Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Mar 10, 2016 – Day 589 – Longevity

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Dr. Evans lasted over 100 years, 1835-1935. He survived the doctoral meat market of that era, no easy feat. He found out about Wild Apple Leaves I take it, or Pyrus Malus Bark/Fibre. Being a veterinarian, he would have observed deer as well. Note to give deer distance when they feed on Wild Apple Leaves. Even a Rottweiler knows that. They can smell what they’re cooking, and know that they have no worms or inherent nematodiasis, like that fawn here had temporarily before eating the leaves. Dr Evans would have known about American Eclectic technique, and Pyrus Malus Apple Tree Bark, the same as Wild Apple Leaves, albeit maybe not as anthelmintic, although he was fascinated by Pasteur’s discoveries too. Armed with a dual degree, DVM and Dr., he was quite the amazing cat.

What we call Lyme Disease is actually trypanosomiasis. It isn’t only tick borne, but the veterinarians know it is multiple vectored, matching what I observed with hornets, bees, spiders, mites, aquatic biofilm contacts, and more blood sucking vectors than you can shake a stick at. How? Each nematode came out, that’s how. God only knows what kinds of insects carry that, but some of them were from over 50 years ago. You never forget tangling with a Yellow Jacket nest. This will remind you if you ever have.


Remember Floaters. They are your personal microscope. They are trypanosomes swimming in your eyes I take it. Wild Apple Leaves skunk them out. They are no mystery to the Fraternal Royal College of Quack Veterinarians… Mea Est Hic Cessat “The Duck Stops Here!” lol I oddly did observe some avian species that were victim to the same nematodiasis here. Canada Geese and corvids/Ravens and Crows. Avian species are reportedly usually immune to trypanosomiasis. This is definitely a new species I have observed in the wild, showing a strong side weakness, characteristic of Pow/Lyme Disease, presumably due to the larger muscle and neural mass to eat.

You may eventually suffer from proximity effect to clinics and hospitals. I am not sure why, but you will start to experience increased polyneuropathy/peripheral neuropathy, the closer you get to Worm Central. Best course is to avoid those places altogether. They will do no good for this and all their serology is useless, the microscope being the instrument of choice for this, Pow, Lyme, and West Denial Virus. Remember, half of doctors graduate in the bottom of their class. They have missed this, and they ridiculed Dr. Evans until he was over 70 years old. Then the idiots never questioned why he was so old over a century ago. Sick people radiate lethal levels of trypanosomiasis, but at least we have them penned up all in one place. Wild Apple Leaves repel them vehemently, they are contagious, and you can feel it.

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44I hope Richard Overton survived his latest tangle with the medical death machine. He is 109. They likely misdiagnosed pneumonia, when I know pectin enzyme cures that eventually in apple leaf catalyst, while garlic seems to get the walking pneumonia mycoplasma concurrently. He has 109 years of polysaccharide to get rid of though. I only had 60, and it was a battle, coughing it all out. By that time, it made up 15+% of my body weight. I was a pretty tough case though, being a Canadian Engineer and Surveyor, a bug delicacy. Then there was the hundreds of nematodes I had to skunk out from the nematodiasis they call Lyme Disease, or Pow in some quarters.

Steroids just make the trypanosomes stronger, so they are contraindicated. Avoid prednisone or other corticosteroids for that reason until you can skunk the worms out first. Otherwise, they may paralyse you temporarily or even permanently. I think Dr. Horowitz linked that to suspicion of babesia in MSIDS 101. I have some powerful magnets around, and they really tickle the trypanosomes until you can skunk them out. Dr. Bill Costerton was very interested in this before he passed away from what I now know was trypanosomiasis linked pancreatitis. We come from the same area of the Rocky Mountains in Canada, up the South Thompson River, and we were all into Warren Harding AKA “Batso” in engineering school for his rock climbing skills. I read all his rock climbing books my room mate had. I never knew Bill would become so famous. I didn’t know he had passed away until I got tangled up in this West Denial Virus. Maybe his spirit is egging me on in my obsession with this, cracking all the mysteries behind biofilming helminthiases.

EdieI live on a large low grade diatomaceous earth deposit, but the neighbours unwittingly covered a lot of it up. Quack Vets know diatomaceous earth kills bugs. Doh. There is a high grade deposit near Kamloops, Bill’s old stomping grounds, and they ship the Red Lake Earth all over the world. I feel bad that I could really have helped Bill, and thus today’s theme, Longevity. I think I am getting a handle on it now thanks to Dr MacDonald and Dr Evans, and thanks to the local deer for the heads up on the Apple Tree fibre. That fawn also looks like it tangled with a Yellow Jacket nest.

pillLongevity, yes. Alzheimer’s, no. Dr Alan MacDonald describes this as a key hole to all infectious disease. I found Wild Apple Leaf is the key to open the door, scattering all the trypanosomes, schistosomes, and various vector nematode parasitic species populating humans. I study veterinary science though. I like sticking to critters, and leaving the dumb animals like the money doctors to themselves, Dr MacDonald, Dr Sapi, and some others excepted. They’re honorary critters now. Otherwise, I stick to the Hypocritical Oath of quack veterinarians: Mea est hic cessat – Do no Harem! lol

Rod_of_Asclepius.svgI was looking for a read that vets have treated Lyme Disease better than doctors in Canada. That isn’t the one where I saw it, but you get the drift. With Dr. Evans curing the equivalent of MS/Lyme in horses and camels 136 years ago in India (SURRA) really drives the broken and dishevelled state of our medical “technology” home. What game are they playing that isn’t exactly criminal? When did they abandon microscopy? They develop computer programs for parasites, but they ignore these that Wild Apple Leaves smoke out in the hundreds. It could also be they only show with a methylene blue stain in an autopsy, and they hide in biofilm and live tissue, not being free in blood. Oddly, vets like Dr Evans spotted the ones that bear his name, but killing a patient doesn’t come with as high a cost. The upside is you learn to diagnose patients when they can’t say anything. You need a keen eye for the details in their gait, and physiology. Humans at the beach with cellulite from borrelia all speak louder than words to a vet. Pets become proxies for their owners. You just have to ignore the owners, that’s all. Then you can become a doctor in Canada, and blame and treat everything else, and do all sorts of unnecessary procedures to rape the system. When children know the supermarkets are stocked floor to ceiling with weed killer laced food, you will get away knowing it and not lifting a finger to stop it. Wanna kill a cop? Just start treating them. I felt bad killing a frog in biology, so it wasn’t really my cup of tea when younger. It’s only worse now that I’m older. I would be more likely to be on a mission to save frogs.

TrypanosomeThe bottom line is that there is no treatment for Lyme that works anywhere. I know why. Trypanosomiasis. I know how to get the trypanosome, but the chronic part has never been cured. I’m doing better than anyone else I think. I’ve been 24 years chronic ACA Herx confirmed. I have the only “action plan” for tick bite, or hornet, or bee, or spider, or mosquito, or you name it. It is also post active, or reactive, getting them for 55 years. The permanent damage is another thing, but this is better than nothing, while also being better than everything. Screw tests, start the cure. My leaves get same day results. YMMV, but at least they work 24-7. They may even have phage tech, but can’t say that. I just know they work better dried below 60°C, or unpasteurized. Tea may kill it.




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