Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Mar 2, 2016 – Day 581 – Reinfection Vectors

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After all the nematodes are gone, after say 180 Days, you can actually feel when a new vector reinfects you. Recently, small flies like fruit flies are waking up. They may not carry any infection, but consider they are a proxy for the insect population. Little spiders, mites, ticks, and others would follow suit in the same environment. It isn’t a brain fog or full blown vector disease, but more like a brain mist. It takes you off your game slightly, and relatively, you can feel it if one gets you. I think one, or maybe more, have, and you could tell by my writing. Well, I could anyway. It wasn’t coming as easily as it used to. I needed more wild apple leaf maintenance, and not just on weekends.

This is the first season I have tried low dose apple leaf with pectin enzyme. It is a defensive measure, because I know that mosquitoes and other vectors carry a continuous reinfection risk. I recorded it here, but we are blazing new trails even at this late date. This is a new discovery. In retrospect it explains why February is such a bad month for me personally. Don’t get me wrong. The apple leaves work on it, but you have to keep at it. Every time I stop, eventually some later bug will get to me. What bug? I don’t know, and that bothers me, but what can you do? At least I have some defence against it, and I can identify it. I suspect you will be able to also. You have to keep the leaves up to be proactive against it, and I am considering making up some more full strength ones or 2:1 enzyme:apple leaf to fight it during the spring here. These little early risers, whatever they are, are bad vectors neurologically I have found.

Ideally medicine would be wise to tear all this down and find out what the active ingredients are. That won’t happen because they are at best incurious if it doesn’t make them a fast buck. I find that so ironic because given these facts, anything they develop from this would have the potential to be a never ending revenue stream. You would have to keep your defences up. I think of the Iraq analogy. You decide to stop, and after some time, it is a complete mess again. The same, or even a different problem, may come up. In retrospect, that is another reason to find your own apple tree. You will need a continuing supply. It’s more like Korea where you need to keep a base there to keep from going through that all again.

MSIDSWhat worries me is that it could be like having to spray chemtrails indefinitely because the ozone is destroyed. The environmental disaster here would be weedkillers stopping plants that somehow kept all these bugs at bay. You may think global warming. It could be all of the above. Unintended consequences of technology. For whatever reasons, you need a re-vector defence plan. I am getting more aware of it on my first trip around the sun without worms now. You can feel maybe not the worm, but the other infections from the vector as they try to take hold. You can see there are a lot of things to fight off, and it may be just one of those. Apple leaves address mainly 1b. Parasite Complexes, but that is the lynch pin of the whole mess that you have to get rid of any way.

There is also biofilm maintenance. Starch is in everything, and that is what houses all those MSIDS cooties. The question is how much? It seems bottomless. You have to keep bailing out that leaky boat, and there is no stopping that leak. Knowing this is the battle. I think of all the proposed treatments and protocols, but know if they do not address this, you will have to go through them again. The nematode spirochaete farmers and the spirochaetes alone may keep going, patiently hiding and waiting to reawaken per Dr. Douglas Kell’s discovery of an RPF Resuscitation Promotion Factor. Perhaps that is all one of these re-vectors have to carry and transmit. It is such a complicated group of things that I would be leery of any one shot protocol. You are one fateful bug bite away from some piece of that MSIDS Map waking up. There could be other simple contact sources too, or in all that GMO food we are forced to consume. It could be in a chunk of a bug or free in that too. Vigilance is the only answer. There is some good news. Your immunity knows what it has to do from getting rid of this before, like a spin off vaccination process from fighting it off before.

Another leak in the boat is glyphosate. If it is in everything we eat, probiotic maintenance will be mandatory. It, GMO Food, will keep killing off biotics. No labels hide it in things you never suspected, like honey, and fresh vegetables. We have shot ourselves in the foot, and get the other one while tending to the initial injury. You will become more sensitive and aware of it. Would you rather not know? Well, yeah, but even knowing is key to the whole battle here. It explains why simple medicine fails all the time. The attacks are relentless, and on multiple fronts. They aren’t just going to go away, and you can’t avoid them. Don’t plan to set a surrender date.

It’s a never ending battle against “re-vectors”(that’s my word for it), but this MSIDS seems to always be that way. It is the norm and wild apple leaves are the new kid on the block. No sugar coating will make it go away. You could alternately try chemicals to get them, but that would create even more problems I suspect. Maybe electric bug zappers are better, but I have no way to prove that. You have to get away from a power supply sometime. I’ll stick to the apple leaves.

Quitting smoking is tough, Mark Twain notwithstanding. Even though you don’t like it, it is a monkey on your back. Patches, pills, what ever still doesn’t beat the nicorette gum with me, but you get sick of that too. Any gum is better than nothing. Apple leaves pick up the slack where they repel bugs. Diamond willow smudge also helps if you can find it. It burns slow like incense, and it repels insects. The flying vectors really hate the smoke. Sapindus berries crushed and put on your skin are supposed to do the same, but that isn’t confirmed. You shouldn’t eat soapnuts because the saponins are reportedly toxic. They are however a good natural soap substitute. Re-vectors that used to keep their distance may be the reason why some people quitting smoking get sicker. Many gain weight, but it is fat weight, not muscle mass.

The news is all about Aubrey McClendon passing away. It appears to be a suicide. He was the vanguard of the renaissance in American energy, exploiting tight shale gas, and oil, deposits in America. He helped move America from the consumer to the producer side of the energy equation. He was under extreme pressure from an indictment yesterday over land lease bid rigging under the Sherman Antitrust Act. This would be the first time it had been used in a century for prosecution. The leases were previously worthless until he found a way to possibly release the hydrocarbons using multiple technologies, and he claimed innocence of the charges. May God rest his soul.

Back to the re-vector battle. I was getting low on pure pectin enzyme capsules, so made up another 24 of them. They are great for misdiagnosed asthma, or for taking with straight full apple leaf capsules in various ratios. I finally finished my first bag of 1000 empty size “0” capsules. Many were given out to people to see if they could also skunk out nematodes, which they did. They were hiding in old bug stings and bites I told them. Now I know the ones they saw were likely from their most recent stings and bites, but there are more hiding in the old bites or stings too. One thing for sure. Those nematodes aren’t doing any good in there.


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