Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Mar 5, 2016 – Day 584 – This is Fundamental

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FilarialNematodiasisAny protocol or solution will have to get rid of these nematodes I found first. Anything else will be futile if it doesn’t. I’m not selling anything. I’m just trying to get the word out that this is the first thing you have to address with any vector illness. If there is a nematode you either have to kill it or get rid of it. The disease will persist if you don’t, and the nematode will make sure of it out of survival instinct. This exposes Square One. You have to begin here. The picture exposes evidence of what I found coming out of the bug bites.

Many people may never have been stung by an infected hornet, and won’t have a sentinel event they can remember. Unfortunately, I did, but there was a silver lining. Yellow Jacket stings burn like fire, and I brushed a nest accidentally with a stick, receiving 6 or more stings at once. It made me understand what was happening. There were lots of other apparent nematodes that eventually exited, but from other biting insects. Now I find that wild apple leaves force the nematode out of recent mosquito bites too. When you connect the dots, this fits why Lyme Disease goes chronic, and why there is a biofilm housing all the other diseases. The farmer nematodes must be where that all comes from.

I have often said it will be years before this is even both confirmed and believed. That is the trouble with anything new in medicine. The loudest voices get their theory in the forefront, and defend it fiercely using the same mechanism. The first thing I ask with any protocol though is what happens to the nematodes? It is clear people don’t have a clue that there even are live nematodes living in many kinds of bug bites. They apparently live in them for decades too. Addressing the nematodes that Wild Apple Leaves expose by extricating them is fundamental to any cure for any vector illness. But how much illness is that? It is nearly everything as you will find out.

My case showed that Yellow Jacket stings are linked to rheumatoid arthritis. Again, they will; never discover the link without Wild Apple Leaf treatment. Lyme Disease was named after a town in which there was a cluster of juvenile arthritis cases. Borrelia burgdorferi spirochaetes grabbed the headlines while the microfilarial nematodes Burgdorfer also discovered were largely ignored. The biofilm structure the nematodes make enable/allow these bacteria to team up immune to antibiotic treatment. The human immunity sees biofilm and does not attack it or the pathogens it contains. That is all old hat though. Nematodes are New Hat relatively speaking, and after taking wild apple leaves, you too will see as the nematodes drill out.

Pyrus MalusHow did the deer know? If they didn’t eat apple leaves, or similar anthelmintics, they didn’t make it in the gene pool. Apple trees are relatively new in North America. There must be other things in the deer diet that also extricate filarial nematodes from bug bites. Landscapers know that deer eat all sorts of shrubbery. Deer can also survive eating poison plants with their sophisticated 4 stomach digestive system. Apple leaves are something easier on humans and are in fact, probiotic it seems. They can really clean up your GI tract and functions.

How much? A few 3″ leaves a day seem to be enough. Leaves collected in the fall also work. You get more sensitive as you take more. There is a Jarrish Herxheimer type reaction, local to affected areas like arthritic joints and ACA Herxheimer locations on your lower legs if you have it. The recent Mayo Clinic research associates ACA Herxheimer with only late stage chronic Lyme Disease. I was never diagnosed because the longer you have Lyme Disease, the stealthier it becomes. I have had no real medical help for the co infections, because any treatment was ineffective, compared to Wild Apple Leaves. Several apparent co infections were exposed after that. The leaves linked the nematodes to all sorts of different bug bites, and in fact immediately address recent nematode infected bites by expelling the worm or  nematode immediately.

ZoomI still have Hope. I hope they got the memo a year and a half ago when I said I found a new anthelmintic that blows the lid off this whole thing. The Lyme Clinic in Hope BC that is. Likewise, I tried to inform the Boucher Institute. The first thing the apple leaves address is what seems to be neuroborreliosis. The medical system here is like a TV set… One Way communication only. They don’t care what patients say. Veterinarians at least do care what their patients are trying to tell them, and actually look at the blood samples. When you have Lyme Disease, in our system, people treat you worse than a dog. Lyme Disease and, by extension, Multiple Sclerosis, appears to mimic veterinary cerebrospinal nematodiasis, like SURRA, documented by Evans over a century ago. That is one thing Wild Apple Leaves confirm surely, independently, and almost instantly with their anthelmintic action against these helminths or nematodes. Here’s a zoom of that text in the middle of the paper. I am the first confirmed late stage chronic Lyme Disease sufferer that is coming back from all this. Luckily, I am a Quack Veterinarian. To paraphrase Mark Twain, truth is stranger than fiction because it isn’t obliged to stick to the possibilities. A local deer had symptoms of T. Evansi SURRA, and was cured after eating wild apple leaves.

I have been thinking this whole situation, medicine vs. reality, mimics the development of computers when I went to school. A process engineering professor embraced the Apple II while the official line was that it was a toy. Yet he developed, and students developed, increasingly sophisticated programs for the Apple that equalled or exceeded existing mainframe software for our purposes. Later, came the IBM PC, and all the software development moved to that platform. Our medicine is stuck in mainframe computer world while smartphones are dancing circles around that antiquated platform. Medicine is terrified that they may get passed by while the reality is they already have been outpaced and outmoded for decades. An obsolescence cycle for computers has been 18 months. By the time a medical student graduates, they have already ignored more than 4 obsolescence cycles. Moreover, they become exclusively pharmacentric. That is how Wild Apple Leaves walloped them like a rented mule, and they are unable to even comprehend what happened. By the time some AI web crawler finds this prior research, and combines it with eclectic and naturopathic medicine they ignore, I wonder if they will still even be valid? Their tendency to demand ever increasing stringent standards will turn to bite them when they can’t even meet their own level of standard, self imposed. Wild Apple Leaves are one such Phase 3 Trial that also may never end. It will make the participants outlive the researchers conducting the studies unless the researchers take them too, disqualifying themselves. Oh what irony.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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