Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Feb 16, 2016 – Day 566 – Eaten Alive

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QuantumNematodeYou are good eating, the spirochaetes think. They are picky. They like delicacies. Cartilage. Brain. Nerves. Eyes. Yummy. They don’t like fat so much. They dig meat protein, like your glutes, hams, and pectin to build with, leaving the rest of the plate, looking like cellulite. I suspect they are what causes it. Think Lyme is rare now? Go to the beach. See that cellulite? They ate what they could of it to feed their nematode masters, looking like a string of pearls inside the worm as it harvests their booty from the spirochaete farm. They ate all those “dimples.”

That gets us to what happens when the parasite nematode spirochaete farmer is gone. The spirochaetes live on without their masters, still eating. You have no choice but to get rid of them, or keep them fed. They do have quorum sensing, Dr. Bassler thinks. When they get to a certain point, they do not overpopulate themselves. They don’t want to run out. A medical strategy would be to convince them that their population is too high it is reckoned. The borrelia spirochaete has quorum sensing, but in absence of the worm, they may not get the old quorum chemical cues. The farm is no longer being farmed.

Several strategies to kill the spirochaetes may now work better without the farmers tending the flock. Doxycycline. HCP. Desloratadine. Houttynia. Others. There is lots of work on that, but nobody even knows there was a farmer before, well, except us. There is no mistake because I watched them all leave, or at least the ones I could see. Even new ones turn tail and run shortly after the bug bites, leaving a pinhole exit wound like all the others, and right at the bug bite they came in at. Swimmer’s Itch comes off nerar the surface like dirt. If the farmer is similar to C. Elegans, it may also control their population by releasing the quorum sensing chemical or releasing it as necessary. The farmer knows how to do what we can’t, controlling the farm.

With that farmer gone though, the standard medical treatment should work, and as we noticed, at a much smaller dose than when the worm hid their stash in your spine and in biofilm, etc., protected from the chemical assault. Not any more. Unfortunately, our doctors have no idea about any of this. 6 months of antibiotics will translate to three days maybe. Watch out for high dose antibiotics! One shot of HCP worked in a day it felt like, and it was a small amount, under 1000 mg. oral. That seemed to be what was happening.

People with anorexia nervosa may respond to that in the same way if Wild Apple Leaves eliminate the farmers. It is a three part process. Get rid of the worm with wild apple leaves. Get rid of the biofilm concurrently with pectin enzyme. Then kill the spirochaetes they were farming, which happens hundreds of times faster. That is what it feels like inside this bug bit abandoned farm. The upside is losing weight. The downside is losing too much weight. You take over the role of the farmer in population control.

You want to gain protein weight. They’ll take any pectin they can get through your large intestine. Control that with pectin enzyme. Other quorum sensing analogs may work to control spirochaete population like in the Cowden and Zhang protocols. You will just have to use a lot less. A Lot. If it works with the AppLyme treatment, you will feel it when the spiros get hit. You will feel where they are hiding. This also explains why the phone isn’t ringing off the hook from protocol pushers if they sell a tenth or a hundredth of what they used to. Have they tried to make it back from ACA Herxheimer confirmation of fully blown Late Stage Chronic Lyme Disease, basically blind with enzymes and apple leaves virtually alone with a few tests? I think I might have. But I will have to maintain the farm until I can find a doctor who will prescribe HCP should I need a little more, as the biofilm gets eaten away more. It doesn’t affect me at all hardly though these days.

Gaining protein weight? I guess I will have to eat protein. Not sure if weightlifter methods are safe. That 100% Protein stuff tastes like wallpaper paste. Blechh! Whey protein is better. Chicken has too much fat, other than skinless breasts. A steak would be nice, but jeepers, have you seen the prices at the meat counter these days with the Loonie in free fall? That looks to be the jewel in Alberta’s Oyster these days. Alberta Beef. Soy protein is all polluted now with glyphosate. Let the cow be the proxy tester. Pork Ribs? Not so lean there. Now Pork Tenderloin? Tasty. Fish? Mercury contamination? Sushi is all gut parasites. Cook it well enough. Vegetarian sources like nuts go right through me, but I actually like soy meat. Too bad they screwed up last year and sprayed the whole crop with Agent Orange, or Enlist Duo. They still stretch burger with it, or feed it to the animals. I take it that it killed/diseased them all off, given the prices. The first GMO Famine.Keep the trans fats out. Cholesterol? That powers your brain when digestion is repaired from all those decades of worm – spirochaete damage from leaching.

Then there is exercise. Lighter weights with more repetitions get better results it is said. That was on the news yesterday as a rare positive piece. The political train wreck gets old fast. Drop and give me one slow half pushup every time Trump or Hillary is mentioned. You’ll be wasted in no time, and ripped tighter than a two dollar watch. Feel the Bern from that. You have to make more than the remnants of the farm eat. That is the maintenance battle.

It’s a long road back from chronic Lyme Disease. First all the nematodes to force out, and then all their left over biofilm to take down. Then spirochaetes. Mine ate so much cartilage, and I see this is common, I was getting hunchbacked. Now it is straightened out better than it ever was. I was getting that way early at 58 because of late stage chronic Lyme parasites eating the inside cartilage of my spine. Lots of arthritis conditions have reversed, which is truly a relief in my case. Your body is still able to recover. It will be a long while exercising enough to get 100 pounds back on if I ever can though. I just want to do it better this time. Less starch and fat, and more lean muscle mass, with no smoking if that would ever be possible. 30 or 40 pounds would be enough for me easily if I can ever do that. I knocked it all down… the starch and fat.


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