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Sun, Feb 28, 2016 – Day 578 – One Month to Easter

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It is still a short 4 week month. Easter is 4 Sundays away. You look up the connection between bunnies and eggs and Jesus. I know an Easter Egg in a computer program, which is surprise hidden code usually triggered by an offbeat set of commands and/or characters. I suppose it was put in there by the programmer to confirm bragging rights for generating the program. March, finally just around the corner, is important for Apple Trees too. March 18, linked to Johnny Appleseed, is the day to plant new apple trees. If you prune your trees, they should be done in February I was told, but I want to collect leaves from mine. Pruning is more for apple eaters.

Eating plants can be dangerous. I always hear the cannabis promoters claim that plants are all good. Not quite. I was reading about Papain in papaya while looking up anthelmintic agents. It is from the skin of the fruit though. Before I started, I checked to see if there was anything dangerous about eating apple leaves.  Now I know that all those little helminths coming out of bug bites probably turned people off. They didn’t get the connection between those and disease. Organic orchards were mum when I asked them about eating the leaves from their trees. There are certified chemicals they spray to fight apple scab, and they are OK’d for the organic fruit growers. Nobody knew about the safety of eating the leaves. That is why I usually specified Wild Apple Leaves. If the leaves have apple scab, it is no guarantee they weren’t sprayed either. It might have been pesticide. I am reviewing all this to see if there is a way to scale it. I know Wild Apple Leaves work to skunk out bug parasite helminths, but what makes them work? I’m not sure. Horticulturalists aren’t either. Nobody knows.

It explains funny doctor behaviour. They knew but would not tell me. They continued to claim I was imagining it. I guess they figured I couldn’t handle the truth, or more likely, they were hiding it intentionally to protect a huge legitimate Worker’s Compensation claim. They will claim this whole blog is delusional if they follow suit with their usual behaviour. This is exactly the same thing that happened to Jesus. The ones responsible for murdering Him simply don’t believe in Him. There is the context.

I’m no saint. I’m not that much of a sinner relatively either. I have regrets. I wish I had never been bitten by bugs. But what can you do? Who knew? I have a plan at least going forward. I have an acaricidal and anthelmintic agent to fight back with, thanks to a chance observation of deer. I have Wild Apple Leaves that give me hope when all is hopeless. It is better than the alternative. I wouldn’t trust doctors as far as I could throw them. Everything is suspect from them here now. It isn’t their fault totally. I can see management involved in this huge cover up. They got their’s by sweeping their true liabilities under the rug. If there is a God, they’ll get a lot more than they bargained for when it comes time. Again, there is hope, and they say pray for these enemies. Lyme sufferers have a lot of praying to catch up on from what I have seen.

We have no alternative but to handle the truth. It is handling all the lies that is tough. No wonder this country is heading for bankruptcy. The schemers will wind up atoning for their sins. Humour me. It’s Sunday a month before Easter. There is time to reflect. I take heart in the bank disclaimer, “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” Oil could come back, but the indicators are still not really there. I am uncharacteristically depressed a bit. Time for an Apple Leaf AppLyme capsule. It always cheers me up a little. I can really see medical management not liking that. Something for almost nothing that really works. Knock off two bad birds with one stone.

To medical management, everything is simple. Smoking causes everything, yet non smokers still die too. Strange that a 50 cent vaccine, Cimavax, is kept away from their tax gravy train. For the price of one cigarette, they would lose all their credibility and gravy. Now that’s a positive thought. They get addicts to pay for their excesses and incompetence. They’ll have Hell to pay back for that. The apple leaves must be kicking in. Just imagine the justice of that. That should amp the faith. Propose a health tax on pectin and starch, hundreds of times deadlier than smoking in this bug transferred filarial spirochaete farmer nematode jungle.

Zika was revisited on Sunday Housecall. 9 pregnant women in the US have contracted the virus. The first STD case was reported in Oregon. 80% of people getting the virus are asymptomatic. I take it it fits into their existing biofilm without incident. That is 4 out of 5 people that test positive for Zika show no ill effect, but can transmit the virus then. It has spread widely in South America and tropical regions, popular for vacationers. Since it is a vector illness, transferred initially by the common Aedes mosquito, apple leaves may contain the key to fight it. The threat was downplayed by Dr. Samadi, with no explanation or factual basis as to why. That sounds so uncharacteristically Canadian from him. We’re doomed when US healthcare starts playing the same shell game with vector diseases like that. I notice the CDC said human mosquito human vector transmission is worrisome to the point where confirmed infected cases are urged to prevent mosquito bites in the weeks of their infection.

A Biblical pestilence. That is just one horseman, but that’s enough. I got the message. Remain Calm, just hurry up and die. What if it happened that everything opposite of what we were always told was the only way out? What if every non smoker was suddenly stricken by illness, and only smokers survived? It would be like Lyme Disease, where all the best medical treatment eats the rich. A complete twist in the plot. It would make a good movie script for good old fashioned Hollywood entertainment. The Oscars are tonight. The low Canadian dollar is attracting lots of movie investment and filming they say. That is a way to think about something else in unlikely quarters, redirecting all our thoughts from the seriousness of what is really happening.

SpirocheteThat is fantasy though. The odd thread connecting fantasy to reality is Lyme Disease. All from a bug bite with a spirochaete farming worm in it that hardly anybody knows about. Wild Apple Leaves make it all too real when the worm actually comes out first. It’s not as easily tricked as people. They have remained hidden from all medicine for all time Medicine only knows they can see their diet, borrelia spirochaetes, and sometimes while they are eating them.

We are in the age of Con Man politics. Preston Manning defined it when he pointed out that politicos promise to be the exact opposite of their opposition to pander for enough votes to garner a majority. Each successive generation of that will get worse and blame the opposition for it. The bureaucracy runs everything any way, so changing the look and feel will do nothing. The con men will take that. People will believe them that whoever they blame caused it any way. The analogy is blaming the spirochaetes for the actions of the farmer worm. It works for the worm, while the spirochaete takes the fall. The worm gets off the hook every time. Not after taking Wild Apple Leaves, it won’t. Too bad there is no way to do that with politics. The bureaucratic worm stays put no matter how many elected spirochaetes you get rid of, when it is really the trouble, feeding itself at your expense.

The Oscars with Chris Rock plays on into the same narrative. Get everybody mad at everything. The next politician will vow to fix it all, but not really. The crops will go on being poisoned. Health care will cost more than ever, and provide less options than ever. The surrender date will be set on the war against disease, but not the symptoms. In short, the same old. Hollywood seems real in comparison. Like Mark Twain said, if you tell the truth,  you don’t have to remember anything. They can edit. Con men can because we let them for some reason we’ll likely regret.

Mark Twain also said, “Dear reader, consider you were an idiot. And consider that you were in government. But I repeat myself.” Joe Biden agreed. j/k Still watching myself…


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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