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Tues, Mar 1, 2016 – Day 580 – Marching On

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It is a storied month, but the main story in Canada is that winter ends in 3 weeks. Ground Hog day last month was just a warm up, and wishful thinking. We are thankful for the longer days in this hemisphere. We are getting through another trip around the sun. Getting through December, January, and February heartens one in these parts that people name nasty winter weather after. If you think it is cold down south in the US, consider how cold it was here before it blew down there, warming up.

This was a much milder winter than most, thanks to El Nino, the storied Southern Oscillation of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a normal cyclical thing taken advantage of by climate changers. We’ve been there. The climate is changing, and there is still nothing we can do about it. With all the oil production getting shut in, we should be in for extreme cold going forward, according to the narrative. There will be political hot air blowing from all directions. It is coincidentally Super Tuesday this election year. This cycle, the US presidential election has become a political unreality show. Mark Twain points out “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

It is said if March comes in like a lamb, it will go out like a lion. That is more a statement of the changing weather nature of this month here in the Rocky Mountains. On the analemma, the rate of change of the length of day is maximal during the equinoxes, so that explains the volatility in the weather swings. In the mountains here, I have seen snow in every month of the year, and not only from changes in altitude, but from changes in humidity too. Generally though, the spring thaw is progressing. May showers will bring June flowers, because it’s Canada usually, but we may get April showers this year, after we are reminded that we can all get fooled again.

Apple trees do what we call “silvertip,” in March, April, and May. Eventually, they will start to bud at the future flower and leaf sites. Apple trees can sense the astronomical changes to the length of day. Tree squirrels may nibble the bark I noticed. They too know the anthelmintic properties that the leaves and bark impart, I take it. They have remained in the warmer abandoned orchard up the hill this year maybe, because they haven’t been around much yet. Give them time. I noticed there were also silvertips where the deer and possibly others ate leaves throughout the growing season. The tree repaired itself occasionally, and would start a new leaf where one was eaten. The trees seem to have an endocrine system, or hormones that operate and regenerate it.

The modern apple has a relatively short history. I find that surprising because of the mention of the Tree since Genesis 3 in the beginning of Biblical history, attributed to the original language of the Bible. It is often identified as the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, but surely knowledge pre-dated 328 BC, the time of Alexander the Great. Christianity has possibly changed the narrative, leading to confusion across various translations through Hebrew and Greek. The genome can be traced back 50 million years it is said, as it evolved through Malus Sieversii. It seems you can’t get knowledge about that from simply eating the fruit and/or leaves. The confusion remains to this day, as the Original Sin gave way to mandatory continuation of sin by Genesis 3:22, decreed by God. A hundred derivative religions all put their own spin on sin.

The March to warmer days does not care. It is inevitable, barring geological scale events. Knowledge of that is a given. Good and Evil? Not so much weight. The knowledge of how bugs and nematodes affect your health  is what apple leaves really impart. You know about the damage they caused in some cases. Medicine would do well to find that out too. They don’t seem to know much about it, or care. I find that odd because it offers a clear explanation of the mechanism of persistence in chronic conditions. They are only a closed shop solution. This was not invented there. Nobody sees anything wrong with that, and to their own peril.

On the lamb lion scale, it is mixed, unsettled and rainy as the day progresses. Some would say dreary, or dismal, slightly above freezing. There is no clear climate bias, but that is just my take on it. It is a split decision as Time marches on. The forecast is for this behaviour all week, but with less rain, and warming slightly. The graphs seem to say they do not really know either. Contrasted to yesterday, when it was broken cloud cover, it is more on the lion side, but so little it will be predictably unpredictable.

train-wrecks-accidents-23Now we wait for Super Tuesday to roll in. Will the election primaries be all over, or continue to be all over the news? It will all be moot, if it continues, as health care crushes the country, like it has here. The only common thread, anger, is poised to supposedly take control of what they will have no control over. They must have missed the memo. Later, as it progresses, Clinton is in, and Trump appears inevitable, taking at least 5 out of 11 states, even though Ted Cruz took Texas. I can’t help but wonder if any of them know, no matter what side or age, they are being nibbled on by nematode farmers and their parasites? Like most of them, it feels like we have no say in the matter.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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