Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Feb 6, 2016 – Day 556 – The CNS Lymphatic System

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It was a new discovery about 8 months ago. Before attack by spirochaetes, it functions normally. Apple leaves show that filarial nematodes from insect bites and stings cause that eventually. Environmental pressures and pollution are causing the spread of these insect populations. Lyme Disease can cause neurological dysfunction in this manner, through attack of the newly discovered lymphatic system. Rarely a day goes by when I do not find a new wrinkle to all this. Yesterday I got off on a tangent of vector prevention, combining know eclectic and native medicine to combat vectors. Ongoing vigilance would be key to promoting longevity.

Then there are all those gallons of biofilm buildup from a lifetime of vector infection. Apple leaves are instrumental in skunking out the parasite nematodes, leaving the pectin biofilm to be removed. Canadian medicine washes their hands of the whole thing, saying it does not exist. All their protocol treatments are hopelessly outdated and ineffective. They are no help at all. It has taken them 8 months to conclude a discussion on a framework. I have a whole existing mandatory treatment they don’t want to know about in that time frame, including verified infection pathways and vector methodology. I found out how to break down the biofilm doors. Medicine can’t even decide to discuss in that time frame. Adios, pals.

Hemp Cannabidiol reportedly kills spirochaetes in situ. They will not prescribe it. I tried a small amount orally and felt it work initially, but after that, there was no more additional benefit. Maybe that was just me a couple months ago, because I reduced my biofilm drastically, along with nematode parasites. I am the first one to do that, that I know of. Wild Apple Leaves and biofilm reduction greatly amplify medicinal effect though. The explanation would be that cannabidiol somehow accesses through that CNS Lymphatic system attacked by spirochaetes. It is know that spirochaetes like brain, neurons, and cartilage for food. That is the link to arthritis and neurodengenerative illness. My arthritis largely got wiped a year and a few months ago. I was using the comparative herx to Celebrex® to gauge my apple leaf consumption. Apple Leaves are a hundred times more powerful than Celebrex® IMO. You’ll see.

The disturbing thing is that natural analogs are more powerful than expensive medicines. Many times they accomplish what medicine cannot, as is the case with Wormwood and malaria/babesia. It isn’t all wine and roses. Mixing apple leaves and wormwood is not recommended until the nematodes are skunked out. They change into what I could only describe as little electric eels. It felt electric, the sensation. It caused some heart palpitations I noticed. So avoid wormwood until the nematodes are well gone.

Sapindus berries are reported to be poisonous, leaving our acarididal medicine to apple leaves. That medicine man may have given me a bum steer. They did give us cigarettes.  I suspect the feeling of well being apple leaves impart would be a good antidepressant, working by cleaning up the CNS Lymphatic System, while they also work their other tricks. Mainly, they gas out the nematodes from where they hide. It is an after the fact thing. Maybe the natives spread crushed soap berries on their skin. It could be other leaves like poplar and willow. It would be a repellent cross wiring the bug sense of smell that homes on human sweat.

The CNS Lymphatic System, like apple tree fibre, finally explains for me what is happening at a much deeper level than medicine really knew before. It could explain an epidemic in depression, born of bug bites. Time for music therapy.

It is Superbowl time again. A little more than 6 weeks to Apple planting time. The Trans Canada highway was closed at Revelstoke for avalanche control. It is common in the dead of winter here, when we have a thawing trend. The snow pack gets unstable. Predictably unpredictable February mountain weather. People still tempt fate with it though every time. They are doing the same thing not addressing a lifetime of nematode parasites unchecked as well. That is their prerogative, at their own expense. Learning the hard way is preferred. Perhaps this the purpose of this blog. Tell them in no uncertain terms all the damage that parasites are doing to them this very second. Then they will not dare touch it. All the more for us.

Heart disease, arthritis, urinary, and GI complications will get them as they plug up with starch.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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