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Fri, Mar 18, 2016 – Day 597 – How Could They Miss This?

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They missed the entire connection of vector parasitology to chronic disease. There are a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is that it is a tricky two part problem IMO. The nematodes themselves are not the parasite. They farm proxy spirochaetes, and stay hidden from view, behind the scenes. They hoodwinked medicine completely into looking for Pasteur’s Postulate; One Disease, one pathogen. Blaming the spirochaete is like blaming one soldier for World War Two. Blaming Hitler doesn’t explain Japan. Blaming the hidden Banks behind the curtain is more accurate, but it is a hard sell. People like the easy explanation, and even more so when it is wrong. Nematodes take full advantage of the misunderstanding in our case. The entire Canadian Action Plan is avoiding tick bites, when a dozen different vectors are responsible. It will be futile. That is like blaming the two and a half ton truck for the Second World War.

trypanosoma-is-a-protozoan-parasiteYou can’t follow the money but you can follow the currency that really matters with nematodes. That is nematode food, and knowing what is on the menu helps a bit. Brain. Neurons. Cartilage. Muscles. Nutrients in the peripheries and the GI Tract. They physically hack your computer and wiring to get away with stealing your meat. It works spectacularly. Somehow they get the nutrients from the spirochaetes that collect it.

When you see “string of pearls borrelia,” you are actually seeing the borrelia spirochaetes inside the invisible nematode, leaving an effective silhouette of the farmer nematode harvesting the booty, leaving the spirochaetes unharmed after processing. The nematode maintains invisiblity under the microscope because they are using the wrong stain to make it show up. That is allegedly methylene blue stain. It is hard to see the nematode if it is not stained. There are all sorts of fancy stains for spirochaetes in biofilms. Wild Apple Leaves show that we missed it, and they don’t waste much time making it obvious.

The pictured species is like those responsible for African sleeping sickness. We don’t have any picture of the ones responsibleTrypanosome for nearly all chronic disease because they missed it entirely looking at the wrong perp, sending the equivalent of Ike, Patton, and the Third Army after it when they could have stopped it on Wall Street and in Basel, Switzerland. That’s what we do, saving a lot more than just a few trillion in the process. That is also why it will not succeed. People want all sorts of newsreels and explodin’ stuff and jobs building tanks and aeroplanes. The Nematodes want the currency from all the entropy they don’t create, but enable with their biofilm.

Of course you need a huge army of incurious goofs. They aren’t that stupid because they want to be, but because they can be.The simple answer may not be right, but it sells, and people will die defending it. Politics is the same sort of thing. Take out the bankers, and it all becomes senseless obviously. It already is to my eyes, but humour me here. I am trying to bat an analogy around here. Add a lot of money, and you can take out the horrific short selling experiment Russia using some other schmucks, Germany. Then take out Germany and Japan, pocketing everything because they all lost in Manhattan, Nematode Central.

Dollarnote_siegel_hqIt’s not so far fetched because this one is for all the marbles too. Sneak in there and start collecting banks with Wild Apple Leaves. It’s the smart dart for less than a buck. Who wins? Who cares. They’ll all lose. Just make sure you are on the right side of the trade. I’m baggin’ and slabbin’ nematode farmers, and taking back my central bank from all these little S+L’s. If they get too lofty, can always increase the Apple Fibre interest rate and keep newcomer vector nematodes from filling the vacuum Wild Apple Leaves create. Meanwhile, in Manhattan, and Chicago, it’s Quadruple Witching Friday. The chickens are coming home to roost, but the biofilm home has been flattened.

Back in the news, the gubmint wants access to our phones. I don’t know what they’ll do with all the LOL’s and WTF?’s in there, but they want to know when and where they came from. They want to know my Rolodex of Infidels, and List of 72 Virgins. To tell the truth, the whole thing is a troll. Apple Security? Come on. China already has that thing cracked six ways from Sunday. They built it. They also have access to all the service provider records. Both the FBI AND China. lulz

The health food store sells Hemp Seed Oil, 454 grams. No listing on CDB content. They have a website. Given all the recent info on Epidiolex®, perhaps they should clarify the CBD content, although I know it will likely be optimal. They’re old players in the Hemp world. I’ll try some and see if I have any more spiros to burn, but I burnt the last batch out fast after the Apple Leaves and Pectin Enzyme nematode clean out. The stuff I had was obviously very powerful CBD wise, although it was a failure buzz wise. I think the Stephen’s product was around $20 for 60 capsules, and they also had the bulk oil. They can crop that stuff year round though, and apple trees aren’t so easy. I’ll know that spiro herx if it is there any more.

Then I hear economics is another science that works in reality and fails in theory. That’s what the market channel said. It’s another quarterly Quad Witch. It’s been a lanky quarter on paper.



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