Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Feb 13, 2016 – Day 563 – Answer to a Riddle

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I did not know what was happening to me. At work, my left pinky toe went numb. Then sometimes my ring toe on that side. That was to be the definitive warning sign. The symptomatology was Lyme, and we missed it all. I even had ACA back then from a spider bite in Mexico in 1992. It had all gone too far unchecked because they didn’t know how, even if they knew what it was. Explains a lot.

I hope this blog could help someone in the same boat. The doctors are stumped, fixated on blaming cigarettes for everything. They are a lot, but nothing near as much to blame as bug bites and bacterial biofilm buildup. With every new bite, apple leaves force the nematode out now I notice, right away. If I wanted to get rebugged, it wouldn’t take long working in the woods where I was. Naturally, I don’t. There were lots of those hitch hiker nematodes using me as a host for their shenanigans. You feel better as every one leaves to a point. Some neurological damage lingers. The ACA insect bites were on the lower left leg that triggered the breakout of Herxheimer’s Disease. It quickly spread to the other foot. Immediate oral antibiotics didn’t help matters much outside of temporary relief.

Naturally, that is still where I feel some herxing. Now watching drug shortages on the news. Several generic drugs are in short supply here in Canada. I guess it may be just as well because they don’t really do what they are supposed to for me. Ventolin for me for example. Pectin enzyme clears that up way better. I am also trying flush free Niacin B3 that moves biofilm breakup mucus and carbohydrate sourced glop out as well. It lowers the viscosity of it. It is a weekend so I am taking 1 part apple leaf, about 100 mg, to 4 parts pectin enzyme. Sore feet is a tell tale sign of ACA progression. I was just unlucky it seems. A fateful bug sting, a spider it was thought, by local doctors who had seen it before there. I never got the full story.

The takeaway is that I likely had chronic congenital Lyme Disease from elsewhere before that. Where? Lots of places n the prairies and thickets on trails through the wooded areas. Everywhere they looked for oil in Alberta and Saskatchewan, let alone NE BC. Some nematodes were from my youth. Juvenile arthritis. Another smoking gun there. It wasn’t just ticks, apple leaves show you. Many people must still be asymptomatic, showing not much ill effect until the multi systemic disease reaches a quorum and takes over.

I worry about people taking all manner of poison chemicals to blindly shoot at Lyme and biofilm. This is a lot safer than turpentine, a major poison, for example, that may do nothing to address the mechanics of this while prompting a bad unrelated reaction.  Be careful. I can understand any kind of result outweighing nothing when the infection is ignored. The apple leaves made me feel better every day when I used them at first, to a point when I had to get more biofilm to continue. Nematodes use it to hide in, the evidence showed when they finally came out. Pectin enzyme, food grade, moved the anthelmintic process further along, and safely it seems. When you see what happens, you will know why so many are unsuccessful with this. Nearly a third of the insect population tested positive for the causative spirochaetes, but nematode eggs/larvae? That’s another wonder.

It’s not a false hope. If you are younger, this could all be prevented with wild apple leaves. The pectin enzyme is just to address the biofilm the spirochaetes are leaving behind. The apple leaves immediately address the infected insect bites or stings or Swimmer’s Itch parasites that are left. Take it from a veteran of the whole process. While I may fail, at least you can prevent the same thing happening over and over to high risk groups like I was a part of, surveying in the woods. Maybe it wasn’t so good finally finding all this out. I may have to suffer with the lingering effects of the initial ACA, and it is a match in my case. Acrodermatitis Chronica Atrophans. Remember that. Still eroding that biofilm. Still trying, and can feel it in the ACA area. Knowing is a part of the battle.

Knowing that they hide it is another part. That goes nowhere as designed.

MSIDSI hope that what I tried to do here has some help for somebody. I was in the highest risk area for contacting the disease I know now. And I have a way to fight it should you stumble down the same path. Good thing it mops up neuroborrelia first it seemed. But at what end? I’m thinking of giving up trying to prolong the inevitable. This is facing death information here. My peers are dead or dying. All worked outdoors a lot more than average. The ones who quit smoking died faster. A bizzaro world twist if there ever was one. What else could you do but try the wild apple leaves the deer ate? Map it out. What he says is true. This is an unknown 1b, and you see it is responsible for the others. Nematode spirochaete farmer parasites. That is what really sticks with me.

I also take a lot of heart that some of that acrodermatitis chronica athropans has cleared up. It is nowhere as near as bad as pictured, swelling gone down, and purple discolouration clearing. The fact it was even there was more important to me, and a final definitive in lieu of a test for Lyme. Add that to the arthritis, and other quirky symptoms and the story of my bug bit life unfolds. It sucks, but at least it was as informative as I could get it. That’s where our work took us.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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