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Fri, Feb 19, 2016 – Day 569 – The Downside of Apple Leaves

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It results from all that pectin/polysaccharide biofilm. If I don’t add pectin enzyme to the apple leaf powder, the mucus that gets produced from the biofilm lining all blood vessels and your organs’ interiors is too thick. As you get older, more of this stuff gets deposited in these layers, plugging up all your blood vessels. Pectin enzyme reduces the viscosity dramatically, making it easier to drain from sinuses and expectorate/cough out. I got rid of gallons of the stuff.

Invertase is the enzyme that bees make honey with out of nectar they get from flowering plants. Unpasteurized honey is a better source of it. By adding invertase, it makes the broken down pectin taste like weak honey. Bromelain is an enzyme from papaya and pineapple. It makes the broken down pectin taste a little like pineapple too. It doesn’t take long to figure that this stuff has been building in your veins and arteries all your life, and never leaves until the apple leaf enzymes start the breakup.

Where does the biofilm come from in the first place? Because there are nematodes involved, and biofilm stuff is the slime of worms, I suspect them. They build it to house any pathogen they can farm for food, and tend like farm livestock animals. With RPF Resuscitation Promotion Factor, they can even wake up dormant pathogens after infecting you. The raw material comes from starch in your diet. A very small amount gets into your blood from the large intestine, it was found. Starch is not all fibre as advertised that passes through undigested. A small amount does get digested, and there is your trouble. If you would rather have them cut several feet of your large intestine out surgically, Do Not Take Wild Apple Leaves!!! Then you can join the happy world my father, God rest his soul, and stepbrother, opted for.

I found that when you get injured, the worm incorporates the fibrinogen produced to heal cut, torn, or bruised tissues, and incorporates it in the biofilm. Scars are made partly of the resultant fibrin and biofilm together. Apple Leaves also start to break that down with contained proteolytic enzymes, and thin the scars out. Those enzymes are reportedly greater approaching apple harvest, as they also trigger the ripening of the apple crop. I have tried apple leaves from all seasons, and even the fall leaves. The reddish brown ones are tastier when dried than the yellow ones which are a bit more bitter. For the green leaves, they taste better when dried, and have less bitter chlorophyll taste. The fall leaves are easier to harvest, if you catch them in a sheet, like pennies from Heaven. But you can always test the leaves as the tree is growing.

Initially, the apple leaves may go straight through you, cleaning the nematodes out of your intestines. One tester noticed that, and if I recall correctly, in the second week or so it also happened to me. Once they deworm your innards, your digestion should get the best it has ever been. From that point on, they seem to be a great probiotic. They are an anthelmintic like Black Walnut husks, but much more intestine friendly overall for sure.

Flush free Niacin B3 also seems to break down the biofilm jelly in mucus. I have tried it for a couple weeks now, just taking one capsule of it a day. It also has an effect on lowering the viscosity and helps digest carbohydrates it is said. The western diet has way too many carbohydrates and starch, naturally, because it is added to everything we eat to stretch it out.

If you take wormwood or other terpenes, the effect is electric. It is better to take the apple leaves alone to get the worms out first I found, or else they all change into little electric eels at once. I was able to take some wormwood once enough of the worms were gone to address a babesia co infection, but I got rid of all the worms first. I did try a bit of wormwood early on, in Absinth that I made a tincture of Apple Leaves with, but it was shocking to say the least. Absinth that I used had a 70% alcohol content, and ethanol dissolves phloridzin in the apple leaves. I just took single leaves steeped in the Absinth, but that became too powerful, and I had to cut it back by diluting it with white Sambuca.

Caduceus.svgIf you like having rheumatoid arthritis, don’t take Wild Apple Leaves. It gets wiped out. If you don’t like having little pinhole exit wounds from nematodes drilling out at bug bites all over your body, Apple Leaves are not for you. Lastly, if you love worms screwing around and taking dumps of live borrelia spirochaetes they ate inside you, like doctors, don’t take them either. That’s professional courtesy, I take it. The borrelia spirochaetes hiding in biofilm are responsible for 99% of doctors’ business.

Do keep pectin enzyme around to mix with the powdered leaves at 4 times enzyme to one part dry powdered leaves by weight. Start slow to feel it out, and watch what happens, as all apple trees, and animals like worm riddled humans, may be a little different.  Mine are organic and not sprayed, because I have better luck inoculating them with human and animal (deer) pathogens. I found that was good for me, a 60 year old codger, biofilmed up to the hilt. You may be different, because I got bit by a lot of bugs, and not just ticks. There were nematodes in 29% of them or so it was said. Different bugs may be different. All the hundreds of deep dermal and muscular nematodes that scurried out came from somewhere. As they left, I literally felt better every day. YMMV. If you love being paralyzed flat on your back for a month at a time, possibly from Lyme Disease, or the eerily similar West Denial Virus ™ in Canada,  don’t take wild apple leaves. If you want to get reinfected and do the whole mess all over again, stop taking Wild Apple Leaves.

pound-o-wormsIf you like being a human worm farm, you will not like apple leaves. Multiply this picture of a pound of worms and their biofilm slop by about 20 times. That is a figurative look by weight at what wild apple leaves will eventually force out of you. Lovely, right? And that is what people call “being human.” Stay away from apple leaves and save your worms, that’s all I can say. I guess I’m crazy and delusional for wanting to get rid of them, even though I found these worms make you crazy and delusional. They also fog your mind over, or at least a couple pounds of them between your ears do.

FloatersYou can see them as floaters in your eyes. Don’t take wild apple leaves if you like having those floaters eating your brain and retina, and would rather go blind from macular degeneration prior to them giving you age related dementia, MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and more. Of course you will lose all that weight. If you want to remain obese and riddled with worms and their slop, don’t take wild apple leaves. You will get lighter and faster, so if you want to be bogged down packing this crap until you die, or think it’s a good idea weighing yourself down a lot, don’t take any wild apple leaves.

Your heart will thank you by working harder until it seizes in a massive MI. That way, you will stay very well grounded, covered by 6 feet of dirt. That actually seemed like a good option for me before I started taking wild apple leaves. If you want to die, or end it all, don’t take wild apple leaves. They are too powerful an antidepressant, the pesky things. And that’s just the beginning! Beware! You will immediately lose any suicidal ideation, so if you don’t want to get rid of the gun you just bought to end it all, don’t take Wild Apple Leaves. Moreover, if you want to get rid of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medicine, do not take Wild Apple Leaves. They will make Big Pharma go broke. Shame on you!

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44

Richard Overton, 109 years old, smokes 15 cigars a day.

If you smoke cigarettes, you may may not want to take as many Apple Leaves as you can handle to make your doctors look like they do not know what they are talking about. Their diagnoses of COPD and Asthma will look totally idiotic and sophomoric as you find out that it was really getting rid of all that biofilm all along, and the filarial nematode spirochaete farmer worms can’t exit your body fast enough, as you cough out gallons of biofilm. Don’t rub it in. The doctors’ intentions are good, and their education is just a little sub-Wild Apple Leaf, that’s all. Plus, you are paying for it, given cigarette taxes. Keep the co enzymes up to move all the worms out faster, and make the spirochaetes butt naked without biofilm to hide in. Then a simple shot of doxy will kill them in an afternoon. Don’t take wild apple leaves and biofilm-outing enzymes if you feel sorry for the government, and your oxygen rig providers. They’ve got that beach house mortgage to pay for. If you don’t want your worms to be spluttering trying to get away from Wild Apple Leaves crossed with licorice smoke, AND a whiskey chaser, do not take Wild Apple Leaves!

If you don’t want to revisit every bee, hornet, spider, etc., sting you’ve had in your life, but relatively painlessly, don’t take Wild Apple Leaves! Let the poor creatures live on, sponging off you eating your brain, joints, neurons, and muscles, like they have for decades.

In conclusion, a little Cztar Chasm is more than a ditch full of douchebags. Do not eat Wild Apple Leaves if you can’t handle it! Of course, maybe it’s just me… channelling Samuel Clemens… 😉


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

One thought on “Fri, Feb 19, 2016 – Day 569 – The Downside of Apple Leaves

  1. In need of starting this regime but where do I get the things from I’m in a city in the UK dying eaten alive please message me
    God guide these people to help me


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