Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Feb 26, 2016 – Day 576 – Plan a Harvest

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Pyrus Malus

King’s American Compendium, 1898

You do not want to hurt the apple tree. There isn’t much of this Pyrus Malus Fibre around. It is now sold out, Organic Apple Tree Bark from Starwest on Ebay. I was unable to confirm if that would work as well as the leaves do. This is not the right stuff I think, but YMMV. You want the leaves, like the deer do. Then you are sure. I have enough samples from my experiments to make it to when the trees start budding out again. The leaves are comparable, and in fact, what I have been consuming, making a nematode come out from about 30% of the bug stings and bites that I ever had, presumably from all my 60 year life. They even force a nematode out of recent newly acquired infected bites.

After 576 Days of apple leaf treatment, on and off, I haven’t suffered much further ill effect. On eating apple leaves from the start though, there was what I now realize was a Jarrisch-Herxheimer effect, and it was local to the chronically infected areas of my body. I only recently found out about ACA Herxheimer, a condition associated only with Late Stage Chronic Lyme disease. Serology showed all my liver functions were normal taking over 1,500 mg a day of dried apple leaf powder that I put in size 0 capsules. The sentinel event of ACA was in May 1992. I am an extremely tough case, and this blog is a chronicle of what I went through. Most people will not have suffered from this as bad or as long as I have, but there may be worse. I hope this offers hope where all medicine throws up their hands and says it is hopeless.

You may need about 100 2-3″ leaves a month. Depending on how much biofilm has to be eliminated, you may need a pound of pectin enzyme, like used in wine making. I am still working on that first pound because I started by buying small packets from the wine store on Day 313, and I reduced from taking up to 2 grams a day down to about 400 mg a day now. That should convert the bulk of that biofilm to simpler sugars. The fact that I am still here tells you that I am still surviving from being flat on my back, virtually paralysed, two years ago. I have had no effective treatment officially for this. I am starting to realize there was no effective treatment for late stage chronic lyme, and will not be short of this, in the foreseeable future. This is where nobody has really been before, or they just never said anything. AFAIK, I am guinea pig Zero.

Deer SaladAs the leaves get bigger, you may need less. I started with a small branch that led me to seek more. That appeared to be about what the deer were eating daily or so. This branch, the first one, July 31, 2014, got fast results because I ate too much, about a cup. I started getting a headache over my right eye that I took a single generic ibuprofen for. Within 3 days, my brain fogginess and confusion, which I didn’t realize I was suffering badly from, improved dramatically. From that point, I started improving every day to a 9 month plateau, before I clued in to reduce the biofilm more aggressively. In retrospect, I see now that too much leaf consumption creates too much thick mucus, and can leave you gasping for air, like an asthma condition. Ventolin treatment did not help it much. When I discovered pectin enzyme, that was an effective workaround.

What has it done for me in 576 Days? It has reduced swelling in my extremities. Hundreds of nematodes came out at bug bites and stings. The stings were where my arthritis started when I was 10 years old or earlier. There was also a surface dirt being produced that I now attribute to Swimmer’s Itch, decades after the infection. I am 60 now. If you start concurrently with the pectin enzyme, I suspect you could halve the time required to get where I am. I was a surveyor and outside engineer, so I got more than my fair share of insect bites and stings. There’s your trouble, I found. I proceeded carefully using Chinese Traditional Medicine testing protocols for new herbs, so you could go much more aggressively than I did. I intentionally started slow to prevent trouble after that first headache on Day One. After all, the deer didn’t need that much either. They would stop by for a few minutes only. They were used to the leaves, and didn’t need very much, which is what I am finding after getting used to them myself. I need less to get an effect I can feel from them now.

I must admit I feel younger, and look younger now, than when I started. My face is less puffy. My muscle tone is better. My skin has cleared up and my hair is growing where it was falling out. It is coming back darker than it was. My joints have and still are recovering a lot from where they were arthritic. I wish I did this when I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. All that damage from insects would have never happened. That was in the 60’s though. Coulda, shoulda, woulda, but no. If you are younger, get ready to halt a great deal of what ages you in its tracks. Mentally and physically. This is more than just Lyme Disease. This is a new paradigm of medicine, once you see it yourself, and see what was causing all that trouble, known and unknown. I have lost over 10% of my weight since I started with the pectin reduction on Day 313, so that is mostly nematode and biofilm weight, plus what ever else they left there that my body eliminated.

All I can say is plan this harvest as if your life depended on it. Kids can do it, and should do it, too. Give them wire cutters and tell them just to harvest a few without hurting the tree. Show them what apple scab fungus looks like, but say those are OK. Avoid the overly insect bitten ones if you can, but I tried some of those too. It is the leaf fibre that is the main ingredient possibly. Earlier elimination would be key to getting to a new plateau of health, defying all history. Also plan for anyone you want to keep around. Nobody will believe you, especially doctors that have not tried it, so don’t mortgage the farm on this. I just hope it works for you too, and I can’t see why it shouldn’t. It worked for the animals too. It is simple to keep a sustainable harvest for one. There will be plenty of leaves in the fall after the apple harvest if you don’t denude the tree. The leaves are more powerful as harvest nears too. Let them grow as much as you can if you find some good trees. Harvest sustainably. Protect those trees. You can’t buy that fibre for love or money it seems. Find a lot of trees and sample a bit from each one if you are so lucky. Newly infected bug bites should produce a nematode immediately in the first day. If they don’t, they weren’t infected with nematodes. When the leaves get riper, chewing them should clean the biofilm scuff partly off your teeth. They continue to keep them cleaner than brushing which seems barbaric in retrospect. If you light or air dry them under 60°C, they seem tastier. Just sayin’.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t try this to fight Zika and other vector diseases. That is right up the apple leaf alley and you will instantly see why when bitten or stung by infected bugs. Unfortunately I found this out decades after the fact, but that’s life. I’m sure glad I found it out, and it’s all here recorded. Well, almost all of it. There’s only so many blank pixels I can un blank here in my blogging physio. This is no doubt an urgent youth safety issue for children playing outdoors or around woods. Seriously. I was a surveyor on and off over 45 years, and I seem to have revisited most of the bug bites with a nematode parasite in them, and every new one as well. I know that has to hurt, even kill, with those fateful bug combinations. Medicine has no idea… yet. I have tried but only researchers were interested. At that rate, it will be 30 years and countless lives ruined by the delay until this reaches the front line. Being a senior surveyor for that long made me an HSE – Health Safety Environment – professional if not an expert. This is more of an existential issue for mankind now though, and you can see what will happen if it is left unchecked. If you find a good organic leaf source, you can start to save your world now, and anybody else you want to help. Just remember, whatever you perceive your God is, is watching, or somebody else’s will be. lol

Old people will not listen. They’re as good as dead until it comes from the mouths of babes. Cubs and Scouts, Girl Guides, and more worldwide, better listen up. 7.4 billion people are infected and this is the only possible cure so far. At least do it for your pets. Then it won’t matter if you die. You helped some little soul. As for us old codgers, from what I have seen, you’re better off without the way it is going now anyway. You’ll know pretty quick that all their medicine is futile too, given what you will witness first hand, or else. Join the existing parade off the cliff. Tasmania and Tierra Del Fuego may have crops ripe for harvest in a month, if you can find the organic apple trees there. Then the harvest can proceed northward through the temperate zones and more. I can remember Yellow Jacket stings from when I was 8, and that was 52 years ago. A nematode came out of them over 500 days ago. Several more did from other vector infections over the years too, and new bites as well.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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