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Mon, Feb29, 2016 – Day 579 – The Best Liars

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Sometimes you need Big Iron. You have to sell a Big Lie. Call up Hollywood. They are the best liars, and just held their annual awards for, among other things like Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, The Best Liar EVAH! Leonardo DiCaprio took the cake while accepting an Oscar for Best Liar.

Climate change needed a Big Liar badly. In the litany of lies they have propagated to pay for spraying chemtrails to block solar ultraviolet radiation with the potential to kill us all. Because they accidentally destroyed the ozone layer of the atmosphere (AKA The Big Truth,) they have been caught in numerous lies by fudging the climate records to deflect blame. No problem. They can dial up the biggest liars around. This time it is tougher. Lots of people are finding out the truth, but for whatever reasons, that isn’t allowed. I suspect it is because there is no money in the truth.

Climate change is real, but not the way you may think. Couch a lie in reality to lend credence. It has happened for billions of years. We can see it in the geology. Tropical Fossils in the strata at Banff. Actually inside the stone, not just written on it. The popular lie blames Anthropogenic warming. We caused it. There is enough truth in that. We invented air conditioners to sweep heat under the rug, but at an unintended cost. If you remember the story, before climate change was selected to be the fall guy for our shenanigans, and global warming was abandoned in the blizzards of contrary evidence. We all heard about how the ozone layer was destroyed by CFC’s. We went to the hat, and all we could pull out was chemtrails. Spray solar reflecting chemicals up higher in the atmosphere. Life depends on it. We can’t handle the truth when it died in the regular media cycle. Space based systems to block ultraviolet rays like the ozone used to are not sustainable, manageable, or cost efficient enough for our purposes. They continue to work on it though with robotic space systems.

You can’t pull more ozone out of a hat. The residual CFC’s would act like a catalyst to deplete it any way. Water vapour and oxides of titanium would do a better job until we find a better way. That is the result of praying for the truth. They’re right. I can’t handle it. Here is a more detailed explanation of what is really happening. They still can’t tell us the whole unvarnished truth, but there is a lot invested in the big lie. A lie will go around the world, while the truth is still tying its shoes. Put it in a language a child can understand, ignore all the lies blaming the wrong boogie man, and the desired effect is achieved. The truth about CFC’s is too complex to encapsulate and motivate people. Lie, or else. Now the boogie man has fallen apart, Big Oil. That is who wound up paying for the cover up. Big Oil has really taken a hit. What now? We have to finance the chemtrails somehow as a stop gap measure until we find a way to unwind this, and we have no choice in the matter.

I wanted the truth about apple leaves. That came out in the wash. God says we must eat of the apple tree every day of our lives now in Genesis 3:17-19, and it may be painful, perhaps because of the herx, but also because of the multiple truths they reveal, and some knowledge of good and evil. I will understand if you cannot handle it. I have been there. It depends on your insect bites and stings. I had a lot of them from work and play, but it wasn’t that painful. It was becoming that way prior to that though. In 3:22, it is written that now, behold, we have become like one with God. Do not eat from the poorly understood tree of life though, unless you want to live forever. Straight from the get go. I personally think we are not worthy. We are all liars of every colour, shape, and size now. The Bible wasn’t lying, once you finally strike the right context. To fight insects, and the helminth they are carrying and transmitting, you have to nibble a few apple leaves a day. You do not get the same results eating the apples as you do eating the leaves. That’s no lie I confirmed now for 579 Days. If you do not, you will surely die, and I know how and why now.

I imagine all the other liars will claim I am a religious nutbar. I can tell you nothing will put the fear of God into you like eating Wild Apple Leaves. When you discover all those little parasites you have accumulated for years, I am here to say you can get rid of a lot of them, and I am living proof now. They won’t get rid of other trials and tribulations, but they do get rid of a lot of the trouble. Doctors will not believe it. It does not wake those helminths from dormancy, but it does shock them straight out of their cushy little homes in your joints, skin, intestines, eyes, and head. For that chance observation of a sick deer getting healed, I truly Thank God.

It got deeper. I knew nothing about Dark Matter physics. Now I suspect I can teach you about Dark Matter Lifeforms, present inside you, right now. They defy all detection, but cannot escape Wild Apple Leaves fast enough when you eat some, as God commanded that we do for the rest of our lives.  There could be other reasons why they are so stealthy under a microscope, but Dark Matter explains a lot to me. It explains their apparent intelligence by their actions, speaking louder than a library full of peer reviewed papers. There is something quantum going on there, and they know when they are being observed, maybe. They certainly graft into our grey matter. Our sensors are deficient, that is all, but Wild Apple Leaves add a new sense. Some of the helminths have been found recently. The seeds I started to sow 550 Days ago by direct email finally took root somewhere. They will deny it, but see the title. I’m just glad I could do my part.

One key thing that the Knowledge of Good and Evil imparted by daily, and later weekly, wild apple leaf consumption, was Mark Twain’s (Samuel Clemens’) take on mankind and election time. “If we would learn what the human race really is at bottom, we need only observe it in election times.” Don’t try to read a political agenda into that awaiting abyss. I think he was eating his Wild Apple Leaves, daily as instructed. 😉

This explains some of what weighs so heavily on US Presidents once they have access to higher level intelligence clearance. None of those running in the current race have that clearance, even though you may think the former secretary of state did. Granted, she ran a troll email server for intelligence agencies, but the truth was deemed above her pay grade. They are all on a need-to-know basis, and that may not come ever. Just a little truth is too much for even the acting POTUS.

That is a little too heavy for my mandate here though. It is a side effect. It can get answers for serious illness. Everyone will have a different point of view, including from the perspective of the Dark Matter side of our Universe. They may think WE are nearly 96 % of their view of the universe, as we perceive them. It’s complex, literally, as in =-1

There is another strange thing going on that is a little easier to grasp. We all know about supply and demand, with too much oil supply causing lower prices. But just a second, didn’t OPEC control supply? Why would they open up all of a sudden? I have a theory. Their control of supply was threatened by outside providers like Russia and Venezuela being forced into breaking ranks as they borrowed money to increase their supply capacity. So you want more supply says the cartel? Cut the taps wide open, boys. They hedged it off by shorting all the oil futures contracts they could first, though. All the alternate suppliers sold their oil projected production forward, but only as far as they dared though. No less than JP Morgan complained that they were holding too much forward oil infrastructure debt on their books.

The Saudi Oil minister was smiling when you thought he should be fretting. You know that he is in on the Big Short of 2015-16. Why? Because he has such a big piece of the supply, he can. It is like a tug of war, where one team lets go of the rope on their signal, and the opposing team tramples itself, off balance, crushing themselves or backing off a cliff before they can adjust. Add Iran, and it was the last straw that forced the oversupplying cheaters over the edge. That is easier to see in hindsight now, and it looks to match what has been happening. The Climate Change trade is on their side as well. Now they have frozen supply to cover, while picking up BHP and JPM cheap in the process, I imagine.

The ratings are in for the Oscars. They were the lowest ratings in 8 years. People are getting tired of being manipulated by liars for their money. The rich are getting richer, while the liar trade is getting stale. We’re already sick of politics, and it isn’t even March yet. The October Surprise is no longer a surprise when it is expected as the norm by no less than Mark Twain, over a century ago. He also pointed out that the freedom of speech of the press, and media, is protected fiercely, but no law can protect the people from that same press and media.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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