Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Feb 7, 2016 – Day 557 -Hoodwinked

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Wild Apple Leaves show that all medicine has been hoodwinked for all time. How? They are apparently clueless about several nematode, schistosome, and trypanosome parasites left by bug bites. Why? The parasites access out of your skin when you eat wild apple leaves. The more that leave, the better you will feel.

Medicine doesn’t like tobacco smoking. All of my brothers are non smokers. They are all suffering serious health problems. Heart and Intestinal. None have done an apple leaf sweep for these bug parasites. That is my own discovery. I have tried to tell people to no avail. Moreover, the real serious health substance, pectin, saturates our diets. It is a large component of bacterial biofilm. I have been trying to reduce it with pectin enzyme, or pectinase. I try to reduce it in my diet, but it is in everything we eat. Polysaccharides are in everything, and readily available for the unknown nematode parasites to shore up their bacterial biofilm flocks. The human immune system ignores pectin, of course, affording a sanctuary for pathogens.

This is an entirely separate science then. Medical science is focussed on what they can see, naturally. Nematode parasites are focussed on not being seen among all else. They are also focussed on a steady free diet. They are unaware of the damage they cause to their human host. Medicine relies on serology because it provides simple answers. All nematode parasites that Apple Leaves smoke out, evade all serology or confuse it, easily. You will only see where they were when the exit, leaving a pinhole wound at or near the insect bite where they came in.

One doctor, Alan B. MacDonald found filarial nematodes/trypanosomes in the cerebral spinal fluid, presumably linked to the newly found cerebral spinal lymphatic circulatory system, in a multiple sclerosis autopsy. I can jump up and down until I am blue in the face ignored about all this. Consequently, the outlook for mankind is bleak if they ignore what I found. At $800 a day, it is a half million worth of free engineering research they ignore at their own peril. That isn’t including all the overtime. I am begging for peer review, but that is hard when I have no Apple Leaf peers.

If you say there is a new science that medicine ignores, they will say you are nuckin’ futz. They are the arbiter of themselves, and with notably and explainable catastrophic results. This becomes quickly apparent to any mouth breather who consumes wild apple leaves and starts to smoke out their own nematode parasites, let alone a medical researcher. “What’s this?” they will all say. Without giving out any spoilers, it is why they fail every time. It will take them decades, if not centuries, to find all this out. I could say “Nyah nyah! Told you so!” but they will all be dead by then any way. Meanwhile, Zika is poised to stop human procreation by the same mechanism wild apple leaf exposes. Vector parasitic illness. Aedes Mosquitoes are the vector.

Bacteriophages1Wild Apple Leaves behave like they sequester phage. It is unclear if this is the anti helmintic mechanism, but the evidence continues to point that way. The helminths seem to know the gig is up, and they flee for their lives. There is a strong anti viral and anti microbial mechanism at work also. There seems to be a sort of catalytic action that enables the breakup of bacterial biofilm. It expectorates as a semi sweet syrupy glop when the pectin enzyme converts it to simpler sugars. This supresses your appetite. Initially, it becomes sickeningly sweet, so you back off. I tried innoculating test trees with human bacterial serum with good results both for the tree and myself. The tree is laden with large apples still, presumably taking phage from the soil. Phage is commonly obtained from sewage and seawater. Phage kill half the bacteria in the world every 48 hours.

This is all largely unknown to Western medicine, or any current variant of medicine. Apple Tree Bark, pyrus malus fibre, was known to American and German eclectic medicine.  It was abandoned with the advent of anti biotics in the 40’s. Phage are useful for antibiotic resistant disease, but we are still playing catch up, with little clinical trial data. This is a way to do your own clinical trial to make up for where it has all fallen through the cracks. The Catch 22 is that everybody feels fine until they don’t, and by then, it may be too late. Better get started. Everybody is infected. For example, have you ever been bit by a bug? If you have, chances are you have it.

This is above all medicine. They simply don’t know. It crashes a metaphorical truck through the front door of their china shop. They do not want to know until it is parked there, then what? Eat apple leaves and pectinase and you will find out too. You can trip up the giant steps while medicine makes baby steps. You will no longer be human as they know it, because their base is riddled with parasites they know nothing about. They all come from vectors, and some farm disease.

When faced with a ubiquitous existential threat like Zika, it is the only viable way forward. Apple Leaves may gain popularity from their acaricidal vector stopping effect, but they are so much more than that. Ask any deer. Mine eat the leaves and not the apples unless they fall on their own. There may be other herbs with similar effect, but I don’t know of any yet. For now it is Canadian Vector +/- parasite Defence, and it is the only one.

It is Sunday Morning, and I pray that people catch on before it is too late. That looks hopeless. I tried praying before, and it hasn’t helped with this. Perhaps it is Genesis 2:16, and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. That hasn’t stopped people eating the fruit. The fruit is more harmful than the leaves in my estimation, and the deer seem to agree. The leaves give them built in pesticide, and shock out their parasite nematodes.

Everybody is focussed on the SuperbowL Zika Edition. Ignorance is bliss. I have no idea what else I can do. Nobody wants to know, even when I lay it all out in no uncertain terms that the vector parasites are eating them alive and causing all sorts of chronic disease, totally beneath the radar of the entire medical juggernaut. Zika is just one that has a name and a lot of ink recently. Perhaps it is meant to be that way. God help them, because they surely missed the memo. This is what John Chapman Appleseed knew.

On Sunday Housecall, there is growing concern how to stop the spread of Zika. I say try Wild Apple Leaves. You’ll see. It’s a whole new paradigm of medicine.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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