Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Mar 4, 2016 – Day 583 – Con-spirochaete

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Everybody looks at spirochaetes, but they miss the microfilarial nematodes building biofilm and “farming” them. The question isn’t if you can smoke them out with apple leaves, but if you can’t smoke them out. The nematodes are almost invisible, under a microscope, and the stains they use are more for the spirochaetes. Dr. A B MacDonald used a different stain for the MS spinal fluid study where he found to everybody’s surprise, but not mine, filarial nematodes. I just take wild apple leaves, and out they scoot.

I had a whole other page typed up, but it was a conspiracy theory type tone. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. Doctors are definitely looking the other way here when it comes to this. I  take it that means they haven’t had any success in treating it anywhere. It’s chronic anyway. They can’t touch it, and they know antibiotics will kill 90.9% of the cells in your body. All that gut bacteria is what runs your endocrine systems ultimately. People wanting l0ng term high dose antibiotics are committing great damage to those systems, and that is why doctors steer clear of it. They do not want to hurt you.

I do take heart that Dr. Sapi found apple leaves interesting. Between her and Alan MacDonald, I hope they can use them to find an effective treatment. As for me, I want to continue. They are probiotic, not antibiotic. The low dose doesn’t have as strong a herx in the peripheral capillaries. They kick out newcomers from new bug bites right away it seems. I wonder what the effect is after being bit by an Aedes Egyptii carrying Zika? Is it a nematode farmed disease? It’s not like I want to try it. There will be enough sufferers soon enough at the rate it is spreading. I wonder if it can jump species, then there could be real trouble? I can’t see why not. They vector blood pathogens everywhere, but temperature plays a role.

You hope it doesn’t survive the cool nights. Time for physio, to exhaust again. More smaller reps is working actually. Gained 5/8″ left forearm. It was getting weak from parallel nerve loss. From bugs I guess. It wasn’t a jungle out there but a tangled forest for sure. Our surveyor had heart trouble young with angina, and did not smoke. Prime bug and nematode meal material. Concurrently, the GMO revolution was spawned. We were in extended contact with many fields treated with herbicides.

I think it’s nefarious that modified starchy plants have replaced nutrition for shape and weight. They are bred for it. Pretty food, but low mineral value chelated by chemicals. Evidence shows child Autism is increasing from that. Dr Seneff encapsulates the relation. That alone should be enough to re examine the use of glyphosate on food crops, but new formulations with surfactant additives should also be re examined. The fact that this isn’t happening exposes a literally fatal flaw in the regulatory processes. Instead it has fostered a make work project for lawyers as companies cling to old regulations for new formulations thousands of time worse in health effect.

Beam us up, Scotty. There’s no more intelligent life here. We made sure of it. We made our own system that levers our own anger with it against ourselves, and we can’t stop it. Now we have a loud bell reverberating that we can’t un ring. We’ll take the unworkable easy sound bite answers that are a non solution to a complex problem, and waste our say in the matter. No matter which angle you take on it, it gets shot down before it gets off the taxi way, and we claw the drain of good intentions. It’s so easy to be pandered to and forget to ask how.

There I go again with  the conspiracy theory that isn’t theoretical. We’ve attacked ourselves with a bioweapon, bugs, and we play right into it by doubling down on stupid with chemicals. Nobody even knows about the nematodes, and they don’t want to know. The bugs are enough, thank you. Don’t confuse the issue with details that wreck the sound bite. I’m a canary in the coal mine of this mess, but nobody saw me fall off the perch. Look at my struggle. It will be too late before anyone notices. Better find an apple tree before it’s too late for you too.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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