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Thurs, Feb 4, 2016 – Day 554 – “Canadians are Liars”

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Yeah. I don’t lie about Wild Apple Leaves, but I lie about lots of other things. I lie about my online identity, should anybody try to steal it. If I were in intelligence, I would lie about all sorts of things to suck the other side in. If I ever became President, I would lie about WMD. It isn’t like I would want a CNN reporter telling the whole world where they are. Duh! I could lie and set up some fake WMD, but the reporter would find out that I was scamming them. Catch 22. It turns out now that they got the WMD on the sly by lying. I might even set up a private server with azz backwards information on it, and leave it in plain sight of enemy hackers accidentally on purpose. Her hubby had her hoodwinked though. Only Trump is enough to tell the truth in a pit of liars, muggers, thieves, spies, politicians, and <cough> journalists. What if he is just projecting and is lying? It’s the Fog of Intelligence, IMO.

William Shatner is a famed Canadian Liar. Actors trick us into imagining they are real. Olivier nailed it when he said he was a really good liar. We’ve got some pretty good Liars, like Michael J. Fox, lying about his real name. But American and British liars take home the hardware on Oscar night, a lot more. Canada tries, but like Donald, comes home first loser liar. Nice people. Lousy liars. He has to step up to the plate in the Liar’s Circle when you are shooting for all time CIA/NSA Liar. Military Intelligence is said to be an Oxymoron. Yep. Really good pro liars, and they make everybody think they are really stupid. There’s that fogging around again. They play the room. Akroyd knows we are trying, but we’re no unreality stars.

Moving along, “Physician, Heal thyself.” Jesus cured a Leper colony, but only one came back to thank him. Jesus was no liar, and would make a lousy president, destroying all intelligence, and other stuff. He would go over their heads, and be one branch of government, anyway. More like a Trunk than a Branch. Nematode parasites are the ultimate liars. They have tricked doctors for eons. They wreak havoc on your lymphatic system, eluding all serology. Wild Apple Leaves may be the only way to even discover, let alone get rid of, all of them. That’s no lie. Vector Nematode Parasites have run humans for eons, with every spider, tick, mosquito bite, and other vectors like hornet stings. That’s my Theory. It is up to you to get enough evidence to prove that I am a Liar. Then what if I am not, and you really are populated head to toe with these things? OMG! is what I said. Physician… etc. Don’t be a worm bag yourself. Good luck with that. See you in 554 Days. I’ll probably give up by then though.

MSIDSStill, apple leaves don’t get everything, just the farmers. You still have to get their biofilm farm. There are all sorts of things in it. Vectors are poised to try to reinfect you haphazardly. Apple leaves are the only way I know to fight that. Acaricidal, anthelmintic, antiviral, and antimicrobial apple leaves, or pyrus malus tree fibre. It’s an age old herb with a new twist. They address over half of the MSIDS Map. The most important part. They catch the farmer serpents/nematodes in a lie. Filarial Nematodes are but one species infecting all mankind you will find. I’m not lying. Your scepticism will kill you. The paradox is that I am a Canadian. Canadians are liars. In related news, fish swim.

We may not be able to lie like American politicians, as they do most of the heavy lifting lying. Still, we can learn. We can get better at lying about lying, and leave your head between a rock and a hard place. Intelligence. That’s the ticket. Real “out there” MI13 style cloak and dagger stuff. The “X Files” nested serial of lies was made in Canada. Do you really want a sophomore liar telling you they can fix everything, or a real pro? Apparently, it’s in our genes.

FloatersNow I am confused because we are All Canadians based on that. Break out the Tim Horton donuts, poutine, back bacon, Labatts Blue, toques, canoes, and maple syrup. Lie. Tell them we won’t drink all their beer on long weekends. We’re just trying to be Americans, but better at it. Now that some liar has called us on it, we’ll see. A large apple leaf salad for that man. They’re great with Italian dressing, but I cannot lie. They may cause a headache. A salad is too much, and only a few leaves a day is enough. The plus from the experience will make it worthwhile though. When nematodes vacate his eyeballs, he may whistle a different tune. I assume it will give his floaters direction lickety split. Anywhere but there in this wild apple leaf muncher.

We’ll take the compliment, but we know we don’t hold a candle to those liars. We’re mostly just run of the mill sinners and liars. Trump has the Huevos to cast the first stone, in evangelical speak. He’s a liar too. We are Liar’s Liars. lol Mark Twain said a gold mine was a hole in the ground with a liar at the bottom of it. He was such a good liar that almost nobody knew his real name. Now, that’s a good liar. George W. Bush nailed it when he said, “Don’t misunderestimate your enemies.” He wasn’t lying. He had no idea where the WMD was, and he hood winked you all. Now that is what I call an excellent All Star Presidential Liar. Jeb may be cut from the same cloth, but no Skull & Bones grade liar, I think.

I digress. You judge if Canadian Wild Apple Leaves tell you a lie. Sweet, and sour, is all I can say. Here is a study I missed about advances with neurodengenerative illness. It deals with Alzheimer’s in mice. They used Rolipram to clean out neural garbage, and address tauopathies. Unfortunately, it causes bad GI effects in humans, exactly the opposite of Wild Apple Leaf after initial intestinal de-worming. It could prove to be a great preventative measure. It leapfrogs off the discovery of the human brain CNS lymphatic system in June last year. This explains to me why Wild Apple Leaves worked so fast Pyrus Malusaddressing Lyme Brain Fog in a few days. Talk about a lucky find. I think that Wild Apple Leaves must do that by cleaning out that lymphatic system of related filariasis garbage. It was more difficult to get to the peripheral system, but my dropsy has been alleviated as advertised. I can extend the function of Wild Apple Leaves to both those papers, straight from the brain of the lab rat. However, all Canadians are liars, so never mind. Still, they were American rats I presume, fit to be President, although the constitution is not clear. YMMV





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

One thought on “Thurs, Feb 4, 2016 – Day 554 – “Canadians are Liars”

  1. Sounds like you speak the Truth. We like it!


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