Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Mar 12, 2016 – Day 591 – You Name It

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What’s in a name? Plenty. I was thinking technically it is Canada’s Helminthiasis Action Plan that I have. And everybody will say “What?” lol “What” actually would be in the name then. Canada’s West Denial Virus Plan is too wordy and cute.

Want to know what I really think? It will be Canada’s Health Action Plan. Health Canada has nothing to do with health any more. My Plan has a good acronym – CHAP. Wild Apple LeafsLeaves can do everything they can’t, which is an awful lot. It can cure a cold. It can cure sinusitis. They can cure chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis. They can cure COPD. They can repair old injuries and skunk out pounds of worms, also known as helminths. The trees can build bacteriophages. The Deer here knew, and Nothing runs like a Deer. They had no problems with ticks and other bugs. If they ever did, they just came back to those trees. My main course of action to make everything better was to avoid Canada Health. It was a blessing in disguise. They’re a bloated useless money sucking m0rtuary thing now. They haven’t done anything since Banting. They haven’t looked in a microscope since d’Herelle was in diapers.

Everywhere I look on Facebook through the Lyme Disease and Pow sufferers they all cry for doctors to do something. They are turned away. They need a CHAP. The ones who are treated all wind up the same: Near death, or told they are going to die. What’s going on? Some are turning to weird things like bee venom therapy and drinking poison terpenes. I know that won’t work, and why. You have to skunk out the helminths first. Then once you do that you can do whatever to kill the spirochaetes they are farming. I went to medical school online, in a full scale engineering audit, but could not find anything resembling what I was witnessing first hand until January 20th this year. Bingo! That must be all these little worms coming out.

Caduceus.svgI can’t waste time on that Health Canada scam. I gave up 591 days ago, and followed the deer. Best thing I ever did. I started testing apple leaves using TCM-H Du Testing Protocol, and gave up every other medicine that was allowed. I’ve frankly never felt better, and never had such good digestion, although I have suffered some permanent nerve damage. They say it is malacia lesions on the myelin sheaths. The medicine was costing hundreds a month, and it wasn’t working. I was a wreck back then. Recently I am having good results with diet and apple leaves again. I found that the bugs waking up here were reinfecting me a bit, but at least they come out right away as the apple leaves shock the nematode out again. Yep. It’s confirmed. A worm even came out of my old polio vaccination. No wonder they have worms screwin’ around on their logo.

Canada’s Health Action Plan is simple and it works. I wish I could make a therapeutic beverage, but all the leaves are sprayed with insecticides and stuff at commercial orchards. I can’t get enough supply. Even organic orchards use stuff to control Apple Scab fungus. That is why I say find a wild apple tree. They won’t waste money spraying those. Canada’s Healthcare Inaction Plan can address all the shortcomings of what we are stuck with. We have a working treatment for borreliosis.

It’s the only Zika defence in the World too. But it is so much more than just that. I know you won’t believe it. I know what will happen if you don’t. They’re dying all over Facebook. For the existing action plan, Permethrin is better than DEET, and lasts on clothes for weeks.  For my action plan, apple leaves make your whole body an insecticide through an inherent acaricidal property that they impart. They also immediately shock out the nematode in infected bugs, on to of killing the bug when the nematode drills out of them.

Roundup-in-apple-orchard“Apple Leaf Action Plan” might cause people to think any apple leaves would work. The trouble I am finding with that is the results are not completely repeatable, and can be downright dangerous to eat. I know my leaves work and have no insecticide or fungicide or herbicide risk. Here is what they do with herbicide in orchards. Th[at is what we are up against. They have poisoned the source of the medicine. “Wild Apple Leaf Action Plan” or WALAP has a cute reference to “wallop,” which it does effectively to multiple parasitic helminthiases. Yet “Canada Health Action Plan” is a more accurate description when the entire biofilm reduction properties are included. I is not just Apple Leaves. There is a pectin enzyme helper component, and it is head and shoulders better than other homeopathic “remedies.” It is extremely serious medicine and has to be treated as such, I have found.

And in the “lol” file, here’s a meme. With all the free unintentional publicitylol, better get used to it for 8 years. Of course you could just ignore it, but nobody seems to be able to do that, no matter which side. Turns out that heckler today was a “professional” protester. Thanks to the secret service ability to seize and freeze assets, they’re all ex-professionally broke I suppose. He went up in the polls. lol

Any way, Canada’s Health Action Plan marches on, and Canada’s Health Inaction Plan does too. Canada’s Lyme Disease Action Plan is floundering. People still continue to try and go to hospitals for it, doubling down on stupid. I gave that up a couple years ago. I’ve had ACA Herxheimer for 24 years, late stage chronic Lyme. I had juvenile Lyme arthritis for 50 years. I can really say “I feel your pain,” and mean it! Better yet, I know what works. Good thing I stayed away from them, because every single thing they did made me sicker. You should consider that too. CHIP or CHAP, the choice is yours. The Chippers are busy. They’ve got a few billion tonnes of baby boomers to kill off first. I’ve got my doctors and medicine. They have theirs.

I will do indefinite term antimicrobials, not long term antibiotics that sicken you, and kill your intestines. I am expert at bacterial biofilm reduction, and avoidance/emergency treatment of “snotterboarding.” I do Phage Therapy with my own engineered bacteriophage. I was a Level 3 BC Medic before I started auditing med school, medical engineering, and research medicine for two years. I have long term Hazardous Goods training, and know what can poison you out of all the homeopathic and prescription crap you have taken. I know how to use computers and work at night on British and Central European time.  I can help you. Let’s hope you haven’t been in my shoes first. I have lived through International Lyme Disease Hell for 60 years and counting.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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