Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Mar 20, 2016 – Day 599 – Interesting Plants

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The polyphenols in Maple Syrup have been found to be beneficial to health. Apple leaves were also found to contain beneficial phenolic compounds. Unfortunately, they aren’t available on the shelf like Maple Syrup. They could be, but aren’t. They destroy the crop with pesticides and fungicides, and expect you to eat the apples after they do it. You will because they look pretty. Both substances are relatively rare. Most maple syrup isn’t pure, but stretched with sugars and water. The bioflavinoids are the draw for the taste.

It is the spring equinox today, but these two are anything but equals.The apple leaves are strongly anthelmintic, and force live nematode parasites out of your skin. This is a totally unknown medical condition caused by vector borne parasitic worms. Alzheimer’s is well known, also caused by vector parasite nematodes. and linked to borrelia spirochaetes by Dr A B MacDonald. Maple Syrup addresses the amyloid plaques occurring in Alzheimer’s the way I understand it. I suspect the nematodes cause them. Alzheimer’s is just a symptom of vector nematode borrelia farming parasitic infestation that apple leaves expose.

Maple Syrup has an established commercial harvest structure. Apple Leaf, or Pyrus Malus fibre, does not really at that scale. The taste of Maple Syrup is the draw and the medicinal benefit is secondary, if it exists. The Apple Leaves prove themselves if you try them. When you feel violated by parasites for decades, and you feel the damage they did heal up by getting rid of them, you’ll know why I went to all this trouble to try and get the message out. When I went loo0king for what was happening with nematodes accessing out of bug stings and biotes, there was nothing I could find, but it was certainly happening, and some of them were obviously there for  very long time. All I could find was a post from Eva Haughie about filarial nematode spirochaete farmers and no reference to the 2009 study that rang a bell with what I was seeing. This was certain proof of that to me, and basically the same 2009 paper but published in veterinary sciences 5 years later. Yet I was seeing multiple vectors including hornets, yellow jackets, bees, and mosquitoes too other than just Ixodes Scapularis ticks. Then came MacDonald 2016 for Paul H. Duray MS Research Foundation. Evans saw multiple vectored nematodes in Surra in Horses in India 1880, and that is what I see. Not just ticks. I do see the nematodes come out from where they hid. They do come out at a large amount of new bite sites as well it seems. It all ppeared to come from E. Sapi Et Al May 2009 presented at NorVect.

That was 7 years ago. Things move slow in medicine when the ideas are more revolutionary. Wild Apple Leaves demonstrate this is no theory… It’s for real. I can see why veterinarians took up the cause 5 years later in 2014. Maple Syrup may grab the tasty headlines, but something that ushers in a whole new model of medicine that makes it look stupid by solving all the problems they face overnight continues to get swept under the wall to wall medical rug of deceit. They’ll be expected to redo the whole thing overnight too. Fat chance.The fact is that apple leaves expose something everybody can relate to, and all doctors have missed for all time.Vector nematode parasites are the number one health drag worldwide.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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