Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, Mar 19, 2016 – Day 598 – I Never Would Have Guessed

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That I would spend my pre-senior years circumventing a broken medical system. That it would almost kill me. They could solve this, but it doesn’t fit their pharmacentric model. Why did it fail when they have all the money?

I had to find a way to solve it myself. Think they are interested? Nope. Does my thing kill people like theirs does? Nope. Biggest excuse? “It has never been tried before.” Isn’t that what they should be looking at when everything else has failed? Nope. Not in their assessment. Welcome to the most well funded and spectacular failure in history, like ten Manhattan Projects and counting. Should we be pissed off? Nope. We should be livid, but then they will just institutionalize you.

You have to find an edible apple tree or die at their hands. It is that simple. Then you have to get some Pectin Enzyme. Starch or pectin is the smoking gun that makes bacterial biofilm. You have to get rid of it to go anywhere. Wild Apple Leaves are an antibiotic replacement.

If you walk with a limp, some people think that affects your IQ. Then the same rocket surgeons open doors blocking your planned path, and they hold them in your way. When you reach out to grab that door to augment your balance, they pull them away. Tell a doctor or their bloated union support staff about links to PubMed and other peer reviewed sources 30 or 40 years more current than their antiquated medical understanding, they don’t look. Anything on the internet has to be invalid because it puts a child out of their technical reach. I never would have guessed I would have to avoid them at all costs. They’re well meaning, incurious and injurious, and even lethal. All their time is spent keeping people from committing suicide in their care. They strip you of all communications, and access to anything you can kill yourself with. Why do so many people kill themselves in their care? Hello. It’s because people generally know they are screwed there as soon as they can get to a computer and check into it.

Now they are pushing doctor assisted euthanasia. Demand and supply. They don’t want to know why people want to kill themselves when they get ahold of them. They don’t want to know. That in itself is probably why. I know people trying to get court orders to keep them away now. Ahhh, Progress. Humber River Hospital is now digital; Welcome to the 90’s. I suspect they haven’t got the ability or drive to catch up to the 70’s with it. Here we are in 2016 and they still do not know that they are all packing at least 4 times their age in parasitic disease causing and farming nematodes that Wild Apple Leaves get rid of. They do not even know what bacterial biofilms are.

Of course they will say Sour Grapes. Easy dismissal. They are excellent at making excuses for their unprecedented failure borne of their inability to get with the program. It is sad when a hillbilly with a dial up can run circles around them technically. They still don’t screen organs or blood for borrelia, let alone mycoplasmas. Now it is forecast to be epidemic this year. Gee, I wonder why? When you realize bloated antiquated centralized medicine is the problem and not the solution, you are part way there to understanding what they do not. Stay Away! They are pre-Listerian now that a new pathogen set has evaded all their obsolete defences. Barbaric, actually.

This is Canada. This is no solution to the healthcare crisis unless you think the solution is to kill all the patients they get ahold of. They’ll just blame the patients. It can’t be them. Don’t be silly. Yet that is exactly what the problem is to anybody who looks into it. Only they do not think they are the problem. Talk about a huge PR and risk assessment failure, on top of it all.

The Lyme gang isn’t much better. They demand lethal high dose long term antibiotic treatment. That will not work and I know exactly why. Vector Nematodes. They all missed it. Apple leaves skunk the little things out by the dozens initially, and continue when biofilm is reduced with pectin enzyme therapy. There is also a reason why all the best Lyme doctors are retired. They are finding out what works. They are challenging the conventional wisdom that has spawned the largest failure of applied technology in all history. This is not the only homeopathic that works better than their failures, and it likely won’t be the last. Their serology is useless for advanced Lyme Disease anyway because biofilm hides it from all serology. Wild Apple Leaves expose more than medicine ever suspected for all history. You can prove it yourself. Then you will know whereof I speak. You will be able to link this to every chronic illness in the book, and all the top ones that kill, literally.

You can still opt in to the old system. All your medicine will work better when the biofilm is gone, and at lower doses. Medicine hasn’t made any friends with Lyme sufferers though, when they claim they are all crazy when they are sickest. That odd behaviour suggests that they have no way to cure it, so they do not want to tell you, and prevent your suicide while in their care. That breaks an inherent trust they built with a lifetime of denial, and not only to the patients, but to all their relatives too. Bad optics. Oh well, apple leaves alone were ten times better than celebrex for me with the arthritis. Sinus especially. Lots more. Pectin Enzyme with apple leaves fights off pseudo COPD and Asthma. YMMV

A plane crash in Russia. As more info and video comes out, it looks like they got Leafsdisoriented and stalled it, losing 5000 feet in 15 seconds. Bad wind sheer maybe. Trump protesters jailed by Sheriff Joe in Arizona. They’re gonna love pink underwear. The nutty world keeps turning. Vapes or E-cigarettes explode. Yeah, that’s better than cigarettes. FAIL! Maple syrup may cure Alzheimer’s by preventing amyloid plaques? Or other bad proteins. Could be. We know the power some plants and trees have. Apple leaves may not help your flapjacks, but they do get rid of vector nematode parasites in droves if you keep with it. It’s the power in plants if you can find the right ones.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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