Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Mar 16, 2016 – Day 595 – Genetic Factors?


TrypanosomeIs there a genetic predisposition to Vector Borne Disease? There has been a link between certain genes and arthritis, such as HLA-B27 gene. Some people fall ill while others have no problem with vector illness. True, Wild Apple Leaves expose the link to the luck of the draw with vector disease. If you are 60 years old, and averaged 4 stings or bites from infected vectors annually, that would be 240 resident nematodes that would have to be expunged. That is a lot larger factor to address. It could however be a bit of both. The new wave in arthritis medicine addresses genetic factors. Wild Apple Leaves address filarial nematode factors, and the older you get, the larger these factors are, exactly matching what we call ageing. They grind you down, eating you from the inside out.

What seems more likely to me is combinatorial factors, whereby one particular type of nematode compromises immunity, allowing other vectors to flourish. If we can make gene therapy, can nematodes make gene anti therapy? It could be. The best arthritis relief I ever had was when nematodes came out of Yellow Jacket stings. Maybe they were the linchpin to this whole mess, enabling other vectors to get a foot hold. I know they don’t have feet, but you get my drift. Again, the apple leaves are key to see for yourself what is happening as decades of nematodes come out from where they are hiding in you. Add travelling risk for different strains of borrelia, and it all gets even worse.

Some vectors carry more than one nematode. That spider sting in Mexico had 3 different ones in it that drilled out. That was almost 24 years ago. The spirochaetes they farmed touched off ACA Herxheimer disease from that day onwards. It was also accompanied by swelling in the face and extremities, remembering and looking back at pictures from that era. There was also GI distress like Montazuma’s Revenge. That was likely from high dose oral Doxycycline they gave me, but to no avail. Wild Apple Leaves show you why. It obviously did nothing to the vector nematodes, or the persisting spirochaetes they were farming.

Chalk up another age old medical mystery revealed by Wild Apple Leaves. The lymphatic related issues such as thyroid also cleared up. The swelling was also relieved. That would be well after the initial infection. These diseases don’t just happen. They come from vectors. Seeing that Humber River now has a research unit dedicated to this is encouraging, but only if they continue to see all the things Wild Apple Leaves reveal in no uncertain terms. The rest of medicine will be left far behind if they do not address vector borne illness, and currently, they really can’t. That is what they will also find if they follow what I have done.

Where are all the other Vector Borne Disease research units across Canada? Nowhere, that’s where. They have absolutely no clue any of this is going on, right under their own noses, and even inside them as we speak. Nobody is really immune to this. There is no place to get trained in vector parasitology either, and that is the root cause of most chronic illness Apple Leaves showed me. Dr. Murakami has the lyme disease clinic in Hope BC, but facilities are few and far between and underfunded. Apple Leaves are the crucial link to propelling them into the spotlight, by revealing that it is all a lot bigger than anyone ever suspected. It is a lot more than Lyme Disease, and we have a half billion Boomers that are critical now.

If about a third of insects, particularly arthropods, are infected, and you get a dozen bug bites a year, take your age and multiply by 4. If you are 40 years old, you might have 160 nematodes in you right now. If you are 30, you might have 120 doing their dirty work under the cloak of impervious biofilms. Knowing how to get rid of them is a large part of the battle. Knowing where they are coming from is another huge boon to medical discovery. It starts to make it all make sense. With the new discovery of Epidiolex CBD confirmed, we can start to get rid of if not halt all the damage just like Banting solved diabetes. This affects a lot more people that diabetes though. Add acquired schistosomes from Swimmer’s Itch, and it becomes a much larger problem than anyone suspected.

The longer this is not addressed, vector parasitology, the higher your risk. Heart, arthritis, GI issues, cancer, kidney and liver. There is a lot more to it than ever suspected. Blaming only ticks is nowhere near half the trouble. Sneakier vectors carry parasite complexes too. Apple Leaves get most of them, or do they? Of course there could be a lot more work done. The trouble is that I am the only person working on it. I am the only expert vector parasitologist experienced with these cooties. That’s not exactly a good thing. I could use more help. 7.4 billion patients is a little overwhelming. They’re all going to have some of those nematodes in them. Not much has been done except by Dr. G. Evans in 1880. He would be the grandfather of vector parasitology with the discovery of the mechanism of SURRA in horses, which mimics the newly discovered mechanism of multiple sclerosis by Dr. A. B. MacDonald. That is just one specific vector chronic illness, and is often a mistaken diagnosis for Lyme Disease in Canada. The longer left untreated, the worse it gets. Wild apple leaves would be the only known treatment so far.

At Yale, they offer a course in molecular parasitology and vector biology. There is also the University of Salford at Manchester. Take Wild Apple Leaves themselves, and get a free education in what is happening, while you skip to the graduation and treatment of the multiple diseases. There are online courses in parasitology, but I’ll bet none of them discuss what Wild Apple Leaves expose. At 350 mg./day, you’ll write your own ticket. I don’t have the year of college biology prerequisite. I did watch a hundred different viable vector parasites take the hike, and some immediately after the vector put them there. Most were there for decades.

nodiplomaSo become your own expert. Find a wild apple tree. Enjoy a free education second to none. It takes a few large leaves a day, and watch the cooties come out all over the place. You will feel better every day, with results you can feel and see. Then concurrently start dissolving all the biofilm they left behind in there with up to 2 grams a day of pectin enzyme, food grade. Something is needed to get that polysaccharide down to where you can deal with it, or your own immunity can get to the contained pathogens and mycoplasmas. That biofilm is where the parasites hide them.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

4 thoughts on “Weds, Mar 16, 2016 – Day 595 – Genetic Factors?

  1. want some, where do you find this? I am in Wilmington NC now for 4 months so many bugs I came from Oregon had lots of fruit trees I notice the new tree you could buy in the store had mold on their leaves since I have mold issue’s plus Lyme not good for me! I am doing better then most but summer is coming and I am worried. I am your age. Oregon had fruit trees all over the place but not here. So not sure where to look. Thank You you are a great human being!


    • Find an apple tree. I am in BC, and the deer naturally seed them in several places. Any apple tree that deer like to eat the leaves off will work. Eat a few of those leaves a day and nematode parasites will start to come out of your skin. Nobody seems to know anything about this. That mold maay have been harmless Venturia Inaequalis fungus, aka apple scab, which makes the leaves more medicinal in effect. The Canada Plant Act won’t let me ship leaves across the border, but then you had Johnny Appleseed. He planted a lot of trees in Ontario too. The leaves in Tasmania should be ready to snip if you know someone there. The fall leaves still work if you can contact someone back in Oregon to select some edible ones from last year as well.


      • I want to leave here soon to hot for me. This disease is not good in the heat. Do you know anything about frequency for healing maybe the apple leave are high in frequency. Thank you for your helpI am looking for a apple tree!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. You are preaching to the choir here. I hated the heat too. My arthritis got worse, but now i finally know it was Lyme disease. The apple leaves wiped it out like nothing else ever did. This whole vector parasitology countermeasure worked when the leaves skunked out the parasite trypanosomes, schistosomes, and other various nematodes hiding under my skin and by my joints.


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