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Sat, Feb 20, 2016 – Day 570 – Buzzfeed Writer

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White males need not apply, because, well, they’re, ugh, men. I assume they are talking about humans. I don’t have enough nematode spirochaete farming parasites to be human any more. I could always run naked through the woods, and get reinfected to be human again, but then it would take decades for the nematodes to work their magic. I heard the parasitic multiple disease causing worms prefer females 5 to 1, but I am sceptical. Something is skewy there with their data. Perhaps they are looking to get skewed by a doctor. At least they aren’t picky about colour.

I do thank them for the tip to write for Maclean’s. I still have that human bias stigma thing to get over. I could always assume a pen name like Mark Twain did. People would never guess the difference. They would probably assume I was a tough broad. “michelle1boulanger.wordpress.com” I would be forever googling to try and attempt what makes a female tick so I could write about it. I could give awful directions easily and convincingly. Lyme Disease has given me about a tenth of my former white 6’4″ male strength. The spiros ate 2″ of cartilage out of my joints and spine, but some is apparently coming back now. In 60 years so far, I haven’t really researched that feminine endocrinology, or found out, as much as I should have. This is further compounded by the fact that at age 60, you just don’t care any more. You accept that femininity from a male point of view is a hidden secret of the universe like complex mass and Dark Matter, or what goes on beyond the event horizon of Black Holes.

Instead, I will have to stick to what I know, and that is trying to come back from late stage tertiary chronic Lyme Disease using only Apple Leaves and pectin enzyme with nearly zero medical support. That is as Canada centric as you can get. If it is an STD, everybody has it, and no matter what they allegedly die of, they’ll find spirochaetes and even nematodes in the autopsy. They’ve obviously stopped looking for it, and are now just trying to hide the fact from everybody. If mosquitoes, spiders, and hornets carry some of it like I found, Canada has a lot of ticking time bombs already biofilmed and just waiting for that sentinel event/bug to break it all wide open.

I assume that females can read sometimes. Buzzfeed knows their audience. White male haters. That’s pragmatic, not sexist or racist. Everybody there hates our lily white cracker asses. I can clap on the 2 and the 4, but that isn’t dark enough, apparently. Soul, as a metric, is not considered. They definitely aren’t looking for Andrew Dice Clay, if you know what I mean, “Honey.”

Apparently, Ted Cruz is Canadian. It all goes downhill from there, though. His albedo is off the charts. His dick is too small. Trump wants to sue him for being Canadian. There’s another resume for the colour coded White trash. Ben is in the running, but the big black garbage can awaits his resume for not being Canadian oriented enough. They’ll claim they aren’t looking for a brain surgeon.

pound-o-wormsIt’s always something. That’s the story of my life. Dashed hopes. There is a lot of it going around, like Zika virus. I suspect that any kind of mosquito will transfer it, so the slings and vectors will take us all down. Wild Apple Leaves may beat it, but not until they have drained everybody’s pockets with cruel joke medicine like some do with Lyme. I take it the Boss is not keen on procreating, so she doesn’t much care about White Hispanic Zika. If Zika goes non-white, then it’s game on. I’ll have to leave that up to worm infested humans to make the call. I’m disqualified by species. I’m closer to that millionth monkey with a typewriter than I am to them. I’ve scrubbed myself down to transparent on the spectrum with Wild Apple Leaves. No colour at all like a jellyfish, and no spirochaete filled worms to block the photons. She’ll see right through me.

I had to look up long form writer. What’s the use? It piqued my curiosity, but I am SOOO disqualified now. Like Gaga, I was Born This Way. White. Male. Apple Leaf Modified by virtue of being born at all. My form is too short. Nobody had a clue what would happen, including me. I didn’t know when I ate those apple leaves that little pinworms would drill out at nearly a third of the bug bites and all the stings I have had, virtually from all my life. As I started to feel better every day, I came to suspect they were behind lots of medical conditions, as the conditions started disappearing, one by one. “Buzzfeed” to me was the sound insects made before their meal at my expense. Now it is more like Buzzcroak, because the apple leaves are so acaricidal when mixed in quasi human blood, they kill the little biters, and immediately skunk out the worm, if any.

I take it that about a half dozen hornets in the early 60’s started my trouble with arthritis. When those nematodes finally left, my arthritis started to wane dramatically. Later, when the Swimmer’s Itch worms came out, it started to wane even more. Their biofilm compatible pathogens were in on the party.

W5, on CTV Network, has a story on the healthcare crisis ongoing in BC, and elsewhere in Canada. People are committing suicide when they find out how bad it is. Canada treats serious diseases as mental illness. Best course is to avoid them and take wild apple leaves I found. They have no idea how pervasive the borrelia chomping – nematode parasite infestation is. In fact, they are blissfully unaware that borrelia even exists. Both their health care crisis, or the apple leaf treatment that exposes and ends it. They’ll find out when it is too late, and the system will kill them. Looks like another equestrian with undiagnosed borrelia to me, and it drove her to suicide. Wild Apple Leaves would have stopped that in 72 hours, and burnt off the brain fog. But what is the use? They won’t listen. They’re doing so well now, using psychiatrists to treat insect diseases. No wonder the patients all want to kill themselves. They’ve got a couple dozen pounds of worms driving them crazy.

I am reluctant to class apple leaves as psychotropic medicine because they are a subtractive herb. They simply get rid of a massive widespread problem with nematodes from bug bites. The bugs in Canada will literally drive you nuts. With this new anthelmintic, I found it was the nematode inside the bugs that is the problem. If you don’t care, I don’t worry. I know they will kill you, and there is nothing you can do, or any doctor has ever been able to do, to stop it. Until they learn to address the nematodes and their biofilm, and get a few gallons of the bug stuff out of your head and body, they’ll go nowhere. They’ll never believe what I found out. They never looked, and they never will.

Meanwhile, still trying physio. I’m not gaining weight from it though. One therapist told me sitting was bad for everybody. A long form writing job would kill me. That matches what I saw at work. My troubles started once they sat me down at a computer. They also said long hours were bad. I worked 20 hours on several days because everybody dumped all their unfinished paperwork and receiver loads on me after their 8 hours. After a week of that, you’re a wreck, but it would never end. If you did it once to stay caught up, they assumed that was normal. When I finally succumbed and cratered, it took 7 people to replace half what I did. They eventually fired all the dumpers too.

I pulled a muscle too in my leg. How do you know when you tried too hard before it happens though? Right hamstring just above the knee. There are some damaged nerves there so the feedback is all screwed up, and it led to an injury. It’s another live and learn moment here. I don’t need any more Rest Ice Compression and Elevation… RICE. Relatively minor tweaks are more major setbacks at this level. There’s still other things that have to be worked on though.

Lastly, I get the impression CPP doesn’t want me to work on this or go to school. I am frantically looking all over the internet, and found all sorts of things here that doctors should know. They don’t know, and they don’t want to know. Another let down. If you suspect ACA Herxheimer, they suspect Buerger’s Disease and will cut your legs off. Oh, perfect. People wonder why we’re so enthusiastic about the state of medicine here? Maybe that is just one reason. They’re all nuts, and building psych wards for all the desperately ill patients who have nothing mentally wrong with them that Apple Leaves couldn’t fix, I reckon. I guess it will have to be our little secret, so their patients can all kill themselves.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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