Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Feb 24, 2016 – Day 574 – What would you do?

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If you found all this out, what would you do? I tried to mail leaves to somebody, but the Plant Act said I couldn’t do that to the USA from Canada. Well, apple trees are nearly everywhere, and there are more reasons why they would work than why they wouldn’t. The one worry would be pesticides to keep the worm out of the apples, and fungicide to fight Venturia Inequalis “apple scab” fungus, which is harmless to humans. That fungus actually creates more medicinal ingredients in the leaves it is said. If you find an abandoned orchard, that would be great.

Starwest Botanicals used to sell Apple Tree Bark. They are sold out on ebay, or the seller hasn’t listed any more. They claim it is organic. I have a sure organic source from my now Wild trees. They are dormant now, but may be waking up in your climate. There may even still be leaves on the trees. I found that even fall leaves work well.

Doctors do not like treating Lyme Disease because antibiotics destroy your biome. There are ten times more cells in your biotics than there are in your body. Your digestive system runs your whole body, but when you kill the biotics with antibiotics, it can create even more problems. Antibiotics are recommended for short term use only.

Finding all those nematodes coming out of bug bites was a stroke of luck. A lame fawn ate the leaves and was cured. It appeared to have the same symptoms as I did. Its strongest side, right side, appeared to be weak, and it was stumbling. The mother deer went straight for that apple tree every day, and the fawn’s peripheral neuropathy was cured in a couple days when it followed suit. Then I tried the leaves after looking to see what they were made of. They tasted a bit like apples. I ate them straight off the tree, and grabbed some more on twigs near where the deer was eating. The young leaves were tastier raw. When the leaves dried, they were less bitter from chlorophyll it tasted like.

I really became interested when nematodes came out of hornet stings from over 50 years ago, when I accidentally brushed a hornet’s nest with a twig. The nematodes, from those stings, must have been alive in there all that time. Whoa! Lots of other little nematodes were coming out at other bug bite locations too. Again, like the apple leaves, nobody knew anything about them.

You could feel them working. I was taking Celebrex for rheumatoid arthritis before that, but the same feeling was much more powerful with apple leaves and at the target areas that had more arthritis it seemed. After a couple months, the arthritis had backed off to a level I hadn’t experienced since being a juvenile, and come to think of it, before those hornets stung me. Celebrex was a buck a capsule, and more like an NSAID. The apple leaves were free for me, and they worked, eliminating the condition rapidly at first, and slowly later for the lingering bits. I was HLA-B27 positive for Arthritis, so it was a known incurable condition with me. Now I have a way to fight it, even well after the fact.

FloatersI noticed after a while I couldn’t find any more floaters in my eyes. The Apple Leaves made them scatter for the exits. Those little things must have been alive too. If you try apple leaves, watch for those to see what is happening. I wasn’t really paying attention. They were just gone when I looked for them last spring. Another huge mystery solved in my opinion. Oh well. I was preoccupied at the other end. My digestion was clearing up to the best it had ever been. The leaves had a strong probiotic effect. The jury is still out whether they are strong enough to combat GMO Weedkiller in all our supermarkets. Just when you thought honey was safe. They also spray Stevia with glyphosate. California has linked that that GMO herbicide to cancer. Apple leaves may not be that mighty against all that. But you can try. I thought that was what it was all about.

I wondered if those nematodes are GMO friendly? Maybe not. If they get sick, you will get sick too. Maybe that is a part of the trouble. I know you can survive much better without a lot of nematodes farming spirochaetes in you. Some new bug bites have a nematode in them, and it comes out immediately. Stay the course. The whole GMO mindset has increased the infection level of the insects I think.

Am I doing this for my health? Well, yes, actually. Because it works and continues to work. I started writing about it in a journal here, because there was a lot to write about, and it was good physio for my left hand. Correcting the typos was more of a good physio exercise too. A doctor encouraged trying to play guitar, but I find this is good mental physio too. Any way, it’s all recorded, albeit with bias sometimes. I just know what I feel, and it is better than it was when I started. I truly hope it can help you as much as it has been helping me. I may be kind of a lone voice in the wilderness, but I can see how this fell through the storied cracks there.

220px-Nobel_PrizeIf you can find a tree growing, use wire cutters to snip the leaf and the stem off. Both have the active ingredient. A hundred leaves will last a month. By then, hopefully there will be a lot more. If you catch them all in the fall, dry them, and powder them, you’ll have plenty. But the fall leaves just before they change colour are best I found. They are the ones that produce the apple ripening enzymes, I take it. It may not be Einstein, but this Act of God discovery has to be worthy of a Nobel Prize. All medicine is still in the dark about it. I’m not holding my breath. d’Herelle was turned down too.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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