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Thurs, Mar 17, 2016 – Day 596 –Biofilms in Lyme Disease Hard To Eradicate

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I saw it on sci.med.diseases.lyme. They’re not kidding. Most of my effort is now on that, converting the biofilms to simple sugars using wine and tequila making pectin enzymes. They are derived from aspergillus niger fungus. The wine making pectin enzymes are food grade. Biofilm is made out of pectin. It is hundreds of times deadlier than smoking, not even a question, just going by numbers of people biofilm diseases kill, which also includes diseases attributed to smoking.

Quitting smoking does nothing for biofilm. Some formulations are made specifically to address biofilm, like Kirkman’s Biofilm Defense. I haven’t tried that, but apple leaves plus pectin enzyme are obviously doing the same thing in a 1:4 part ratio. There were even parasite nematodes hiding under biofilm, which the nematodes eat for sustenance. The bacteria in the biofilm actually collect nutrients for their nematode farmers. When the nemtodes go, the biofilm is left behind, and they stop repairing it and restocking it with pathogens to do their parasitic dirty work. It is a whole new model of chronic disease, and addressing it yields results where none have been achieved before.

I suffer from more than just Lyme disease. My symptoms are more like multiple sclerosis or SURRA, a disease of vertebrates discovered, and treated by, Dr. G. Evans in 1880. Some say MS is just a symptom of Lyme Disease. I can attest it is in the extremely advanced stages as I have been ACA Herxheimer positive for 24 years now. The presence of that is a 100% positive for Late Stage Chronic Lyme Disease. Save money on tests, that are largely useless anyway, as biofilm will make false negatives hiding the disease as best as it can. Canadian doctors ignore lyme disease because there are no treatments in their cash cow for it. American doctors ignore it because all the supposed treatments kill their patients more often than not.

They don’t know about Wild Apple Leaves and Pectin Enzyme, 1:4. That’s mostly biofilm reduction. However, biofilm keeps doctors swamped with business. The only way they know how to address it is with a procedure that makes a lot of money, to cut it out. That also kills the patient, but hey, they got theirs. Cancer chemo makes them the most money of all. Jackpot! It does nothing for the root cause, biofilm, but who cares?

TrypanosomaBrucei_ProcyclicTrypomastigote_SEMI do. With their current antiquated model, and rudimentary understanding of biofilm disease, I have to keep away from them at all costs. Add the vector parasitology that Wild Apple Leaves expose, sample trypanosomatid pictured here, and their knowledge is infantile. They become deadlier than the disease they supposedly treat. They truly know less than nothing about it all. Their idiotic research model truly can’t see the forest for the trees. What good is a piece of DNA of the trypanosome when we get rid of the whole thing by smoking it out from where it hides? Worse yet, they focus on one piece of DNA from the millions in the biofilm farm. Not so good. I wallop literally hundreds of those nematode farmers all at once, and then commence to dissolving their biofilm farms. I know it sounds simple, and it is. It just takes time. They took 58 years to build it, so a year and a half to unbuild it all doesn’t seems so bad in that light. Moreover, I am just the prototype. You could do it three times faster, but I went slow to make sure I didn’t poison myself. It turns out I did anything but. I successfully got rid of a lot of it all. Now I just do maintenance.

What are the toughest things? The ACA Herxheimer. The permanent nerve damage. Urinary tract/prostate infections, biofilmed no doubt. I am having good luck with cranberry extract pills/capsules. I’m still working on it. At least it is a way to measure progress. When the biofilm dissolved, bartonella and babesia cropped up. I got them with a little wormwood and odourless garlic pills. Before I got the nematodes out, I couldn’t tolerate much wormwood though. It was a shocking electric feeling, like it converted the remaining nematodes to electric eels. This is all a completely unknown phenomenon and includes ubiquitous dermal vector parasitology, while most research is focussed on internal vector parasitology, or rare tropical instances like African sleeping sickness from tsetse flies. No wonder they can’t touch malaria. It’s just another worm they know northing about. Zika is no doubt similar. Same with West Nile. Wild apple leaves expose them all.

Biofilm plugs off circulation in capillaries. This is rather insidious because you have to have circulation to get the pectin enzyme to it. I found that cayenne pepper and a bit of alcohol, whiskey or tequila strength, combine to establish some circulation when the ethanol dilates the blood vessels, and the cayenne hot pepper thins the blood. That seems to be how it works, but not too much ethanol. Hangovers are worse with Lyme Disease for the same reason I think. I really don’t like drinking as much as I used to when it was the only relief for arthritis that worked. Taking tylenol for a headache is a double tax on the liver with added ethanol. The apple leaves are quite easy on the liver. Maybe I should try that milk thistle for that. I’ll let you know if I go on a bender to… err… experiment. lol Apple leaves are probiotic unlike the usual ineffective antibiotic, so you can keep taking them, and you feel it tickling those capillary areas, like with my ACA Herxheimer feet and shins/calves. YMMV, as always. Everybody is as different as their bites and worms.

The main thing is the worms. Until January 20, nobody other than me had an inkling there were even worms involved. Now if a vector parasitology investigation is done, there will be a huge can of worms opened up. They escape detection because they reside in tissue, and use that long tongue to tap into a blood supply I bet, until apple leaves make them scoot. That sea worm is a bit larger, but seems to work like your average nematode, feeling it out with that tongue like a trypanosome. Lovely, huh? You may have hundreds of smaller ones than that if you are over 25 years old and averaged 4 infected bites a year.


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