Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Mar 14, 2016 – Day 593 – This Is All New

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This is the only clinical study of the effect of Wild Apple Leaves, the new medicine I discovered by watching deer. You’re soaking in it. Welcome to brand new technology. Nothing comes close and I have looked all over for a year and three quarters since July 31, 2014. I personally suffer from Late Stage Chronic Lyme, and it has been that way for 24 years now, since May 3, 1992. That was my first symptom of ACA Herxheimer Disease, unmistakably. It’s a Mexican variant of Borrelia with it now from a spider sting on the bottom of my right foot. 3 worms came out of it last year. I am back from death’s door.

Now I am seeing the long term effects of apple leaves, and documenting them, while simultaneously fighting biofilm with pectin enzyme for 280 Days since Day 313 – 9 months and a couple weeks almost. Bugs continue to deposit filarial nematode spirochjaete farmers, but the Apple Leaves skunk them out immediately now, instead of waiting decades. They kill the blood sucking bug too.

Each dose is easily worth a dollar, but it is free. It is a safe clot buster and a live anthelmintic. There was no such thing until I discovered it. One thing I found is that Lyme sufferers are being scammed with dangerous poisons that will do nothing for this newly discovered root cause of Lyme Disease, and in many cases, make it way worse, like BVT. BVT just adds more of the root cause. It will kill you faster with every infected sting, and stingers take the longest to smoke out with lots of apple leaves plus pectin enzyme. Those poor people.

Anywhere near the spine will be worse. I know it will be an extended horrific unwind of that. Only a few Yellow Jacket hornet stings near the spine led to a lifelong misery of juvenile arthritis with me. Two bee stings on my arms took over a year to expose, plus more months for the embedded stingers to come out too. Bees have evolved with a lethal defence mechanism against vertebrates. Trust me more stings is like solving a gunshot wound by emptying a revolver into yourself.

I have nothing to do with any of those whacko “therapies.” Those people are as good as dead. Killer Bees in Mexico are no different from regular bees functionally. They kill by multiple stings. They were bred for aggression to increase honey production, but that failed. Instead we got African Killer Bees. It is a horrific problem in Mexico now. BVT is more of the same.

There are not enough apple leaves in the world to solve what these people hath wrought. Now it will be $100 a dose. Brilliant. Find your own Wild Apple Tree instead. Which part of Killer or Bees don’t they get? Stinging insects carried the worst helminths of all I found. It could take $10,000 a sting or more to get rid of them if there were enough apple leaves to do it. They will have to die, and they will so that others can live. Supply and demand. Another fatal lesson from the Apple Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

What a waste. I can’t waste time on that. There is my clinical trial to continue here. Slowly there are also papers confirming what I have seen with trypanosomes being the animal equivalent, linking SURRA to MS. The veterinary sciences are 136 years ahead of medicine with Evans’ discoveries of 1880. That is as close a link to CSF helminths and Lyme Disease as I have ever seen. Wild Apple Leaves force the helminths out alive. It is that simple. You would see too if you can repeat my experiments by taking 350 mg. a day of air dried Apple Leaf powder. Pectin enzyme at 1350 mg. a day and up in a 4:1 ratio alleviates the symptoms of bacterial biofilm dissolution in situ, and you expectorate gallons of it. Filarial Nematodes were discovered in CSF of MS autopsies in one documented case. I know they will find them in every case eventually. The apple leaf acts like a catalyst to also break down the biofilms.

Everyone will be as varied as their stings and bites. Stings have a larger and deeper dwelling species of nematode in them. You get more sensitive as biofilm erodes, and I take a 100:400 mg mixture apple leaves to pectin enzyme now as a maintenance dose. New insect bites also have nematodes. Dr. Eva Sapi knows. I have slowly gotten rid of hundreds of them. Next link is the discovery of the CNS Lymphatic System. In July 2015, this is very relevant as Wild Apple Leaves somehow solved neuroborreliosis fast in 3 days, a year before that discovery. This is the vanguard of medical science here.

In related news, GW Pharmaceuticals, per my colleague in human medicine, Dr. E. Murakami. Epidiolex is the hemp derived drug tested. They confirmed the effects of the CBD derived drug in a Phase 3 clinical trial for epilepsy. There is potential for MS treatment as well. Also, here is a very good recent post in a related vein of Lyme Disease. from Tom Grier via Facebook again.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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