Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Feb 10, 2016 – Day 560 – HTH

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It means “Hope this helps.” It is usually used sarcastically at the end of a message, but in this case, I truly hope it helps. It has immense potential for any one of multiple reasons. Antiparasitic, probiotic, rejuvenating/repairing, acaricidal, circulatory enhancing with enzymes, floaters wiping, bug bite and sting repairing, and Swimmer’s Itch eliminating. All that white flour. So little time. The trouble is I can’t harvest the crop alone. You want someone there when you fall off the ladder. Or get tangled in the undergrowth. We could probably get some saws in there to space around some of the Wild Apples in the woods. Maybe trim them and innoculate them. Then wait.

At least they make you hopeful after a fog rollout. A few dried leaves a day will make medicine play catch up. Add a whack of pectin enzyme and good luck getting rid of all that starch, magnitudes worse than smoking for you. At that point, smoking is the least of your worries. Gotta get that biofilm down, like a totally painted grafitti wall on the inside of your blood vessels, thick with paint. Vasodilators like ethanol are handy in very small capfull amounts.

What is not? It isn’t what is. Pectin enzyme changes some of it to sugar. You’ll hack sugar loogies, but don’t blame me for all that starch. You’ll lose a lot of starchy weight. Between whiskey, tequila, and pectin enzyme, the polysaccharides get consumed or blown out by the gallon. All that spaghetti and Kraft Dinner when you were a student? You’ll have to move it out, but don’t get snotterboarded. Potash is the fast treatment for that. Pectin enzyme is a bit slower but equal. Bug parasite worms make smart bacterial biofilm farms that eat you with pectin.

WitchMaybe I should be a Witch doctor. I’d skip the paint. Any kind of doctor but what we have now; Overly simplistic, smoking causes everything, while pectin is 10 times deadlier. I know it is magnitudes more than ten times, but nobody will believe it until they are well into apple leaves themselves, like a year. It is the only solution offered for the latest headline, Zika. I’m   no doctor. I’m an engineer. A Witch doctor is even overstating it, but there is no help getting at the root cause of Lyme disease here, borrelia, and the nematode parasites that farm the spirochaetes.

I’m testing that ethanol theory with gold 100% Agave tequila. I use the same enzyme in my fight against biofilm, but the apple leaves act as a catalyst and co treatment. Some tequilas are better. It is a novel discovery, and a vasodilator.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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