Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Mar 15, 2016 – Day 594 – Summary of Wild Apple Leaf Therapy

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IMG-20140809-00088It is time for another summary because I contacted G. Magnotta Centre for Vector Borne Disease in Toronto. They deserve to know what I discovered about Wild Apple Leaves, and the effects.

The immediate effect is psychiatric. Neuroborreliosis symptoms, or Lyme Brain Fog, are greatly reduced within 72 hours.

Next is the Live Anthelmintic effect. Live nematodes access out of every bug bite slowly but steadily, and every bug sting or bite you have had all of your life. Initially, you may have loose stools while intestinal helminths also are expunged, but that clears up and gives way to a probiotic effect for the best movements you have ever had in your life. I am late stage chronic Lyme so your mileage may vary.

Continued use requires the addition of pectin enzyme to alleviate side effects of biofilm dissolution. The polysaccharide biofilm is made less viscous, and thus is easier to expel by coughing out. I got rid of gallons of it literally. It was misdiagnosed as COPD and asthma. The catalytic action of the apple leaves is unclear, but it works, reducing the polysaccharide to simpler sugars, keeping you from feeling hungry from elevated blood sugar.

That’s basically it. That’s the summation of what I have gone through for 594 Days after I started, and after watching the local deer keep eating the leaves. One of them had symptoms of what I now know was an early onset of SURRA, and was cured. I suspect it tangled with a Yellow Jacket hornet nest. Those were my worst nematodes, and when they came out, my lifelong arthritis finally was alleviated. I am 60 years old now, starting these apple leaves at 350 mg. dried powder, or about a few large leaves a day, when I was 58 and a half years old. It takes less than a third of that now as you get more sensitive from biofilm reduction.

Deer SaladI continue to use the leaves because I have found new bites and/or stings have nematodes in them sometime, and they come out immediately this time before they get established. This is no joke. You feel the effects of the vector infection slightly while the apple leaves alleviate it immediately.

I should add that I have International Lyme Disease from travel and work all over western Canada and Mexico in oil and gas fields. I am a worst case scenario. Thanks to the apple leaves, I am surviving. I have had no other treatment for Lyme at all, even though I have been ACA Herxheimer for 24 years since a spider bite in Mexico. I eventually tried wormwood for babesia symptoms, but it was contraindicated early on. The terpenes in it are bad with apple leaves initially. 3 helminths, unknown, drilled through my foot and came out about 30-40 days after I started apple leaves. Whoa, I thought then, and contacted Richard Longland and Eva Sapi about it. Finally, Dr. MacDonald had a recent paper describing what I saw, and that is a species of filarial nematode that continues to come out alive from new vector sites.

I don’t sell anything. I just hope you can take this fluke scientific discovery to the next level.

On a related note, it has stopped and reversed pattern baldness. Those nematodes were stealing hair out of the follicles. Your hair gets darker and regenerates when the helminths are kicked out. It narrows your face and you look younger. If you had a stroke, that will inexplicably reverse somewhat, along with allopecia. I use 4 parts pectin enzyme to one part apple leaves by dry weight now. The nematodes apparently use the pectin to make their biofilm. Dr A B MacDonald discovered they can be stained by using methylene blue stain, as they are otherwise invisible under a microscope. Not only am I president of the Lyme Club for Men, but I am also a Client! lol Sorry to increase your hair cut bill. I had to start cutting it myself. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but a lot of allegedly Lyme Literate doctors still have no idea about the nematode root cause of this. Everybody is misdirected by the spirochaetes they farm, and can be cured in an hour by using Epidiolex after Wild Apple Leaf clean out.

Oh, what’s the use. I know it is repetitive and condescending, but I have keep runnin’ that play ’till I get it right. It’s smoking compatible if you smoke. That may make it work faster I found. Non smokers were slower in the trial until the nematodes came out. The apple leaves and cigarette components seem to expediate the anthelmintic effect comparatively. I can tell you those nematodes are way worse for you than smoking. That’s no reason to encourage smoking. I’m still trying to quit. I have a 15Q25 genetic predisposition to cigarettes, it feels like.

It’s physiotherapy for me typing. “Your typed stuff here!” lol Testing… 1 … 2… j/k… Keeps the hands occupied so you do not smoke. World Famous Red Lake Diatomaceous Earth. Less world famous low grade deposit here at Sorrento Centre. Better than nothing. This whole thing could be stupid, but I wouldn’t wanna wish it on my worst enemy if they had no Diatomaceous Earth. Bugs hate it. Some of the bugs like it in July, and some in February. We get all kinds here now. Environmental pressure. Easy fix. Sprinkle some high grade diatoms on it. We can make it better than it was. We could also take all their low grade stockpile. Their low grade probably worked better than ours did, and ours was optimal for this place.

In the news… President Trump.  Scott Adams knows. It’s more than free advertising from his opposition on all sides, but that’s a lot of it. Every bash motivates another convert. Cruz said it early on. The Media is an opposition SuperPAC, and it shows. There are ads for Linzess. Apple Leaves work better for digestion. Brought to you by… something else digested. Canadians are liars though. Clintons won for some good old fashioned American Liars to balance it off. There is the Central Bank meeting on – The FOMC. Stock market quadruple witching Thursday/Good Friday. The world turns. If it stopped, where would it stop in the sun? Pacific? Amazon? Atlantic? Africa? Middle East? India? On a lunar eclipse? Or a solar? I think we’re safe for the time being.

Pyrus MalusMore typio. Back on topic. Sum it all up. That’s an old graphic from King’s American 1898. It’s an old remedy. Nothing mentioned about anthelmintic, but that was noticeable with the leaves. The biggest take away here is that it exposes multiple varied vector transmitted nematodes and how they work against you on top of the spirochaetes. If HRH does research, research that. They also gravtitate you mentally. That’s a good thing. I just grabbed another approx 85 mg. with 400 Pectin Enzyme. Still tickling the herxheimer’s. Makes you a little sleepy.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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