Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Feb 27, 2016 – Day 577 – Triage

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Most know that Triage is the prioritization of limited medical resources in a medical emergency or disaster. It is part of the site safety assessment and security initial phase of emergency response, because you do not want to become a victim of the same thing. Sometimes it is obvious like in an accident. This is difficult because there are so many patients, and so little resources. I am trying to get past step 2 “Call for Help” after giving up on trying to secure the site. The vectors that caused this are an ever present attack and reinfection threat. In that light, step 1 becomes find an apple tree that produces enough leaves and medicine to go around to save the care givers. I eat the apple leaves myself, so I personally have protection from re infection. Every single person is a patient at the beginning. That complicates things until they can be shown how to cure themselves. You have to assemble a small army of patient/medicine harvesters. The medicine will make it obvious to them that they are patients themselves. Filarial Nematode Spirochaete Farmers will win in the end if you don’t stop it. Most of the people who die from chronic illness every day die from conditions caused by this.

You must learn how to identify a safe and effective apple tree. That is job 1. Deer can help you. They will show you which trees are prime candidates for anthelmintic properties. Be careful around deer, especially mothers with young ones. Give them distance. They will protect their young fiercely. Learn to identify the signature of where deer have been eating the tree leaves. Their sense of smell and taste is highly advanced. They are more interested in the leaves than the apples until the apples fall off the trees here. That is not always the case, as it is here. A local cougar has scared the deer away, but the apple trees are good. Once you have found some viable apple leaves, you will know the taste, and see the effect of eating a few leaves a day. Helminths will drill out of you at several old bug bite and sting locations. Studies have shown about 30% were infected with helminth eggs and/or larvae, but owing to local conditions here, the percentage seems higher. The nematode seems to drill out at almost every new bite I get now.

I am the first response here. I researched the leaf composition and found out that not only were they OK, but later found they were preferred for several human medical conditions. Their use was historically documented as Pyrus Malus Bark and tinctures made of the same. I discovered that the leaves themselves were a powerfully anthelmintic analogy for the bark.

Why is there no higher level of care for this? Good question. I discovered they underlie nearly every medical condition that kills. There’s no money for it in our horribly misguided Pharmacentric medical system. Things that work spectacularly are not welcome unless they can be patented. They still complain that the condition these leaves address is epidemic, and fatal if left untreated. Pharmacological treatment is ineffective and expensive. If money could cure it, why are Yolanda Foster and Avril Lavigne still sick? Well, for starters, they haven’t done a Wild Apple leaf sweep yet to get rid of all the helminths that reinfect them as soon as they pause treatment.

Is it hopeless? I am proof that it isn’t, simply by making it to step 2 of our Triage, Calling for Help. Nobody will answer like a gas attack aftermath. They have all been affected, and none of them know it. I’ve been on step 2 for over a year and a half. That took me to a bizarre place where clinics become a place to get reinfected. My first leaf harvesting helper phoned last night to complain that he was sick from the flu for over a week, after I warned him not to go to a doctor in flu season for a check up. I told him apple leaves could cure that in days. He has none where he is. Always keep an emergency supply around. A century ago, a simple flu epidemic spread through Europe, killing many. Pharmacentric medicine had forgotten about Pyrus Malus and/or ferri pomatum already.

Botanischer_Garten_Berlin-Dahlem_10-2014_photo08_Malus_sieversiiBack to the triage, I will have to give up on adults. They simply waste too much time when time is of the essence. They love to argue why dying is normal. Great. Continue being normal. Kids are the only hope. Avoid clinics full of sick adults. The only way to do that is find a good apple tree for yourself. Kids will not need as much pectin enzyme biofilm antidote. Two huge problems solved. Adults will have to help themselves. That is what doctors said to me. Then I eventually identified my ACA Herxheimer. Doctors were all either ignorant or liars, as ACA Herxheimer is 100% proof of Late Stage Chronic Lyme, and I had it since early May, 1992. The stock line is that there is no Lyme Disease in Canada even though borrelia spirochaetes can be easily identified by blood microscopy. The Mayo Clinic said so. Canada does not recognize the Mayo Clinic, the premier medical educational facility in their World. On the Finland triage scale, I was “Blacked,” meaning “Lost.” Not so fast there. I have Wild Apple Leaves here. Now you’re all “Blacked.” Physician, Heal Thyself!

The logistics of this undertaking are staggering. 7.4 billion patients would require 3,700 tonnes PER DAY of dried apple leaves, and they are typically up to 95% moisture, by weight. 20 pounds of leaves would yield 1 pound of dry powder. The panacea nature of apple leaves points to the possible presence of bacteriophage, difficult to identify and develop a chemical analog for. Then there is distribution. Luckily, you need less as you use it more. You only need 1/5 the dose for maintenance, and can pad it with 4 parts pectin enzyme to 1 part apple leaf powder to increase efficiency. So many leaves. So little takers. The future will be very lonely with Zika and possibly similar vector illness like malaria and dengue/Yellow Fever poised to expand their transmission via hardier insect species. There is no cure for those, other than stopping the infection with Wild Apple Leaves, and that is only a theory, albeit one you can witness for yourself. It does not require that you be the next Einstein to figure that out fast, but if you can deploy this, you may be a candidate. I have many ideas to ezpeiate distribution and supply of the existing crop, but it is nowhere near enough if chemical substitutes can’t be identified and demonstrated to be as effective or better. The Aspirin analogy springs to mind.

This is an entirely new paradigm for medicine, and in fact, a complete paradigm shift. An explosion of questions with unknown answers results when nematode parasites start drilling out every infected vector. Who? Everyone. What? Vector helminth parasites. Where? Multiple bug bites and stings. When? From all your life, the parasite was previously permanent. Why? As each parasite leaves, you feel better, naturally, and you can see and sometimes eventually feel where it was. Then the real questioning starts. How does ingesting a few apple leaves a day make that all happen? Good question, but it does, undeniably. Why is there such incredible neurological effect early on? What caused that condition, other than simply parasites? I continue to be educated by Dr. A B MacDonald and Dr. Eva Sapi towards those ends.

When everybody suffers from the medical condition to some degree as they get older, there are just too many to triage effectively. Imagine happening on an accident scene like that where everybody is injured to varying degrees. Would you attempt to halt the suicidal ideations of the young first, or waste time arguing with ignorant adults, including incurious doctors? You have to black them out using the Finnish triage model. You would have to forcibly treat them to snap out of it, but that is beyond your mandate. You can lead an idiot to apple leaves, but you can’t make them eat. That is the paradox. The better distribution model is to advertise them for the likely prevention of vector illness like Zika Virus, which is forefront in the news these days, but just the tip of the iceberg I have discovered and eliminated. This is the only proactive defence I know for vectors with the inherent acaricidal properties that apple leaves seem to impart with no apparent ill effect.

Oh, what’s the use? It’s overwhelming. Works for me, any way. See that cellulite? I suspect these cooties are what did it. Enjoy that. Bet you never knew all those bugs left something alive in you, and that is what has been “eating you” all these years.That is until you eat a few Wild Apple leaves.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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