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Thurs, Mar 31, 2016 – Vector Parasitology at SFU

Dr Carl Lowenberger is the NRC Chair in Vector Parasitology in Canada. It only took me 610 Days to find him, but he really has to know about this. It looks like all the focus is predictable, ignoring the huge domestic threat that Wild Apple Leaves expose, TrypanosomaBrucei_ProcyclicTrypomastigote_SEMbeing a Live Anthelmintic, giving live filarial nematode spirochaete farmers the boot from where they hide in you and sponge off you for decades. They were from Canadian bugs, mostly, and not some odd tropical species. Everybody in that field is looking at tropical regions and diseases from that, while I am onto a huge problem right here down on the farm. Doctors dismiss it as something that cannot exist, yet it does. I had hundreds of these things, and thousands of schistosomes come out too. The apple leaves made it obvious from the get go. Nothing tells me anything about what I have witnessed for over a year and a half here.

I’ve got to tell you it is kind of frustrating, or had been, until a glimmer of hope from Dr A B MacDonald when he discovered this, published Jan 20, 2016, possibly following what was happening from Wild Apple Leaves. The adult nematodes weren’t found by autopsy, but the larval forms were. I tried to tell his compatriot Lyme Researcher Dr Eva Sapi about it because I heard her mention filarial nematodes in ticks. That was the closest match to what I was seeing from Wild Apple Leaf consumption at the time, Sept 2014. They make it all so obvious. Surra was a match, and it infects vertebrates. Now they know it causes MS. That is what they call Lyme Disease in Canada more often than not. It is a specific case of it, and some say just a symptom, because they don’t test well for Lyme in Canada. They have enough on their plate with the largest infected density of MS cases in the world. The last thing they need is more of the same. Consequently, they all went into Ostrich mode, ignoring it.

I’m a bit old to become a grad student. Still, I like to follow this field of vector parasitology because it is so relevant to what I have found here. I’m more the age of a retired professor, but was just an engineer. I’ve been thumping the apple leaf tub instead, because it alone gives an education second to none. I had enough chronic diseases to give them a real workout, and view what they were kicking out from old bug bites and stings, but all without a microscope. Herb or food? Whatever. What you will see will show you exactly what is happening with all disease. Vector parasites, unknown, multiple, and ubiquitous. Multiple domestic vectors too. When you skunk out all those worms, you’ll feel a lot better. Everybody thinks there is nothing wrong. Wait until they get a load of this. Still waiting though. It’s been a slog trying to get the word out. Nobody will believe it. Denial is so much easier and tidy. The denial will eventually kill them from exactly what they deny, and they won’t have any idea what did it, even though they themselves denied it even existed, with absolutely no evidence or proof.

Let’s say you take me up on it. You won’t need a degree in rocket surgery to tell you that those parasite filarial nematode spirochaete farmers weren’t doing any good in there for decades. You’ll feel better as they leave too. If you wonder what the heck they were doing there, you’re not alone, but I’m sure glad they’re finally gone AFAICT. Just had a new one on my scalp take off too. New vector bites that have nematodes with them cause that when they taste your apple leaf blood. The nematode turns tail and leaves, before it even gets started. That’s a good thing obviously. You get herxing from what seems like an apoptosis effect from the repair or replacement of old damaged cells. As the pectin enzyme gets rid of more biofilm, more nematodes get exposed and come out. What are they and what were they doing? You tell me. They obviously had a cushy deal for decades that they gave up shortly after wild apple leaves smoked them out.

I guess you’ll never know until you experience it for yourself. YMMV. I look at all the new biologic arthritis medicines like enbrel, humira, remicade, etc. All very expensive, and they just alleviate the arthritis, $400 US a month continuously or more, and do not actually cure it. The side effects can be life threatening. The leaves cured mine I think, or it seems that way comparatively compared to how it used to be. It did take a few months of continuous use, but that was because I likely had it 50 years I think.

There is an article trending on Facebook of a study showing 3 month extended use antibiotics are ineffective in treating Lyme Disease. It has created a furor among Lyme Patients, but I see the doctors’ argument that long term antibiotics are harmful to your body systems. Biotics are 90.9 % of the cells in your body, so killing them all creates many serious problems. OTOH, some LLMD’s feel that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Apple Leaves are probiotic, and the method of defeating biofilm with pectin enzyme is more benign than prophylaxis antibiotic treatment. Eventually, I suspect the two together can make short course antibiotics effective again. The polysaccharide matrix of biofilm makes it impervious to even extended antibiotic prophylaxis. What good will it be if the treatment kills you, or eliminates options for equally serious medical conditions in the future? Wild Apple Leaves and Pectin Enzyme are a replacement for antibiotic prophylaxis, and obviously more effective overall from the filarial nematode parasite elimination effect at least, confirmed by that study alone amongst others. Antibiotic Prophylaxis is ruled out in Canada due to the high patient kill rate and low success. You may be one of the lucky 30% it doesn’t kill. Wild apple leaves eliminate all the problems alone with pectin enzyme co treatment. I wish they were faster, but I was breaking new trail there, so proceeded cautiously.

Nothing addresses the obvious massive vector parasite complex otherwise.

phage-group-bright-2-russell-kightleyI should add that my leaves are raw and air dried. Boiling them will kill the nature, or possible bacteriophage, they contain, so they won’t work as well. I tweaked mine and confirmed phage like properties by introducing the trees to my serum pathogens and immunities. They were too valuable to waste on killing some to confirm that though. You will have to confirm that yourself. I likely would have trouble anyway because of the osmosis effect when handling the dry leaves. I don’t have many of the 2015 phage modified leaves left, but there will be a whole new batch starting next month. You’ll have to come here to get some though. That isn’t even a hundredth of the story how I do it. BYOB and groceries. Excess quantities appreciated. lol

Now it’s back to typotherapy mode… Mad Money on CNBC has a piece coming up on defeating the scourge of hospital super bugs. Just a tease. Nothing defeats them except bacteriophage. I was hoping it would have some news from Vince Fischetti. It is about Seres Therapeutics. Interesting… taking natural solutions and isolating why they work, like the “African Fever Tree” leading to the discovery of Quinine for malaria. Apple Leaves already address the microbiome issues leading to dysbiosis, but they are into specifics. To that end, they have assembled a world class team. There is an ongoing clinical trial of C. Difficile treatment Ecospor®. Impressive, but like the whole biotech sector, their stock has been beat up. They are certainly preaching to the choir here about the microbiome.


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Weds, Mar 30, 2016 – Non Profit?

It’s Day 6o9. That in a nutshell is the quandry of a Lyme Disease Society. They have solved the disease already too. They just ignore it. Or they make a positive test so specific that nobody has it. They make it a non disease. If there was any money in it, they’d be all over it.

They paid political lip service to it a couple years ago. The Action Plan is to keep from being bitten by bugs so small you can’t see them. They recommend DEET insect repellent, which is ineffective against all the worst vectors. Permethrin is the preferred vector repellent, and it stays on your clothes for weeks. They recommend a short course of antibiotics which doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, everybody with it, Lyme Disease, just gets sicker. The sicker they get from it, the more they get ignored. I fell through the cracks like everybody else. By the time I found out I was chronic, I had already been chronic 24 years from when the first symptoms of ACA Herxheimer showed up. That explains why my health was failing. Maybe it explains why Apple Leaves were so dramatic for me too. At 4 infected bites a year, that would be an additional 96 nematodes the leaves had to get rid of.

By that time, I would also be a well established biofilmed farm. I’m still trying to get rid of all that. It’s an ongoing battle after all the farmers have gone. So how could it get so bad? Nobody knew what was, and is, happening every day to every one of us. The older you get, the more this all adds up. Vector nematodes that build biofilm shelters for all their farm “animals.” Or pathogens. That’s what’s eating you. Now I have an answer when people ask me that, “What’s eating you, man?” Spirochaetes and nematodes.

Can’t they just kill the spirochaetes and nematodes? Well, yes, but it kills you too. That’s why I hold so much hope for apple leaves. They aren’t killing me, and they got rid of the nematode part, along with a lot of biofilm. Spirochaetes need biofilm for protection. I just wish I had started 60 years ago, but they had no idea then. They still don’t about all of this. I have a 609 Day head start on them though. This is the world’s first scientific paper on all this, between rants and other musings.

This is also my Action Plan as it gives any new nematode the boot right away. It kills the vector insect host in some cases too. I’ve already walloped more than a few new ones, if you count the new ones it likely got over the last 609 days, between giving all of the old timers the heave ho. A year and a half ago, I was giving so many nematodes the boot, I was worrying about suffering post partum depression. Most of them had been there for decades it seemed. Canada has a predisposition to Action Plans, but they swept this one under the rug.

FloatersThen the were eye floaters. They disappeared for me. I’m not sure when that happened, but about a year ago I noticed they were gone. That seems consistent with the anthelmintic property of apple leaves if they were in fact some kind of helminth. It turns out medicine knows less about them than I do now too. Dr MacDonald knew the eye was a fave hiding place for spirochaetes, but not helminths at that time. They could be helminths caught in the act of farming the spiorochaetes, like I suspect “string of pearls borrelia” spirochaetes are. The helminths do not stain with spirochaete microscope stains. Later it was found that larval stage trypanosomes would stain with methylene blue stain in recovered CSF of MS autopsies. That was newly found on Jan 20 of this year.

The link to biofim reduction seemed to be the apple leaves too, to a point. So I started taking pectin enzyme on Day 313 to help the leaves get rid of it. I got it at the wine making store, and it was food grade. Weight lifters use it to get rid of pectin too it seems. More nematodes, or worms, seemed to be hiding in the biofilm that started dissolving, and mobilizing to a point where it seemed I could cough it out. There is nothing in the human diet that gets rid of polysaccharide buildup, like biofilm. Well, now I have a way. It changes the biofilm partly to sugars so you don’t feel hungry, and it suppresses your apatite. Biofilm is slimy, and slime is the stuff of worms, or nematodes. I’d like to think no more nematodes, no more biofilm. I knew I was getting results because a second wave of nematodes came out. They were actually hiding from the apple leaves inside the remaining biofilm.

Trichobilharzia-regenti-cercariaI am not sure of the role of schistosomes in all this, but I had ones from Swimmer’s Itch come out decades after I contracted them. Kids here know they hide in aquatic biofilms on docks. Now this is a way to fight Swimmer’s Itch too. Medicine thinks they only last two weeks. They only missed that estimate by 50 years I take it. Pretty good for them actually compared to their track record with other parasitic vector nematodes. The parasites have been so stealthy they have eluded all current medical detection technique until I invented this apple leaf way to safely skunk them out. The way I see it it is your only hope. Nobody even knows about these nematodes, but apple leaves sure find them, and more so when you combine them with pectin enzyme to get stragglers too. It’s another piece of the puzzle I found trying to build up my knowledge of this forgotten field of domestic vector parasitology. It’s “What’s eating you.”

Meanwhile, people are resorting to bee stings and poison terpenes, neither of which I would recommend. I have so many reasons they would be bad for you that I’ll leave it for arthurschopenhauer geniusyou to find out why. My bee sting nematodes were definitely the toughest of all to get rid of. That was more than 50 years after the vector fact though. They may come out faster if you start apple leaves right now, and you would see my trouble with bee stings right away maybe. The nematodes in hornet and spider stings were also very tough, and among the largest and deepest vector parasite microworms that came out. Later, the stingers came out too like they were also alive themselves. What I find tough to grasp is that medicine still knows absolutely nothing about this, but it is everywhere. People have no way I know of to escape vector parasites short of edible apple leaves. Other anthelmintics would be shooting in the dark at a target the medical world doesn’t even know exists, let alone doesn’t know how to detect. Wild Apple Leaves are the real genius that is way over the heads of all doctors and their entire body of technology. I just found out how to leverage their power to expose that invisible target, and I just happened to have a target rich environment because of my age.

On related matters there is mild herxing. You can feel it working on affected areas, even after the nematode has left. I take less than one apple leaf at a time now, with 4 parts pectin enzyme, or about 4 times as much enzyme (350 – 400 mg) versus the dry apple leaf powder (85 – 100 mg.) It can feel stiff in the affected muscles, but it goes away after a short time. Everybody may be different. Why it does that, I do not know. You can feel it working though, like Celebrex, but much more powerful, and it works against arthritis, apparently permanently over time, which Celebrex does not. It eventually stopped the pain after a few months. I guess that would be an off label use if it had a label because the anthelmintic properties and antimicrobial effects, like curing a common cold, are the main sell.

So there it is. Medicine does not know about vector parasite nematodes underlying Lyme Disease, and they do not know Apple Leaves force them out alive. Otherwise, they would have written tomes about them. It would be the most profound medical discovery in all human history. It still will be. Someday.


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Tues, Mar 29, 2016 – Genetics

TrypanosomeDay 608, now that I finally have it straight. People are a slave to their genetics they claim. But is the genetic weakness to life or to the hidden filarial nematodes they are packing around? Looking at it through the eyes of a vector parasitologist, I suspect it is a genetic weakness to the vector parasite complexes. Wild Apple Leaves remove that roadblock. Along with it, they would also remove what you thought was a genetic predisposition to vector disease. In theory, no more parasites, no more problem.

While this is a whole new infectious disease paradigm for medicine, it is totally unknown domestically, save for only one vector, the tick, out of hundreds if not thousands. One new vector I discovered, aquatic biofilm, is largely ignored. It is the one behind Swimmer’s Itch. Then what about all the parasites that seemed to be in mosquito bites? It is a brand new direction that nobody has looked into. I went looking for a school to get more information, only to find that the closest match was in the veterinary sciences. It has been ignored in human medicine, but that is not to say that it isn’t responsible for nearly everything we call chronic infectious disease. Heart, lung, brain, and GI are 99% of that, and Wild Apple Leaves will show you it is likely a worm and its biofilm behind it all.

The North American vector parasitologist knows that all medicine will go nowhere without addressing this first. He or she also knows that it won’t be limited to one geographic region of earth. Wild Apple Leaves become the professor, skunking out hundreds of different vector parasites. It’s overwhelming. And there are no researchers to help me, the only domestic vector parasitologist I know.

When Dr. MacDonald discovered Trypanosomes in CSF of MS autopsies, that shows you how big this totally new umbrella is. It solves the mystery of MS. It is a vector parasite disease. Dr. Duray himself spent his life linking this unknown vector parasitology to heart arrhythmia, through one vector parasite identifiable disease, Lyme Disease. Of course everybody focusses on spirochaetes, while the nematode behind the curtain is the root cause. A Vector Parasite.

To put it in Trump terms, it is “Yuuuge!” Nearly every other bug bite you have ever had will have one of these parasites in it. If you don’t believe it, the Wild Apple Leaves will smoke it out. It worked for me. The only other way to find this out is apparently by autopsy. Spirochaetes are a given. They are just the symptom of the nematode parasite and its biofilm.

I’m an engineer, so it is highly unlikely this will ever be discovered in the medical realm. They are still preoccupied with declaring everybody is insane to shirk insurance claims. It is quite barbaric actually. When you look back at the history of medicine, every new ground breaking technology they have met has been greeted this way. That isn’t something to really be proud of. It is also no way forward. They are obsolete and marginalized, a dead science with obsolete tools. Serology is useless to determine biofilm disease. The disease markers remain hidden from view from a serology point of view. Wild Apple Leaves snap it all back into crystal clear focus. The biggest disease of all is obsolete medicine itself. It’s all obsolete too in this light.

Biofilm and spirochaetes are just a symptom of the vector parasites. I know it, but you can see how hard a sell that is going to be. Eventually, all my detractors will die of exactly that, but that will take time. Should I just shaddup and hide? Or should I jump in to the fray and show them the error of their ways? I’m sick of the same old, being told that isn’t possible only to watch them slink away when a nematode drills straight out of their face, between their eyes. No apology. Nothing. Doesn’t sound very inviting, upsetting the apple cart of a bunch of well armed psychos. Somehow they will twist that into it somehow being my fault, machine gunning the messenger. I don’t have much faith in the whole lot of them, knowing their track record and MO.

I see that University of New Haven was in the news a month ago. I think the parasite builds the biofilm, not the spirochaete. I’ve been able to pare down the biofilm using the two part apple leaf and pectin enzyme treatment. The apple leaves eliminate the vector parasite and start the biofilm degradation process that the pectin and other enzymes help. However I see that the bee venom treatment people are lurking in the comments on their FB page. My worst and toughest nematodes were in bee and yellow jacket stings, but nobody wants to hear about that. So I soldier along, alone, in my little embryonic vector parasitology world. I’m not talking about rare tropical diseases either. These are all right here, right now, in everybody ever bitten by insects or who rubbed up against a slimy raft while swimming or wading.

On that topic, Trichobilharzia regenti is a schistosome that looms large. There were Trichobilharzia-regenti-cercarialiterally thousands in me coming out from the Wild Apple Leaves like dirt. A second wave was hidden in the biofilm after Day 313. The link leaves it at cercarial dermatitis or Swimmer’s Itch, however of interest is the migration of the schistosomes to the spinal cord of the intermediate host. They are a neural tissue feeding species. That is a lot bigger than you would think, given that they assumed the human immune response took care of these things. I found anything but. It is possible that immunity stops the migration to the spinal cord, but the schistosomes remain alive until apple leaves smoke them out decades later. Domestic Vector parasitology that Wild Apple Leaves rip the lid off becomes too large to manage in that light. Luckily, they also eliminate it. Ignoring Wild Apple Leaf vector parasitology moves you to the back of the class in medicine. They really won’t like that. It puts every doctor back at square one.

I guess I stick with it because of the thrill of discovery. I got my worms out alive while doctors are still finding them in autopsies only. Thanks to Dr MacDonald though, I know I am on the right track. Moreover, that was the World’s First Scientific paper on Jan 20,2016. Now they are finding the same types of worms I got rid of in dead people, and they are saying that is what killed them. Well, they won’t be killing me then. Yet it’s lonely at the top of domestic vector parasitology world. It’s like playing a perfect game of solitaire, and there is nobody there to witness it. It’s like pizzing your pants in a dark suit. It gives you a nice warm feeling, but nobody seems to notice. No Adult Nematodes were found in the CSF, but larval forms were. The adults are likely what I saw coming out of the insect vector sites, and the recently discovered neural lymphatic system was their nursery. You can meet your own worms simply eating Wild Apple Leaves, and they come out. Then you tell me. We can compare notes.

I found out that tryps have cousins that are TSTD… Toilet Seat Transmitted, lol

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Mon, Mar 28, 2016 – Is It Just Me?

It’s Day 607 for the record. The news seems crazy not because of the content, but because they misdirect from all the real stories. The cost of free healthcare is through the roof on prescriptions for stuff that doesn’t work. It could be just me. I’m the only person I know of who has given all the filarial nematodes the boot. I know they seriously affect thinking. After a few days of Wild Apple Leaves, the fog clears and it all seems so naked in the bright light. Those bug worms really do a number on you. Dr MacDonald‘s last vid was a year ago, but behind the scenes there is a lot spring boarding off my tip to Dr Sapi, the microbiology professor from University of New Haven, Connecticut. You know you are on the right track when your Professors jump into the field of vector parasitology.

TrypanosomaBrucei_ProcyclicTrypomastigote_SEMThat means nearly everybody else is still infected. With the same little bug worms that cause all manner of diseases. Heart. Lung. GI. Brain. Endocrine systems. The news is all about Hulk and the wives of political candidates. That is soooo not what matters to me. What matters is an ignored epidemic. They ignore it because they don’t know how to treat it or otherwise stop it. It’s bad when the top doctor has to say, “Trust me… I’m Not a Doctor!” Even worse, it is becoming clearer that people don’t even have an idea what is really happening. In a reverse way, I have become the sick one, figuring out a way to stop it. I worry what will become of that? It isn’t just Lyme Disease, but that was the keyhole that gave us a peek into what is really happening with parasite riddled humans from bug bites with a parasite worm transferred with them. Eeeek! And they are still alive inside everybody.

Doctors think it’s nuts. They’re right, but it is them who are nuts. Here is the problem, and the solution, and they are ignoring it. I remember a pharmacist who thought the worms were a good thing. I know they are anything but. That bug might have just flown out of a sewage lagoon or a dead decaying animal, and now it is your problem too. Vector Disease is bigger than anyone suspected. It’s a whole new paradigm of medicine for North America, and completely under the radar of the existing system. That’s not good, as they are about to get overwhelmed with baby boomers.

Just in arthritis medicinal value alone, nobody would be able to afford this. It all boils down to a time study. How many apple leaves can you collect per dollar? Then there is drying, powdering in a blender, and encapsulating/packaging them alone. Nobody cares because they simply do not know. You have to divide the raw weight by 20 approximately before drying to account for a 95% moisture content. That’s what I think about, but the news thinks about refugee vetting. Hello. If they are coming here, they are all bad. They want us all dead. They are over 90% terrorists. At least they’re where they can draw a bead on them. That is the end game of Iraq they so desperately wanted.

I wondered how I could be of the most help in the coming health care crisis, moving out of the problem column into the solution column. People will never see it coming, because they don’t know how to see the vector parasitic nematode problem. You can only see them in autopsies and when you smoke them out with Wild Apple Leaves. I can’t be the only one when they are finding the worms in cerebral spinal fluid from autopsies of MS/Lyme patients. I knew it all along for 606 Days anyway, that I’m not nuts, and I have found a way to get rid of the worms. I need more apple leaves that I know work. Apparently, not all leaves work like I assumed. That will be a big problem if all the leaves have to be vetted for anthelmintic power. That will make it cost prohibitive. You don’t want to waste money harvesting leaves that have no effect. All of mine work so that is easy. Some work a lot better from my experiments on them. Maybe there is another anthelmintic that does the same thing, but I kind of doubt it. If you have somehow killed all the worms, you may have solved the problem, but in a hitherto unknown way. Apple leaves will teach you nothing about the W5 of the parasites.

The best way is to try the leaves as you pick them. You’ll need capsules of pectin enzyme should they “snotterboard” you in the process. Find ten or twenty different trees if you can. They should taste a little bit like apples, although they may be a bit bitter from the chlorophyll content. Drying them first minimizes that. Really good ones will go through your skin by osmosis. Ironically, I have ACA Herxheimer disease, a guarantee of chronic Lyme Disease, so I can feel the leaves that way, and I am very sensitive. This will really throw a wrench into any time study. If they balloon to over $10,000 a month to vet and harvest, covering costs of the wages and the weight measurement, nobody will be able to afford it.

My brother picked about 4 ounces, dried, of leaves an hour at let’s say 20 bucks an hour. Maybe $10 would be closer. That is with no drying , powdering, and packaging. Wage could be cheaper but then there is employee overhead. I simply told him to pick ones that looked like they were edible. I tried catching some in a net in the fall, but that was a tangle to deploy and retrieve. Next I’ll use a catch linen sheet instead. Just hang it from the branches, and bunch it at the trunk. I still have no takers in Tasmania where this would all be happening now, because those leaves will be ripe for the picking. But how could I vet those leaves for anthelmintic effect? It would all be in the effect the picker notices. If you haven’t got any pickers trained, it will all be useless and random, not knowing what you are getting, let alone where you are getting it from. You need that W5 on the leaves… Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Now not to mention How Powerful?

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44Oh well. Works for me. Maybe it is smoking. Wouldn’t that be a hoot, if it only worked for smokers? Everybody else would die. There would be no way to get rid of the filarial nematodes that will eventually kill them. They’re hundreds of times deadlier than smoking, and that is a conservative estimate. Picture that that last meal of that vector could have been a cesspool, or a rotten carcass, or a rat. Now it’s your turn. That is what is happening. Those bugs can kill a moose, and then they eat it too, just before they transfer what killed it, to you. This man is almost 110 years old and smokes a dozen cigars a day, with a whiskey chaser. Something in that garden may have something to do with it. Beet greens? Collard greens? Apple leaves get rid of the worms for me.

Yet they still look at ticks. Every kind other bug bite or sting will erupt with Wild Apple Leaves eventually if they work for you. The nematode will drill out, still alive, and it becomes obvious it was there for decades. Until then. It flees the coop and leaves its farm behind. They even leave new bites, and immediately. You don’t even know you were bitten, but surely, there is a nematode that comes out. You feel a little better as every nematode leaves. Now you know why the deer crave apple trees, and it isn’t for the apples. The leaves are the only way to stop it that I have found yet. They’re also the only way to test for this whole new paradigm of all sorts of diseases that eventually kill everyone from just one of the multiple categories, and one of your multiple bug bites.

Dr. Suzuki said 20% of people have arthritis. To me, that is evidence enough of borrelia. Is it just me? I thought whatever that deer had was what I have. Strong side weak. Now I find it was likely Surra. The identical thing to Lyme Disease/MS in humans. They diagnose MS here because they can book it for a few procedures. We still don’t have MRI’s here though. unless you want to blow 700 bucks. That’s 35 hours of apple leaf picking, and maybe 8 or 9 pounds dry if you are lucky at 4 ounces an hour. If they work, even one pound should be enough to clean all the worms out and keep the maintenance up for new bites. Having ACA Herxheimer helps to select the best leaves. You feel them right away.

Apple Tree Bark is BCTF.logocheaper online, but I do not know if it works as a live anthelmintic like the leaves do. $2.80 an ounce would mean $11.20 an hour to break even in my hypothetical time study. Deer eat leaves, not bark. The small stems connected to the leaves did work. They would be pretty close to bark. My leaves have gotten rid of all my worms, so I couldn’t be sure to test them anyway, unless a new infected bug bite happens to have a nematode. I see there is a link to a webpage for the Paul H. Duray Research Fellowship. Unfortunately, I am not a young researcher, being older than dirt, but in a way, That could be better because I seemed to have all sorts of things wrong with me, giving me a baseline to see how much the leaves could do alone. There may still be permanent damage from the malacia lesions to nerves. But then all the trypanosomes and other little worm parasite animals came out eventually. Hey, that’s something.


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Sun, Mar 27, 2016 – Easter

phage606 Days. If those raw apple leaves were poison, I wouldn’t be here. I tried heating them to dry them but they were tastier if air dried. I keep going with air dried ones because they worked better too. They’ll kill any disease in there anyway. If they have phage in them, I don’t want to damage them. I didn’t take wormwood with them. It will make you feel like you are being electrocuted. Wormwood contains poison terpenes. Apple leaves have no poison. They do all the heavy lifting too.

But you already know all that. Why is there an Easter Bunny? Reading the link, it is symbolic of fertility and rebirth, the rabbit. Thus the egg part too. The tradition goes back to German immigrants in the 1700’s. That’s 1700 years too late for Jesus, but not Cadbury.

Counting my blessings more than calories, I count myself lucky that I was born close enough to discover the antidote for all this calendar madness. You would have to eat apple leaves to get it though. Apple trees may not grow as powerful everywhere, not having the pathogenesis to build phage against many ills. That may be easy enough to cure by introducing the tree to your own pathogens to expand its phage library. It sure worked to cure my tree of apple scab. It seemed to use my inherent human immunity to that fungus. It goes both ways.

Is anywhere safe from this? No. Biting Bugs with worms in them will be everywhere. An apple tree from there will be better for those bugs. If you get the leaves too hot, you will kill them and they won’t work it seems. That’s all I can figure. I eat them raw or air dried. The active ingredients are not water soluble. They will only dissolve in ethanol it is known. There seems to be no benefit over powdered raw leaves.

The cost of arthritis drugs are through the roof, $1,100 to $5,000 a month. The side effects are more serious than the drug warrants. Wild Apple Leaves have manageable side effects with pectin enzyme, so charging double should be easily warranted. That just tells you how hard you should attempt to locate as many apple trees as you can, inoculate, and try them all to potentially save $10,000 a month. The leaves were also noticed to be a clot buster, reversing several of the effects of a stroke years after the fact. You can’t put a price on that. Lyme Disease was defined as a strange juvenile arthritis in Old Lyme, Connecticut. I would move heaven and earth to find out why they weren’t working for me, but I sure don’t have any problem with them. Mind you, they are all that I have taken, quitting Celebrex when I found it was comparatively useless at $100 a month. Then when the nematodes started coming out, I really got interested. I only tried enough wormwood to find out it was contraindicated with Apple Leaves, and got rid of a year of worms before I was able to use it with not much side effects. Other drugs may have other side effects in combination, but why would you take them if they don’t work? If they do work, fine. Go for broke, literally.

There seems to be a common thread here. All Lyme treatment fails. I know why. It does nothing for the nematode parasites relatively nobody even knows about. After all that treatment, you will still have hundreds of those things in you, ready to reinfect any second you stop. Then the whole problem will wake up again, even more forceful than it was to begin with. I was lucky enough to skip all that useless diversion. I suspected International Lyme Disease, which by all accounts was a worst case scenario. Finding out about 24 years of ACA Herxheimer just confirmed that, along with the fact it showed up in Mexico, pointing to additional Borrelia Garinii. There is no test for all that, short of Wild Apple Leaves. Doctors are more than a century out of date, denying the reality of international travel, or the entire international oil and gas business and the people who worked in it.

It’s a two part solution. The apple leaves break the biofilm, and the pectin enzyme starts to dissolve it faster. Nothing else does that that I know of, but you are welcome to spend literally millions trying. I would also be interested because every single person who thought they could do things better than I could has failed spectacularly, all my life. I’m still waiting for the next batch to produce someone who can do it better. I guess I am just lucky. They all get sicker anyway, and they’re all fine with that, doing it their way. That’s what you get targeting spirochaetes when they are only a tenth of the trouble, if that. It also kills 90.9% of the cells in their body, the biotics. Yeah, that’ll work. Or bee venom “Therapy.” It took over a year to get down to the worms in bee stings, and more to finally expel the stingers. Brilliant. That’s like emptying a loaded revolver or even a Glock into yourself to treat a gunshot wound. One thing for sure. You’ll likely forget the initial single gunshot wound. I can treat BVT victims, far worse than Lyme, for $10,000 a month, for at least a year. Hey, it makes $1,000 a month seem cheap, but they’ll likely all lie about it, and opt for the Enbrel economy version. It’s obvious nothing can detect the nematodes yet, short of My Apple Leaves. I’m batting 1000 here with the clinical trial here where I control the source of the leaves and enzymes. The patients may not get it, but their worm exit wounds don’t lie. “Oh, just a rash.” Yeah, right. Remember that bug bite 30 years ago? Apple leaves did.

d’Herelle went to Georgia. Was it for the apple trees, or the quince? Both are from the genus Rosacea. Could be. On top of all this, is the forensics. What did they find out about phage? I’ve found out a hell of a lot more, without even bragging. Nobody can prove it. It is far beyond all biotechnology. Why even waste time pursuing a degree and slowing yourself up? All the thesis advisers will be inadequate anyway. One thing for sure. You’ve got Phage.

Sunday Housecall is big on prostate cancer this week. Who cares? I walloped that over a year ago. Took out the worms. My apple leaves are $100,ooo a month. I know they work. 😉


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Sat, Mar 26, 2016 – Not Bad Saturday

MiamotoiDay 605 since the Wild Apple Tree shocker, July 31, 2014. Now any vector nematode here is a lost tourist. But how much of them are responsible for Lyme disease? Good question. This is a totally unknown part of the disease I discovered here. Eva Sapi knew there were filarial nematodes in ticks, but these things came out of all sorts of bug bites and stings. The biggest effect was on my former lifelong arthritis. If there are filarial nematode spirochaete farmers, these are the farmers.

How can you catch them? Another good question. By the time you notice the small exit pinhole they make, they are probably already gone. I see researchers went looking for them in autopsies. I look for them in pictures of spirochaetes while they are farming them, and collecting the nutrients they gather, as shown above. The stain shows the spirochaetes, but does not stain the worm. It remains invisible under the microscope. They are similar to T. Evansi responsible for veterinary Surra. It presents itself as MS or Lyme Disease in humans, I take it. It feels like it, too.

Thomas Grier posted another link about Borrelia mayoni in an autopsy of an untreated logger yesterday. The Mayo Clinic has become quite interested of late, even having a borrelia strain named for them. They also were responsible for the tip off to ACA Herxheimer for me. I told them about how Apple Leaves forced these nematodes out, last spring break, through their alternative medicine research department. I can see how that could result in an avalanche of discovery. GICH, if so. Although Dr. Bauer goes into detail about other alternative therapies, I found access to him by email to tell him about my New Anthelmintic discovery about a year ago, March 29, 2015.

There’s more than one way to skin this cat. American doctors seem a lot more open to new methods than Canadian doctors, so I went to them instead, particularly Drs. Sapi, Bauer, and MacDonald. I did contact Dr. Murakami too early on, but Canada seems to have marginalized him. Recently I contacted G. Magnotta Center for Vector Disease at HRH, Toronto. I don’t know if they’ll take it as far as the Americans already have. As far as I know, this is all new, so I contacted competing forces, and may the cards land where they may from that. It’s not very often you get an email that totally rewrites the known book of medicine in a couple paragraphs, but it is what it is. I’ll let them try to explain what is happening here with all those bug worms. I already have my own theories.

Rob Ford, former Mayor of Toronto, was 14 years younger than me. Cancer took him recently. That alone reminds one of their own mortality when people so much younger fall victim to chronic disease. I’ve kind of had a second lease on life as it is already. I’m convinced it was the Wild Apple Leaves getting rid of the nematodes in my case that gave me the leg up on several chronic health issues that have since resolved. While I do care that nobody seems to care, I don’t care if they aren’t interested. I know what they will all go through if they don’t take it to heart. It’s their life, or death in this case. They would know instantly what the issues they have to resolve will be, but if they prefer to go it alone blind to be surprised that they are all of a sudden dead, or suffering from a lethal incurable illness like a Canadian, so be it. You can lead somebody to Apple Leaves, but you can’t make them take matters into their own hands.

So here we are back where we started, minus about 25 pounds of worms and biofilm slop from vectors. People are incurious about biofilm vectors at their own peril obviously. Totally preventable. They’re so smart though. It is interesting how smart you think you are when nobody is marking your papers any more. Wild Apple Leaves instantly gave me my marks, in no uncertain terms, and the rest was up to me to follow through on. Early on, it became clear that no current Lyme Disease treatments will work for any one if they don’t address these vector nematode persister parasite animals and their biofilms first though. They may be small, but their ultimate tax on your systems is anything but. When people ask, “What’s eating you?” you’ll have an explanation.

The whole thing is so crazy, but it makes sense. A lot of those biting insects have a nematode hitch hiker in them. It has evolved to a point where it eats the flesh of vertebrates. They literally eat you alive. They like to eat the wiring that connects it all together too, and the slippery stuff in your joints, giving you arthritis. They eat your brain and memories along with it. It’s that simp,le. Far fetched? Eat Wild Apple Leaves and see just how far fetched it is. They’re farmers. Better eat pectin enzyme too to get the glue they built their farm with.



Fri, Mar 25, 2016 – Good Friday?

DoRightIt’s been 604 Days since I discovered this bug worm thing. It’s a Christian world holiday, but it’s not all good. Why do we ignore vector parasitology? Biblical apple leaves expose a whole new forgotten world, and it is anything but good, riddled with vector nematodes of many unknown descriptions. This whole world is there for everybody, man, woman, and child, to discover for themselves. Only two doctors I know of even know they exist, and I was the one who told them that apple leaves shock vectored nematodes out where you can witness them for yourself. I am a live guinea pig or test Rabbit. The Ether Bunny.

Since then I have deduced the nematodes are responsible for all the top chronic diseases that kill people. Heart, stroke, GI, brain, and likely even cancer. Why? Several reasons. My own experience was high on the list as I felt better as every nematode parasite evacuated my body. They had been there for more than 5 decades in some cases. Another reason is that they are totally unknown to medicine. My score was Apple Leaves 13, (14 if the ACA Herxheimer ever goes away, and I can feel it being nibbled away as we type, and more if you count all the misdiagnoses,) Medicine Zero. They truly had no clue these nematodes even existed. Likely, that is why they have failed against all the top killing diseases. If they spent even a little time and even a miniscule fraction of their huge budget on this, the world would be so much better off, moving forward in a totally new direction of medicine by wiping out multiple chronic diseases. Instead their progress is measured simply by discovering new chronic diseases like Zika.

All vector parasitology focusses on easy to find nematode parasites responsible for rare diseases where they can be found. Absolutely none has focussed on the hard to find nematodes we shock out, hiding in every single person in the world. A couple months ago Dr Alan B MacDonald found some in an autopsy of an MS patient. Eva Sapi found nematode eggs in Ixodes scapularis ticks. I discovered them in everybody just by using Wild Apple Leaves, and both the people and the nematodes were alive AFAIK. It took Banting a day and a half to get his discovery out, worldwide. We are over a year and a half and the intelligentsia is still clueless.

Jesus would have known about all of this. He was Crucified today, a couple thousand years ago. The doctors had their chance then, but probably thought He was beneath their station. Let’s see. Guy changes water into wine, heals all the lepers, likely by getting rid of their nematodes, walks on water, feeds multitude with a handful of loaves and fishes, and they crucify him. These days, they just throw you in psych to bag a pay check for a few weeks instead. Or they write a few scripts and maybe even do a few “procedures” and tests to fatten the bill. They’ve come so far in a couple thousand years. Should you be so unlucky to get a vector illness, they may or may not mess with you until they kill you. Discover the problem, and you become the problem.

Yeah, they all deserve to go to Hell. In that light, “Forgive them not Father, for they know what they do” from the Greek Bible literal translation, seems to be more accurate. If Jesus showed up today, and got chucked in psych to rot, He could heal the whole hospital, but the doctors would take all the credit. You would have to be nuts to attribute it all to some Jew with a “Messiah Complex” in psych. Attributing it all to some Roman with a 6,000 year track record of failure, a rubber hammer, an’ a stethoscope would make it all seem so legit.

Can you tell I am struggling here? Looks like I’m not alone. Looming over all of this are Wild Apple Leaves. Why do they work, and moreover, why do they work so spectacularly? Why do doctors ignore the obvious? I guess it is because they are all damned, even though they only wanted to help. Along comes the help that has eluded their discovery for multiple millennia, and they go out of their way to ignore it. It was offered that maybe I was the wrong pitch man. I think the Lord works in mysterious ways. For some reason, I was selected to be The ONLY Pitch Man. It must have been so they all would all ignore me, and intentionally, to their own obvious peril.

See if you can pass the Wild Apple Leaf test. Try eating them without any nematodes scattering for their lives, which coincidentally, they also steal from yours. Hillary says my voice is too moderate, and I am getting drowned out. How can I Trump the fact that there are likely at least a hundred parasites killing you slowly and surely, and by eating Wild Apple Leaves and some Pectin Enzyme, you can get rid of them? Won’t happen. Too timid and moderate here, I guess.

DiYGene Simmo0ns says with a computer, “You can write, you can play, access the global community!” That’s all bullshzt. That access is one way. Nobody is looking. You have to go viral with a barking cat. Or a mewing dog. Photoshop helps, or failing that, even GIMP. Why was the Easter bunny so upset? He was having a bad Hare day. GROAN! See? Shzt like that flies. People don’t want to know about worms slithering inside their ears and eating their brain. They kinda know Leafssomething is wrong, but they can’t put Their finger on it. When you put Your finger on it, they don’t wanna know. When you tell them the worms are lethal, they’ll shoot back that we all have to die sometime. Hey, idiot, I just told you you do Not have to die simply eating Wild Apple Leaves! Aww, forget it. You DO have to die. Yeah. I’m the wrong pitch man. They really don’t like that high inside hard stuff in the strike zone. Gotta keep ’em low, slow, and in the sweet spot to find the parking lot past the fence in left.

HornetPizzGimme another hornet pizz. Need a bit of tequila too. It’s all good. Now that’s a pitch they can put in orbit. I make the best Apple Leaf chasers on the planet bar none. They dissolve all that biofilm breakdown, but I cheated with a bit of bromelain. Tastes like pineapple blue agave licorice instead of bland congestive slop. It cured COPD, but that’s incurable, so never mind. They said I have asthma. Not any more. It’s incurable too. Get rid of several pounds of biofilm, and it becomes a memory. Maybe I’ll actually have that cigar I have been saving FOREVAH! Naww. I’ll save it for Easter. It’s probably dried out and harsh like the last one was. It’s been sitting around for months. I poured some blackberry wine into the Sambuca bottle to swish it out. Tasty. That pressed Agave tequila is crap, but it’ll do in a pinch. I prefer Hagar, but Patron will do in a pinch too. Trust Me, I’m not a doctor. I am a mineral processing engineer. And my azz is my plant. We run a tight ship.

So how do we Trump that? Easy. Be proactive instead of reactive. Reactive will always come up less. As a mineral process engineer, It’s a good drink that is good for you, but it gets better. You could have the good for you part without becoming an alcoholic. That is what I focussed on. while doctors focus on sustainability of bandaids.