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Fri, Mar 11, 2016 – Day 590 – Action Plan

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Canada’s Action Plan on DoRightLyme Disease is the most cruel joke in history. That MacLean’s Magazine article says it all: “You act, they’ll watch.” I did act. They were even watching. It has taken a while, but after disseminating my discoveries to University of New Haven, The Mayo Clinic, USP, and some Canadians I gave up on, they finally are getting the memo. Rona, read your gawdam email! The Paul H. Duray Memorial Foundation paper of Jan 20, 2016, demonstrated what I have been seeing all along now. Lyme Disease and others like MS and ALS  are a trypanosomiasis. Wild Apple Leaves shock the worms straight out of your skin. They were hiding there for decades since you got your first infected insect vector. It is all the little known science of Parasitology, per Evans and Bilharz, and it is epidemic.

Canada is about the largest biting blood sucking insect hatchery in the world. Between us and Russia, there are a helluva lotta bugs. In my case, the astonishing thing was neuro borreliosis, which it cured over 90% estimated in 3 days. The rest of the worms were more insidious, hiding in Biofilm. then there was Trichobilharzia regenti. It so happens I know a doctor from Africa who should be expert in parasitology. He had no clue about this, but I told him about the Wild Apple Leaves. He did offer that Wikipedia was all bullshzt, and that I was delusional. I half agreed in this case. Those Swimmer’s Itch worms were in there over 50 years. They eventually came out like dirt when I cracked their biofilms. Stealthy little things, but my Wild Apple Leaf Stink Bomb made them cry for mercy. Wikipedia said it was a temporary condition.  Fat chance.

Now that’s what I call a real “Action Plan.” The only thing faster than the speed of light in a vacuum is arguably “Stink.” Better get with he program and find an apple tree from your area that works. What do we need? A billion sick people. People with microscopes to try and capture pictures of worms as they come out from hiding in your body. You should feel better every day as the helminths flee Dr Stink’s Special Wild Apple Leaf Surprise. People with wire cutters and apple trees to sample leaves and prepare them. There is no USP monograph in the herbal compendium; If you are a pharmacist, prove it. This blog tells you all you need to know about preparing apple leaf phage, and why you should dry it under 60°C. Skip all my Warren Harding “Batso” rock climbing rants back from the days when the late Bill Costerton, Tweezot (chemical engineering student rock climber), and I (too chicken to climb granite walls, but not drink), affectionately nick named Dr² Stink after garnering the fastest pH D (sp -1) in History, were in university, pinin’ for the fjords, and drinking a lot of porch climber cheap wine and beer. Most of all, we need YOU! This is your real Canadian Lyme Disease Action Plan. I’m hijacking it. It went nowhere.

TrypanosomeCanadian politicians are infamous for inaction on anything, let alone Wild Apple Leaves and Wild Apple Leaf smoked out epidemic helminthiases. With continued use, the apple leaf powder makes your whole body an insecticide, so if you run out of Off!, fear not. That bug bite will be it’s last. If it had a worm in it, it will skidaddle right away too I have noticed. That’s handy now that Zika is here. How am I doing?: It’s a slow grind back from ALS like symptoms., but every day, it gets a little better. I must have a lot of malacia lesions to repair. My Parkinson’s is up and down. But I manage. That is infinitely better than it was a couple years ago. And hey, I’m finally gaining weight again and rebuilding all those muscles the trypanosomes ate with their spirochaete farms.

What is the deal with the funny spelling of Spirochaete? It is the correct British spelling. The American is “spirochete.” I’d just thought I’d clear that up. I’m not a Brit, but a Canadian. We spell funny too. I live in the Rocky Mountains. Sounds like a great place to get a disease, like RMSF or Colorado Tick Fever. It is. Been there done that. they were easier to wallop than a UTI, but still formidable. Wild Apple Leaves opened the door by smashing it to bits. It used to have a key hole, but that is vaporized now. Moreover, Wild Apple Leaves are antimicrobial and probiotic, exceeding the effect of all antibiotics at once. They cure a common cold for example, apparently forever so far. Medicine still can’t. You can eat echinacea in buckets, but why? You see why medicine can’t touch a cold as it wallops about a dozen infections in hours with Wild Apple Leaf. Kiss goodbye to arthritis and sinusitis too. They get read the Riot Act early on. The limit is how much easy herx you can handle. There is no real measurable liver toxicity. It’s a different kind of herx you can feel in the infected parts, but there is no sepsis.

Wild Apple Leaves do not kill spirochates. CBD does in a few hours. Then you don’t need any more. I suspect the terpenes nail them, and there is lots of anecdotal evidence for that. Thanks Ernie and Eva Sapi. They’re doing a study. I felt it when it killed off the spirochaetes hiding in my right thigh bone and it scared me it was so powerful, I thought it was like bone marrow cancer or something. I reduced biofilm for about 5 months pectin enzyme first though. Then it walloped it fast with less than a gram of hemp. I am so sensitive to the apple leaves now that they go through my skin by osmosis when I pick them, dry them, and powder them in a blender. I tried wearing a drywall mask, but it goes straight through that too.

I hope Scouts Canada got the memo. Our gubmint isn’t worth the powder to blow them all to h3ll. The S+P 500 lost about 50 handles when Truedolt opened his pie hole at the White House yesterday. Scouts would make excellent apple leaf pickers. They could sell them for way more than Girl Guide Cookies, as an excellent bug bite defense, so it would also be an excellent source of revenue for them. Way more than UNICEF too. They’d probably be able to buy a dozen UNICEF’s from that alone. Picking and drying Wild Apple Leaves. They would also get immune from osmosis while picking them, and I bet their quality control would be excellent. Offer an Apple Leaf Badge as incentive. They already have a management structure. I was a Sixer of Tawny Six, and had more of those little badges than you could shake a sick at. I had to learn how to sew because my mother couldn’t keep up. I was a two star and 5 star cub when they changed over. I got kicked out though. Ate a Brownie. lol

Bacteriophages1Lastly, chin up Mauril. I never got a diagnosis, but it’s borrelia. Try this. I’m hijacking the Plan, and we can make it. Wild Apple Leaves help,. but there is permanent damage to deal with maybe. I’m not giving up. They are. Dr. Stephen Hawking or Jason Becker aren’t either. Wear it as a badge of honour. They, the vector farmer nematodes causing this, crave rich grey matter. They’re intelligent enough to understand phage modified Wild Apple Leaf blackmail. lol

In the news, I see Trump is gathering the troops. Dr. Ben Carson has joined. He is assembling a team. So am I. Scare the daylights out of them, and the worms too. You’ll be in a stronger negotiating position. THIS is a REAL Action Plan. As for government, I defer that to Mark Twain. What else can you do? The Canadian Inaction Plan is ridiculous in its current state. Soon it will be coming to its third year of inaction. I went to all US and European medical research because there is none here. I am a Canadian and they are too smart to listen to me and what I found out. A little toooo smart if you ask me. It’s the world’s most blatant fraud.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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