic 7 years after the fact when the Wild Apple Leaves forced hundreds of presumably vectored helminths out of my skin. What I assume was neuroborreliosis related cured in 3 days. That was way back on July 31st, 2014 at 1:00 PM when I tried a cup of apple leaf salad, emulating the deer. That was too much I found, and even a few leaves a day was enough, 551 Days ago. Meanwhile, a mosquito woke up here a few days ago, bit me, and a pinworm came out this afternoon. The new thing for the day is that the larva or junior pinworm was residing in that mosquito. Interesting. I assume that mosquito is toast from the acaricidal effect of eating Apple Leaf that I have noted here several times.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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