Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Feb 21, 2016 – Day 571 – Do Apple Leaves Heal?

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I do not know. I know they felt like they revisited old injuries, and repaired them decades after the fact. This is a fresh pulled hamstring to repair, medial anterior right ham. It felt stiff this morning, but not too painful. It wasn’t a bad pull. I can put a little tension on it, but don’t really want to find the limit. The fibrinogen is obviously responding, making the required fibrin in the area. There is some slight swelling at the site. I know nematodes would take advantage of that in their biofilm, but hopefully I have them all skunked out by now, although the occasional new one still leaves from a new insect bite.

Do you know those age related spots, kind of like a sub dermal rupture from a bump into some sharper object? I had a couple of those recently, and one that has disappeared now. It may be related. That twinge in the ham has really backed off overnight. It was from an isometric routine I take it. Kind of like a sitting and lying down Yoga crunches for safety. I don’t want to get into one of those situations where I have fallen and I can’t get up until the injury recovers. The hand injuries were from when people want to help you by opening doors you are holding onto for balance. They do not know that that they injure you every time they try that. I’ve learned to fear that and hold closer to the hinge. Some ask first, and I say no, explaining that I am using the door for balance a bit. It is that darned neurological damage from the bug bites that lingers. In my quest to become the 6 Million Dollar Man, I am closer to $60.

At least it is a start. Now I have a good minor, yet suitably painful, target injury to monitor from scratch. In just writing these three paragraphs, that little bit of swelling is subsiding already. That is with a single 415 mg pectin enzyme with 85 mg apple leaves, I estimate. I am doing some reps of the top thigh muscles already. My therapist says even a little is good to enhance circulation, and more smaller reps of lower intensity resistance are better for results I saw on the TV medical shows last week. The vectored parasites ate about a hundred pounds of fat, pectin, neurons, cartilage, and muscle in my case until the apple leaves finally skunked them out.

I see on the news Mexico is going to pay for the Trump wall. Knowing the flow there, they’ll pay ten times that wall budget to pre-build the tunnels under it. Trump has 35% of the vote and 65% say no Trumpin’ way. When the race gets down to two, you can see what is coming, but nobody sees the impending train wreck. You have to be Canadian to see it, but then you will get sued by Trump if you happen to be in the race. Hillary won the other side last night. Their liberals can do the math of feeling The Bern. Our’s can’t. They are already 900% over budget, now that they have pulled out their calculators, AFTER the election.

Trump will also have to deal with a nuclear Iran on Day 1, and the “global warming” scam to pay for spraying the skies with chemtrails to cover for the ozone holes. When Bush said global warming was real, he meant the scam, not the theory it seems. Bush was also such a good liar that everybody was convinced there were no WMD in Iraq. Now we know different, once they were all taken out by the time of that Mission Accomplished aircraft carrier, and 500 tonnes of them showed up at nuclear reprocessing in Canada. Turns out that was just the nuclear fraction. You age a few years every year as President it is said. If Trump truly doesn’t lie, he’ll have a massive stroke or MI on Day 1. Just sayin’… Everybody but him got that memo a year ago when it made front page New York Times. Now you know what “a good First Draft of history” looks like if you cling to the old news.

Meanwhile, I can feel those apple leaves working on that pull now. Soon it feels like it will start itching. There is another app for them… Sports Injury or strains and sprains. They appear to really accelerate the healing process. I never counted on that. It seems scarcely a day goes by without finding out something new about them, and even at this late date. No wonder the deer go to the apple tree first for the leaves. You could say it is an ancient Chinese secret, but Chinese Traditional Medicine knew nothing about them. I had to start Du testing from scratch. I can still feel the tingle there, and at that low dose. They are not only a preventative medicine herb, but can accelerate the repair process as well. That is on top of shocking out all those bug sourced parasite nematodes.

The big surprise is that nobody cares while they are too busy dying badly. They also don’t care while they are dying well. Plug up those arteries with bug pectin, and in one heartbeat, die. I can tell you, no matter what they claim, if you are 60, and having trouble, they tend to throw you in the trash, or dance around the problem by ignoring obvious root cause diagnoses. No one seemed concerned about the obvious ACA Herxheimer event in Mexico. I’m not sure if that makes me mad enough to make them wrong, or the continued thrill of discovery with this unknown Wild Apple Leaf phenomenon continues to egg me on. I do urge you to at least try it. They won’t hurt you, and in fact, do the opposite over time. You can select a level of herxing you are comfortable with as your tissues repair the years of damage, and especially if you, like me, find they were caused by vector nematode pathogen farming parasites that should become readily apparent as they drill out. At least my typing is recovering, and there are a few blank pages left on the internet.

Of course, it could be willing the injury well. They say a positive attitude helps heal. The Power of Positive Thinking. It could be. It could be a source of bias to my anecdotal evidence. You know that it is there. Your mileage may vary. Your typing physio may enter the extended phase. Or you may try guitar physio. Trying to work on slide riffs. I’ve forgotten more. You have to keep on it. Oscar Peterson learned piano with one hand after a stroke. My slide didn’t have any soul any more even though the slide finger wasn’t affected, in one case. I lost that soul though, on that finger, but got it back with the apple leaf thing. Now I have to re remember those middle finger riffs. Sitting and not standing also makes a major difference.

Extending typing physio, perhaps if I pass it off as super s3kr3+ magic bug out dust. Then say we can’t tell you what’s in it. It’s magic. It may get banned, and then even more popular. It would deliver. “Organic Old Railroad Surveyor Insect Fighting Capsules. Caution! Scares out old bug bite and Swimmer’s Itch parasites!” Not really what I’d want to get credited for. But that’s what happens when you listen to the news TV. That sort of thing seems the norm. They won’t tell us what is in supermarkets, depression is an epidemic, and they don’t want to know a cure. Not exactly uplifting, huh?

We already touched on OMG!™ GMO antidote. Can’t be taken with vinegar. I could revamp the formula so it could, and take the potash out. Potash makes it work better though. Maybe replace it with B3 Niacin, but that is for a different purpose. Keep it simple and let people get their own additives. It has a surprisingly low amount of active ingredient with mostly food grade pectin enzyme. Offer a couple strengths. 2:1 starter strength, also good for injuries, and 4:1 maintenance dose you can just take more of. Back to the news about a mass murdering cabby posing as an Uber driver in terms they’re willing to discuss. What makes a railroad Surveyor? You have to reciprocate your traverse. That is where you set up on your turning points, and measure the difference elevation looking in the opposite direction, taking gravity and atmospheric anomalies out by observation, as much as you can.




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