Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Mar 6, 2016 – Day 585 –

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Nuttin’. Have you ever been bit or stung by a bug? I know people who claim they haven’t. What would you call them? Gifted? Pathological liars? Totally insane? Playing with you for asking a stupid question? Everybody gets bit by bugs here, they offer. Ask a stupid question… well, you know the rest.

People don’t believe they are riddled with worms in many of their old bug stings and bites. The worms will kill them eventually. They apparently don’t care if the meat is alive or dead. They’ll just jump ship in the next insect. What if you are cremated? It would not affect Dark Matter species. Fire and heat are chemical processes in our 4% of the universe. Our entire electromagnetic spectrum doesn’t transcend the divide to the Dark Energy and Matter side of the universe where 96% of the mass and energy appears to be by gravitational evidence. Nematodes are the most abundant life form on the planet. I was surprised at first there were more worms than bugs, but that is our Canadian bias. We can see bugs, but we can’t see nematodes, helminths, worms, and the like. It isn’t too much a stretch to imagine that they would be the most abundant dark matter life form as well.

I have a theory that Dark Matter and Energy power our cognitive thought. I also have a theory that the nematodes like to harvest it, causing a brain fog. If so, Wild Apple Leaves must drive these Dark Matter and Energy harvesting nematodes out, because they really address brain fog initially. Physicists know the implications of Dark Matter and Energy. Deepak Chopra knows the implications of cognitive thought. I think they are related. It explains a lot about what the nematodes are up to in humans, and why they have been so stealthy for so long.

Let’s assume that some of the nematodes are Dark Matter helminths, and they leave a little hole in our Light Matter when they leave from the Apple Leaves we take. That would imply that the Apple Leaves contain a substance that transcends the Universal Matter Gravitational Divide, but the nematodes they force out also contain enough light matter to create that small pinhole. That would be profound beyond belief, but nothing surprises me much about apple leaves any more.

That’s too heavy for Sunday. This is about nothing. A whole lot of nothing. Look at Dark Matter. Nothing. It’s like politics. We can all see right through it, even though it is all nothing, and none of them will be able to do anything after their first intelligence briefing. It carries a lot of weight, but when you look at the details, there’s nothing. Physicists agree that when we go to great lengths to ensure nothing, including known fields, there is still something there to ensure a lack of nothing.

FloatersThinking about nothing itself is something. Look at nothing in the sky and you see floaters. A doctor will say that is nothing. Wild Apple Leaves will get rid of it. The doctor was wrong. Don’t tell them that, or they will commit you. They’re mean on top of being wrong, so just be smug you know something about their speciality that they don’t. All that nothing must be what drills out of your skin when you eat Wild Apple Leaves too. Don’t bother thinking they would be interested. It is simply beyond their training grade or comprehension. Rest assured that the helminths will eat their storied brains and nerves if left unchecked for long enough. They will crap it all out in their biofilm too so it is as painful as possible eventually. Sure teach them.

Lastly, doctors will say bug bites and stings, and Swimmer’s Itch, are nothing. We know better. Leave it at that for a kick ass surprise.

Nancy Reagan has passed away at 94 today. I have nothing I can think of to say. Congestive heart failure. Now that is something Wild AppLyme can address. Worms and biofilm. Too late. The people that this can help most are sheltered from it the most. It will make their doctors look bad. When you die, it makes them look right. No wonder they don’t tell anybody. They’ll just say it’s nothing anyway. That is their treatment for everything Wild Apple Leaves treat that they treated with Pyrus Malus fibre a century or more ago.

TrypanosomaBrucei_ProcyclicTrypomastigote_SEMThere is something more about T. Evansi SURRA like infection in humans, linked to MS, a symptom of Lyme Disease. There can be a lack of Apolipoprotein L1 in human sufferers. T. Evansi survives in a wide range of bloodsucking vectors. The Merck veterinary manual lists treatment options for cattle, horses, buffalo, and multiple wildlife vertebrate intermediate hosts deficient in Apolipoprotein L1 by their nature. They are but one unknown species of Trypanosomatid presumably skunked out by Wild Apple Leaves. Unfortunately, a DVM can’t treat a human for it, but Wild Apple Leaves may be an analog treatment option for both humans and animals. That’s really something. APOL1 is the moniker short form used for this apolipoprotein that blocks many, but not all trypanosomes. What a coincidence, eh? Look familiar?

Some trypanosomiasis is immune to APOL1, such as African Sleeping sickness, transmitted by the Tsetse fly. AppLyme may offer an easy treatment. Avian species are supposed to be immune to SURRA trypanosomes, yet I saw a Canada goose that had a similar affliction. Clearly, this is a new type of disease/nematode that can affect at least one avian species, deer, and humans. Dr. A. B. MacDonald has found a link between MS and a new unknown trypanosome that mimics T. Evansi.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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