Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Feb 25, 2016 – Day 575 – Nobody is Immune

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That is a hard sell. Everybody thinks it will not affect them, but when you know what is happening, vectored chronic illness, or basically disease transmitted by bug bites and stings, it becomes everybody’s problem. The CDC ups the ante by suggesting a second method of transmission; STD. I am not sure how much could be attributed to skin contact with aquatic biofilms, but Organic Apple Leaves also forced out the active nematodes from that, and decades after they were similarly established as a parasitic force to be reckoned with.

The World population clock  says there are about 7.4 billion people here. Only a handful have got the memo that we’re on it. Nobody had an inkling about parasite farmer nematodes, and they largely still don’t. Ironically I found a way to extricate them with Wild Apple Leaves, but nobody even knows they exist until they actually try. Nobody really has an inkling what side effects they will have, but I think it is a fair bet they will suffer from the same ones I did. Pectin enzyme fights the main one, being the breakdown of polysaccharides from biofilm that I can only attribute to the nematodes. They built it to protect their parasitic pathogen flock, largely borrelia spirochaetes. They have tried everything to kill the spirochaetes, but they hide and persist in that impervious biofilm, and inside the nematodes themselves. When you stop, they repopulate.

Knowing all this is most of the battle. My focus is on skunking out the nematodes. That seems to be the analogy that describes what Apple Leaf consumption does. When I turned to trying to dissolve more biofilm, a second wave of nematodes hiding in biofilm came out, so I would recommend reducing that biofilm concurrently. If the pectin enzyme can get to it, the biofilm is reduced to simpler sugars that can be consumed by your pancreas. This will become much more difficult if you are diabetic, because it raises your blood sugar while it is happening, and really suppresses your appetite.  I am trying the leaves now with it, but it takes a lot less to keep the nematodes out now with reduced biofilm, and instantly or within a week of getting reinfected by another bug. The nematode exits quickly if the bug was infected with nematodes.

We all know about Apple, the computer company, and their battle to keep the iPhone locked. I can see the reverse happening here, where we all want to unlock the nemtodes and get rid of them, because they seem to be behind lots of medical conditions. Doctors are dead set against it it seems, and the reason I suspect is that it will put them out of business. Nobody will believe that, but I know intimately from first hand experience that the nematodes were underlying all sorts of medical conditions from common colds to heart disease. Slowly, I have faith that everybody will find this out eventually, but likely too late. Apple leaves can only repair so much of it it seems. Now I see John Macafee, libertarian presidential candidate, is weighing in on the Apple side. He feels that we are already 20 years behind on cybersecurity, leaving us vulnerable to attack that will kill 90% of us within a year.

I wondered why the deer, normally very shy, risked so much to access those apple trees around here. Now I know. I bet that little fawn tangled with a hornet’s nest, and got stung 2 Deermultiple times. The apple leaves nipped that in the bud as she followed suit from her mother, eating a handful of leaves a day. In a few days, she appeared OK again. When my hornet sting nematodes came out, residing deeper than most, my arthritis finally started to get some real relief. I am 60 years old, and suffered from RA for 50 years at least. The apple leaves were much more powerful than Celebrex, obviously. Celebrex generates a billion dollars a quarter for Pfizer, after Monsanto sold it to them. The Celebrex replacement factor alone makes the apple leaves worth trying, because you know how expensive those prescriptions were. But they are so much more than just that, and you will see what I mean. 50 years of damage was a lot to reverse, but I am staying the course. Finally something that gave me hope after a long painful existence. Eventually, the bug connection makes sense. That is most of the reason why people, and animals, get sick.

Another is GMO’s, or more exactly, the herbicides they were genetically engineered to withstand. They coat almost everything we eat, and are even in some medicines, like papaya sourced bromelain. Animals we eat get it in their food. They spray 73 million tonnes a year of this antibiotic weed killer Glyphosate on our farms. Apple leaves eventually become probiotic after initially skunking out intestinal parasites. How did they get inside there? I suspect they were from bugs in food. Once they are cleaned out, your digestion improves immensely. They said my troubles were hereditary, but now I know it isn’t only that. There may be a genetic weakness towards the nematode operations, but there is a huge environmental component too, and partly GMO. GMO’s are the smoking gun Dr. Seneff from MIT linked to the explosion of autism in children these days. Glyphosate resistance of plants has led to them adding Agent Orange to our food too. It makes the genetically modified crops look pretty because they are engineered to withstand it too. They’ll get around to a GM Human someday that can survive it as well. They are still trying to get test animals to survive the stuff past 96 hours. Progress.

People don’t want to know about more environmental pressures they can’t do anything about. This is a massive one they can do something about. If I were 40 years younger, I would try to harvest as many apple leaves as I could. They used to sell Pyrus Malus/Apple Tree bark on Ebay, but they are all sold out. Harvesting will be in huge demand not only for yourself, but also everyone else when they find out. You may want to offer a cream to sooth callouses on the forehead from people slapping themselves when they find out, and realize they should have done this years ago. Getting rid of the nematodes will become Job 1, as they realize it will make them feel better every day. There may be a large psychosomatic component to that, but we could all use a little cheering up, especially after a dismal winter. That could also be a hard sell. People just have no idea how much drag these things have on them until you lift it.

I was personally trying to find out what was wrong when I started suffering from ALS or MS symptoms. More reading led me to suspect Lyme Disease, and it is said that MS is just a symptom of Lyme Disease. There is no treatment for Lyme Disease in Canada because they are trying to sweep it under the rug. They admit all the sufferers through their psych wards to absolve themselves of obvious blatant malpractice. Eventually, there is no room between the rug and the roof. That seemed to be where I was when I found this out over 575 Days ago. All I could suggest is to cram a handful of apple leaves into their pie holes, and lock them up until a hundred nematodes drill out of them. Then they’ll get it.

That just isn’t going to happen. World Lyme Day on May 1 should follow Apple Leaf salad day on April 30. The panic by May 2 would be worthy of a good movie. By then, word might get around. If not, at least they will have a lot of their bug bite brain fog scoured out, and will futilely try to deny that these things are drilling out of their skin and deep dermal tissues all over their body, inside and out. That confusion should end after the third day, and when you realize you are just getting started. Then what? Hollywood will try to sell it through the alien attack angle, I bet. Monitor your weight too. You’ll lose a couple dozen pounds of nematodes and their gooey biofilm stuff before you’re done. I have so far. I’m still going. The bugs are still biting.

This blog is morphing into a memoir for mankind. It wasn’t intended to be that. I just tried to get the word out. That is thwarted by more ways than I can count, but the big one, if not the biggest, is that people think this affects almost no one. Guess again. Nobody is immune to this. I’d like to see you prove it too, like I already have, and continue to prove with every new bug bite that has a nematode drill out of the centre of it.

Meanwhile, 38% of people side with Apple Computer and 51% want the FBI to have all their personal info for use and abuse. They don’t get it yet either I take it. The government is notoriously bad at protecting personal information, losing 21 million records of all their own government employees. Give them a master key? Same problem. They all think it won’t affect them. Ironically, Apple made a huge business out of pandering to the majority non technical crowd. The more technical will do everything they can to swipe that master key from them.

Let’s get back to the plot. Nobody is immune to the bug forces of the environment. Apple leaves and pectin enzyme offer ways to fight it, before, during, and after the fact when you get infected by a bug with a nematode infestation. For whatever reasons, the bug pressure is increasing. Pollution and herbicides are two major suspects, and they are two genies that we can’t put back in the bottle. By the time medicine finally gets a clue, it will be too late. That is what worries me. It seems I am all alone against it at times. Another analogy is that we are all leaky boats. You have to keep bailing or you are sunk. As of now, hardly anyone has raised a finger to bail their boat out. Apple leaves are the only coffee can available to fight the leak, and offer a method to keep it plugged off so that you can see the results for yourself.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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