Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Feb 3, 2016 – Day 553 – Simple Science

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Wild Apple Leaf prevention of Zika. WAL are Acaricidal, Anthelmintic, and Antiviral/Antimicrobial. The key is finding ripening apple leaves for maximal, but not required, effect. In Tasmania, I suspect leaves are optimal now for several months up to and after harvest, along with other locations at that latitude.

If it is a helminth disease, the more advanced it is, the more elusive it is to serology. That is due to biofilm. WAL are a key to initiating biofilm reduction. Now it gets complicated. The amount of biofilm build up depends on age and the length of infection. Going by weight, I had several gallons of biofilm to eliminate. Over 20 pounds. Everyone may be different depending on species of farmer helminth, and time, lasting decades in my case. I had evidence.

If you do not do a Wild Apple Leaf cleanse and helminth extrication, it is clear every treatment will be futile for vector illness in general. In the process, your blood becomes acaricidal, whereby insects bite you and die. If they contain a target farmer helminth, the helminth accesses out. That was confirmed in a recent mosquito bite here, where the mosquito survived, and hatched in the heat here.

The role of the farmer helmith is key, and the farmer must be eliminated first for QuantumNematodesuccess of any kind. They are the battleship. Spirochaetes and others are their troops and arsenal. The battle ship can keep their ranks repopulated indefinitely. I have skunked out hundreds of farmers. More dermal swimmer’s itch schistosomes came out too. Wild Apple Leaves get rid of many helminths, if not all of them, and they appear to access out alive, based on the fact that they can make egress out of you. Like many species, they are very stealthy and are not readily apparent under microscope, presenting as “String of Pearls Borrelia,” visible only by the implied ingestion of spirochaetes as shown. Trypanosomatadid species have been found by autopsy.

Borrelia spirochaete variants are the farm animal of choice for the helminths. There is Floatersan unclear symbiotic relationship between the farmer and the flock. Elimination of eye floaters was apparent in my case. The apple leaf treatment cleared them up. It is your personal progress microscope, but it was unclear when they accessed out before about 6 months of treatment. It is possible they are but one species of helminth or flock, with multiple parent mechanisms. I think it is likely a vectored condition. Everybody has eye floaters. Cheap microscope/magnifier. lol

Welcome to my wellness center, name undetermined as of yet. How about “Ground Zero Wellness Center.” Too self centered? “Vextor Wellness Centre” maybe. I think you had better take care of yourself. It is a lot faster than medicine. My niche is MVB and PHC: Multiple Vectors Borreliosis and Parasitic Helminth Complexes primarily. Apple leaves deal mostly with the latter. The big tent for me is International Exploration Surveyors’ disease, where we contracted all sorts of vectored illness. This blog is what it feels like when confronted with 350 mg. Raw Dry Weight Pyrus Malus Fibre a day, in the form of leaves of the apple tree. Forbidden fruit? It sure is if you are a parasite helminth, the perp responsible for billions of deaths. It underlies all manner of illness, and explains disease resistance. It is not the only tonic for chronic, but it should be. I would have been long dead from Surveyor’s disease as I coined it initially.

I have been experimenting building phage with apple leaves by inoculating the trees. It is an ongoing thing, immediately useful for curing common apple tree diseases. Quince may also have been preferred by Felix d’Herrelle, Father of Phage Engineering by his own actions, speaking louder than words, to me. Johnny Appleseed would be grandfather. It is a natural form of genetic engineering to target individual pathogens.

I found some of male pattern baldness was related to these previously unknown parasites, and they would take over hair follicles. When the follicle was reclaimed from the parasite, it would start to function again making hair, and darker in colour than before in some cases. I have a full head of hair now, but some parts were still thinning. The reclamation halted the parasite, and there is new hair being produced.

I am addressing the weight loss with a protein diet. The last thing I need is more starch, thousands of times deadlier than cigarettes I found, to me. Clearing polysaccharide pectin out of my airways is a concern as the biofilms break down. I have to expectorate it all, and there are gallons of it from a lifetime starchy diet, and beingunder extreme vector pressure in the woods.

Life extension sciences are woefully inadequate, and poorly understood, when wild apple leaf ingestion exposes a lot of the root problem. Parasitic Helminths and their biofilms are most of the trouble. Recovering from that heavily taxed state takes time. It only takes about 72 hours to discover, and years of continuous work to address. I’m at Day 553, just beginning. I started when I was 58. I wish it was when I was 8. Those ones were still there.




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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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