Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Feb 15, 2016 – Day 565 – Clinical Trials

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UBC is doing a clinical trial of HCP after it was shown to eliminate the borrelia spirochaete in vitro, coupled with a large amount of positive anecdotal evidence. I don’t know if I would be eligible, as I fell through their testing cracks, even though the presence of ACA Herxheimer points to late stage chronic Lyme disease. I know that Wild Apple Leaves fight many associated conditions, but it is anecdotal evidence as well. The main condition is that they eliminate many dermal parasites that were not really known to exist before. Later, there was a spirochaete die off I felt in the vicinity of the initial hornet stings, but it was with only with a single 1 gram dose of HCP. It got them with that little after biofilm reduction was done for a few months or so.

The main objective of the Apple Leaf trial would be to identify the type of helminths, trypanosomes, schistosomes, and other formerly permanent parasites that exit from the old insect injection, or Swimmer’s Itch, sites. Whatever they are, they obviously came to be there from that vector group. The trouble is, they have been there for decades in a lot of cases, and you can’t remember the vector. I only remember the hornets specifically, and they were 50 years ago. They left in October 2014 I think. Whatever wild apple leaves do, it works on a wide array of apparent parasitic and/or farmer helminths, and it is extremely anthelmintic while being patient friendly.

The association with cannabis ensures that the UBC clinical trial will have no shortage of volunteers. Nobody wants Wild Apple Leaves because they don’t give you a buzz I guess. They skunk out the worms from bugs, on top of known pyrus malus traits, like probiotic and GI friendly, fighting fever illnesses. I personally suspect an association of the helminths and chronic Lyme Disease; They are the mechanism that makes it chronic. They farm the spirochaetes to go around and do the parasitic dirty work for them.

My biofilm reduction work is with food grade pectin enzyme, potash, apple leaves, and now flush free Niacin B3. It is a trial within my trial of Niacin to lower viscosity of what I think is biofilm mucus. It is an ongoing thing as our diet is a bottomless pit of polysaccharides, the main component of bacterial biofilm. That is simply starch. The Niacin helps you deal with the carbohydrates created presumably when the polysaccharide chains are broken to that level, and it appears to be working.

Two years ago, also in February, 2014, I was having a very tough time, and still didn’t even know about Lyme Disease. I suffered from peripheral neuropathy that left me bed ridden at times. February is a bad month for me for some particular unknown reason. It coincides with our astrological position in the celestial zodiac. How weird is that? A bug disease  that correlates to a position of the earth’s orbit around the sun. It could be because of the climate instead. It is currently serious enough to get me wondering. I can’t get any help for it or they will think that I am crazy. That is the default position of medicine as Lyme Disease is well known to mimick every mental illness in the book; pick one. Apple leaves walloped that apparent neuroborreliosis early though. I suspect that February gives off some sort of circadian clue as to the length of day, and other astrological reasons, possibly. Knowing it gives me hope that the worst will pass as it did before.

It also took two years to finally get a definitive diagnoses to my eyes with ACA Herxheimer. Even though I suspected it was chronic, that was news to me. All medical evidence said I was faking it. The presence of ACA is only associated with late stage chronic Lyme disease. I am therefore about the toughest Lyme case there could be in my personal clinical trial. I suspected Lyme from the Horowitz MSIDS Questionaire. Now with ACA, it is known to be late stage. I suffered all my life it seems. I suspect both parents contracted it the same way, from bugs, and not just ticks. Hornet stings complicate it I think, given what I have seen. They were the largest and deepest nematodes that came out, other than at a spider bite from Mexico. I think the hornet stings were the source of my arthritis. Now I know how to get the worm they left at those spots out of me finally.

The problem now is not arthritis but the lingering neuropathy. Although reduced, it is still a concern to me. Wild Apple Leaves alone could not get rid of it all. They are a mandatory to get to this point though. They may have stopped that confounding chronic mechanism, and that points to the nematodes being behind it, not just persister cells like it was thought previously.

In a clinical trial setting, I am biased, so not valid. You would have to challenge me on all my assertions. You would have to try Wild or Natural Organic Apple Leaves yourself to do that. The fast positive neurological effect then would disqualify your opinion, as I assume the norm is fogged up. I enjoyed clearing that up at the start, and reclaimed my mind finally. I didn’t really know it was being that affected, but it was. That is also well known with Lyme Disease. That disease is just a reference point though. There are many other chronic diseases like that arthritis that cleared up, as well, along with chronic sinusitis, some allergies, and others. You may have some other condition that gets solved by this, and it is relatively benign and available as widely as organic apple trees, potentially. It is the judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to insect parasite complex illness incorporating biofilm.

I can only wish UBC would take it in a clinical trial. Of course, they only take biotech companies, and I am not one. The HCP one was organized by UBC medical students on February 11, I see. MS is just a symptom of Chronic Lyme it is said, and if it is just a symptom, you see how bad Lyme is. They would sure learn a lot about the link, and the role of vector farmer-parasite complexes. With the presence of partially cleared up ACA Herxheimer, I have the definitive late stage Lyme diagnosis, by extension, that I need to proceed. Unfortunately, that is the assessment of the Mayo Clinic recently, and in that crazy Lyme associated medical world, that may not be good enough.  You can point out that ACA is a century out of date, and that may stick, but it can’t possibly have anything to do with West Denial Virus. They are still trying to get past Burgdorfer, over 3 decades ago, out of date. Natural Apple Leaves helped alleviate some of it. You don’t try it at your own peril, because it addresses so many unknowns, they will never figure it out otherwise. Their blind treatment may kill you. Nobody knows anything about the worms Wild Apple Leaves force out.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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