Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Feb 5, 2016 – Day 555 – Timesheet

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This blog is like my daily time sheet. When I was able to work, they were shorthand, because I didn’t have enough time to work on them. They were a hindrance to my productivity. I fell victim to too many bug bites and a resulting peripheral neuropathy. Wild Apple Leaves are showing the cause, and I hope they have eliminated it. Permanent damage may remain, but it still gives me hopeful signs.

Now they have changed the system to a day plan. The idea there is good, get it on paper, then explain why what wasn’t achieved. Everybody has a mission plan. Today’s plan is to see if there is more information on the newly discovered CNS lymphatic system. It could lead to clues, because Wild Apple Leaves have a marked bearing on it. You can feel it. It is like it is clearing out the garbage, but slowly on the peripheries. Filarial nematodes causing lymphatic issues are our target, but there is something else going on too. I can feel the cayenne and fruit leaves working on it now.

I collected a sample apple off my test tree. The apples thawed to mushy, making it easy. I understand you must freeze the seeds to germinate them. There are 5 seeds per apple always. It’s Day 555. Go figure. The apple is rotten, but syrupy still. The natural quercitin bioflavinoid in apple leaves is reported to work in concert with PDE Inhibitors like Rolipram. This drug was abandoned though when studies in humans found that gastrintestinal side effects were unacceptable at effective dose levels.

licoriceOn a side note, Diamond Willow Smudge, when burnt, repels mosquitoes. Cigarettes too. Consumption of sapindus berries also prevents bugs. That is the local medicine men weighing in. I am a student medicine man myself when it comes to dealing with bugs. Tobacco is an American native medicine sourced bug repellent, now stretched with licorice. We all know about Citronella as a repellent, and perhaps Avon Skin So Soft. That is kind of on topic with the spread of Aedes mosquitoes and the spread of Zika from that vector. Native medicine knew nothing of apple leaf consumption for the bioflavinoid source and other acaricidal, anthelmintic properties, until now.

I know pyrus malus fibre proteolytic enymes are greatest before fall senescence of apple trees. Aedes Egyptii mosquito or a cousin is a likely candidate for a West Denial Virus vector here too, other than just ticks. Perhaps it is a co infection pathway for lymphatic filariasis linked to the CNS now by discovery of the lymphatic circulatory system last June. Progress on the Lyme Disease front is notoriously slow in Canada. At least wild apple leaf therapy is something you can do positive now. Doctors are morally bound not to provide antibiotic prophylaxis treatment that does more harm than good in the long run. Apple Leaf is the only known way to stall and thread the needle. It can eliminate suicidal ideation when you see what happens and is happening. It is a ray of hope and sunshine in the gloom.

My main thrust now after cleaning out the filarial nematodes is prevention. I figured out mosquitoes must have been using water in soaking dishes to hatch, so I stopped that. I eliminated all sources of standing water, even those very minor ones. Apple leaves being acaricidal is yet another defence. Perhaps consider propane mosquito traps. Even though they may be futile, nice read there. Aedes are day feeder mosquitoes. Apple Leaves are easier though, making your whole body a pesticide for both the feeding insect and the nematodes. Then sapindus berries – soap nuts are a smell cue they do not like as well. Incandescent light also baits them in, but warm fluorescent lights also do.

Apple leaves are difficult to harvest. I use wire cutters to also get the stem of the leaf, as I found it was an active component too. Luckily it does not take much like a couple leaves a day, or maybe three, with my trees. In the fall, arranging a sheet to catch the falling leaves works. I tried an orchard net but it wound up in a tangle.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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