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Mon, Feb 22, 2016 – Day 572 – Mankind is Bugged

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Banksy SpiesIt isn’t exactly news, given any interpretation, be it wire tapping, or by actual physical insects transmitting nematodes like C. Elegans farming a proxy parasite, like chlamydia, bartonella, babesia, or borrelia spirochaetes. We found them hiding there at bug bites when Wild Apple Leaves for what ever reasons forced them to flee for their lives. It presented a lot more evidence for the title today. The analogy is similar. The bug isn’t the problem, but the data it collects can be. We knew it affected our health when that health improved as the nematodes left increasingly over time.

The nematode must be behind a lot of varied chronic diseases if they clear up when it leaves. That matches what Dr A B MacDonald found with borrelia spirochaetes that the nematodes employ to gather nutrients for them to consume. In turn, the nematode offers a biofilm shelter to protect the pathogens.

This is about the last thing I ever would have guessed I would ever get into doing. I haven’t got the microbiology cred, but I am learning slowly and surely. It is kind of like moving into a new office and finding a microphone in every lamp and picture frame. You feel violated. People claim they are fine with that, but if you aren’t disturbed by it, maybe you do not understand the problem. These nematodes in bugs farm every chronic illness known to mankind, and surely the top ten killer diseases. Knowing in this case is 9 tenths of the battle, because medicine is stuck in an obvious fog of war. They are fighting in the mountains of Afghanistan while the trouble is right here inside them all. Ironically, that is as far off target as they can get on planet earth, and it is suspected to be by design. If a third party was involved, that is exactly what they would do to deflect blame. We just happened to find a way to smoke out that third party nematode with Wild Apple Leaves, and it was hiding at the scene of the crime, down here on the farm.

Filarial nematodes, such as forced out by apple leaves, are finally getting fingered as causative agents in this whole mess, from depression to prostate diseases, heart disease to thyroid endochrine disorders. Doctors are understandably way behind on this because it is only getting attention in recent months. I discovered the answer over 570 Days ago, and I have been looking for theories to match what I saw ever since. That January paper is the first major peer reviewed one, sponsored by the MS Society in the United States. These must be the factor making Lyme Disease chronic too, like MS. MS is the common Canadian misinterpretation of Lyme Disease.

They are making great strides in ignoring MS also. Soon, they will make a breakthrough whereby they can ignore all disease, and just blame smoking for everything from warts to bunnions. Never mind that the diseases predated Sir Walter Raleigh by multiple millennia. Never mind that nobody gets exposed to0 second hand smoke any more. Even seeing a cigarette has to be the cause. Medicine has learned how to deflect blame for going nowhere on a huge budget. Wild Apple Leaves are about as welcome as a cat at a mouse party, making the medical camp look like complete evil abandoners to get out of their sworn responsibilities. Naturally, they aren’t too keen on apple leaves showing them up. In related matters, the lead presidential candidate for the GOP has spent only 17 million dollars, and is making everybody look dumb, while the “also rans” spend hundreds of millions each. There is a huge misappropriation of funding for what is working. The establishment is also a huge money burning disaster there too.

Can Lyme Disease really be tied to any geographical area? A cluster was noticed in Lyme Connecticut, but the disease is not that new, found in the Tyrolean iceman, Ochi, from over 5,500 years ago. Migratory birds and other vectors than ticks make it wider spread than originally suspected. It can remain asymptomatic a long time until a co infection from pets, spiders, hornets, or mosquitoes amps it up to a higher level. There is a link to travelling, exactly the opposite of nailing it to a location. I suspect is because the disease is additive. I discovered a link to a starchy diet, but everybody has that, making biofilm chronic illness pandemic. Borrelia has been linked to every major chronic illness. The link to a lack of borrelia in any location like Canada is directly linked to the inability of their medicine to look through a blood microscope and see for themselves. The focus on ticks is linked to easy collection methods for that vector. Multiple vectors make it hard to pin the disease to a location.

I suspected a link to dead animals though. The decaying matter attracts vectors of all kinds. Salmon spawning areas would provide a regular localized source of that, while waterfowl and other migratory birds would spread it far and wide. It is a theoretical target source, but by no means the only one. Apple leaves seem to provide a workable defence mechanism with their acaricidal and anthelmintic properties. They are also apparently antibacterial and antiviral, known to fight fevers. You can avoid tick areas to only get reinfected by an infected hornet, spider, or mosquito elsewhere. When the biofilm structure gets started, the trouble silently starts, until it reaches a threshold of viability. Nematodes and borrelia aren’t that picky about which bug gets them to you. If apple leaves take the nematode behind it first, I know you will have better outcomes to obsolete medical treatment. You can eliminate the chronic mechanism of most disease that goes chronic by dissolving the biofilm in situ with pectin enzyme, slowly and safely, faster than it can grow certainly. At least I am proving that, or it seems that way first hand, now.

Humans themselves also become a part of the vector nature. Mosquitoes are poised to transfer it to other animals and people. Sexual transmission is also noted by many. Over 30 years, testing has improved at a snail’s pace, and has generally been abandoned in Canada. A Lyme Disease risk assessment was done across the US, 25 years ago being the last update. In Canada it is classed as a mental illness. You’re nuts if you think you have it, even if you die from it. They’ll just blame something else. They expanded mental health care, while more people commit suicide than ever. Why waste time? Just find an apple tree. Wild ones likely have no pesticide on them. If you eat the leaves, and little nematodes come out of your old bug bites, you had *something* they left in there, decades ago. You may even feel what it was like I did. Getting the picture? Those nematodes in the bugs are causing all this chronic illness.

People will tell you everybody dies when quizzed. Apple Leaves will show you what you would have died of had they not skunked out those nematodes from bugs. People will say they feel fine, so they don’t need anything. Offer them that they will never die then, using their superior own medical health forecasting abilities. Then ask them if they can prove it using Wild Apple Leaves, because you want to have company when you are 200 years old. They will ignore you, laugh, and go off to die “normally.” Don’t bother telling them that is the definition of mental illness. If they refuse the benign treatment that shows them just how ravaged they have been by bugs, all of their life, they have got to be nuts. Talk about a paradox of life and death proportions.

The days are getting noticeably longer now. Spring will have sprung in less than a  month to the equinox, relieving a well known source of depression, called seasonal affected disorder. So cheer up. It will get better every day now, in the northern hemisphere. If yopu should happen to be in Tasmania, southern South America, or South Africa, the apple leaves are getting ripe for the picking. In two more months, they will get optimal as the apples ripen, and contain more proteolytic enzymes. Then you too could see what’s bugging you.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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