Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Mar 3, 2016 – Day 582 – Reflect and Revect

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It looks like apple leaves are good at that. They get rid of the old worms and the new ones as they happen from re-infection vectors. In disease lingo, a vector is an insect responsible for transmitting the infection. It would be better to get them all while they were still in the insect, but failing that, this is likely the best way for now. The downside of that obviously is that you are still an intermediate step. You become the poison bait.

You eventually get hundreds of these things if you are older. You had been packing them all your life maybe, or at least ever since the bug left them there, until you started this. Annually, different insects reinfect you, but you can stop it the same way, and at the onset. None of this was known until now really.

On CNBC Squawk Box, Joe Kernen postulated what would happen if all chronic illness was cured. People would live to 400 years old maybe, but then what? The pollution will get them. We are still trying to get past the second world war clean up. Nuclear materials are piling up, and must be incinerated by nuclear transmutation or contained permanently. The attention given that is nowhere near what it deserves to address. We already know about the ozone destruction, CFC recapture, and chemtrails. At current, we won the Second World War, and may have lost the planet, many realize. Retirement will kill many.

The Phase One and Two trial of cannabidiol in vitro, sponsored by Dr. Murakami Lyme Center of Hope, BC, is complete at UNH under Dr. Eva Sapi. “The research at New Haven University funded by the Murakami Center for Lyme in phase one has confirmed the suspected antibiotic effect of cannabidiol on Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes in the test tube invitro (2014). Phase two has established a destructive effect on the polysaccharide biofilm which the spirochete produces in self defense from antibodies , white blood cells and antibiotics (2015). The next most vital phase is the destruction of the survival form (cysts, eggs, L-forms, spherocytes and granules). This will require a prolonged period of study since specific antibiotics in many cases has necessitated the extended monthly use to destroy these forms. Different sources of the cannabidiol has recently been accomplished by donation and will be tested to provide evidence of consistency in this compound. The fund raising by our association has made this research possible and the project is under the direction and supervision of Dr.Eva Sapi.” I have a lot of anecdotal evidence of other biofilm reduction techniques using other methods like AppLyme from here. Eggs are microfilarial nematode eggs that Dr. Sapi references, I believe. I’ve tried to keep on top of re-vector infection myself, as that is more of an immediate concern.

There is MSIDS Map re-infection from vectors too. Not the whole map, but pieces of it may resurface. Mycoplasma from bug bites is still a threat, and there is the Dr. Kell RPF angle to consider too. The new research was quick to get attacked by naysayers saying Lyme Disease is much more complex than just spirochaetes, and I take it they know of the microfilarial nematodes as well.

Tax time again, and more to work on. If death were eliminated, there would still be taxes, even with less than minimal income. You would still have that, so to answer Joe Kernen, they will tax you to death figuratively if not literally. The pension ponzi scheme would fail after revenue collection took it all, surviving on their own juices until they also succumbed. The currency would inflate to less value than the paper it is printed on.

Physio. Typing for physio, and clearing up tremors in the hands. Listening to Mitt Romney dismantling the Trump phenomenon, but thinking it won’t happen against the mob mentality being exploited. Some are calling for a third party, but the last time anger, particularly over the Treaty of Versaille ending WWI, was leveraged out of a three way spit vote resulted badly. Where will it all go when in November, None Of The Above will win in a landslide? Will survivors envy the dead? Will Paul Ryan inherit the presidency? So much to occupy the other channels of thought.

Another Lyme sufferer has been ranked palliative by a Canadian doctor. Luba Williams of World Lyme Day told us as much. We’re helpless with no second opinions, but she wanted an official medical solution, and I knew from this that is the only place that will lead with Canadian doctors who refuse to acknowledge undeniable facts for themselves or their patients. sci.med.diseases.lyme has updates on new developments, but we are already on it with the Mayo paper recappingĀ  ACA Herxheimer. I noticed it first in my case since 1992, where it was exposed while travelling internationally.

It’s another confusing day trying to quit smoking, but failing. I see Microsoft’s new Windows 10 ad about insects, but I can only think vectors of infection. Then it’s getting hammered all day long about making America overly simplistic again. Let’s stick to the plot. Worms are lurking in a third or more of the bug bites you’ve had, some for decades. They make you sick with whatever that bug caught with them, but you have to get rid of that sick worm first. Nothing else does that and with confirmation like this does.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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