Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Mar 9, 2016 – Day 588 – Dr² in a Capsule

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banksy-doctorAnd why not? It would create a commotion. Maybe then they would finally look into it and see what makes it tick when it sh0cks dozens or even hundreds of helminths out of your skin. Then they will also know they aren’t doing any good in there as they feel better every day. When the helminths come out, you can feel the load being lifted mentally and physically, or I did in my case. The brain fog vanishes to a point where you can feel it temporarily with some new bites. And the solution? Take another Dr². in a Pill.

How much is too much? Use common sense and go by the herx. I could feel it because of the ACA Herxheimer condition. I knew it was really working, after an initial GI cleanout like Black Walnut does. It must also get some intestinally resident parasite helminths. Technically, they aren’t parasites, but spirochaete farmers. They get the spirochaetes to do the dirty work, and they nurture them like ants raise aphids.

If my leaves are 95% moisture, which is common when they are green, I have to collect 20 times as much to get a dry weight equivalent. A few leaves a day was what I settled on to start. Now that I have a small scale, I could check that out again. I got it on ebay. It only measures to 100 mg., or 0.1 grams, so I take the average weight of ten capsules. Like wise, I would measure 30 leaves to get the weight of 3. It does measure to the hundredth of an ounce for a little better accuracy, but we stick to the metric standard here.

DrEvans-DVM-MDDo you want to read a fascinating story? Dr. Griffith Evans 1835-1935. He had a pretty good run. He was a DVM first, in the British Army, and then an MD, from McGill in Montreal, and would have known of American eclectic technique, and maybe apple bark. He discovered SURRA in horses and camels in India circa 1880. He was the grandfather of parasitology. On January 20th, 2016, he was cited in the Filarial Nematodes in Spinal Fluids of MS patients study by Dr. A B MacDonald. My discovery links the trypanosomatid helminths to vector origins, and offers a way to halt the development of MS/Lyme Disease. It is probably a better idea to stop it first before other treatments. There are also veterinary treatments from the Merck Veterinary Pharmaceutical guide for SURRA, based on body weight. The picture is copyrighted, but this site is for education of parasitologists, and Dr. Evans is the granddaddy of them all. It is freely reproducible for educational purposes. His papers are archived in the national library of Wales.

TrypanosomeLikewise, here is a picture of what he found; A trypanosome. That must be what is accessing out from the Wild Apple Leaves. They get a taste of that and they’ve had enough. It must be really something because some of them hid in me for over 50 years, IIRC, in hornet and bee stings. Dr. Evans found the perp, and I found out how to skunk it out. We stand on the shoulders of giants is all I can offer. Thanks to Dr. A.B. MacDonald for recently making the connection to vector nematodes that Wild Apple Leaves extricate toot sweet. Pectin enzyme makes it work better. I’d stake my rep as a Quack Veterinarian on it. lol The takeaway is there is a cure for MS-SURRA (they seem to have identical pathology) on the veterinary side. If you want a collection of Trypanosomes, catch them on scotch® tape or make blood smears when they come out. Then optionally, you may want to make a shrine to Al Gore for his internet

MSIDSThey’re just getting the memo here on Powassan. No big deal, just another vector illness. It will have a nematode or two running the show. Wild Apple Leaves will get it too in the mop up. Then you can work the MSIDS Chart. Wild Apple Leaves wallop at least half of that. Speaking of sleep disorders, I see the Lyme gang are really suffering from that Total Eclipse today. Didn’t even feel it here. I take that as a metric how far I’ve come. New Moons and Full Moons used to be nasty for me last year. T. brucei is African sleeping sickness, a close cousin to T. Evansi, identical to the trypanosome of MS/Lyme borrelia. Maybe they can call it T. Durayi.

In The News, a big one. The Journal of Neuroscience missed the nematodiasis behind ARD, but they got the memo about Dr. Doug Kell’s RPF. You know him from Richard Longland‘s YouTube biofilm channel. We all know Alan MacDonald is closer to closing in on the perps though, with the Jan 20 Paper/Poster of Paul H. Duray Foundation. Nematodes use RPF to wake the survivors of their flock from antibiotic assault. Apple leaves would mop the iron up along with most other heavy metals too. They’ve been known to do that for over a century. Dr. Evans found that out too, since he lived over 100 years. I know why.


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