Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Mar 21, 2016 – Day 600 – Some Things Are Too Revolutionary

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Wild Apple Leaves are one such thing. They skunk Dr Sapi‘s multiple unknown vector filarial nematodes out all over the place. Doctors can’t believe it. There’s your trouble right there.

Now they’re up to 600 Days more infected if they haven’t experienced this yet. And they have about 6 or 7 more nematodes to get rid of. That’s on top of about 4 times their age in additional vector parasite nematodes in them and you right now. They all build biofim under the radar of all medicine as it stands now. They have done nothing to stop it. Without wild apple leaves in their diet there is nothing to stop it. The nematodes made it out of every bit of starch they ate that didn’t pass as fibre. Nobody is immune if they’ve been bit by bugs. Or stung. I keep taking enough to keep them at bay.

The deer had their pick of the gardens here, but they ate the apple leaves instead. I don’t know what else they eat, but there might be other anthelmintics. For sure, the apple leaves work. They work too well because they blow the lid off of something that is not supposed to exist in all medicine. When medicine finally gets around to it, in several centuries, hopefully WordPress will still be around so they will know I said, “Told you so.”

Should you try the leaves of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you will know without a doubt medicine is no good, well before then. The parasite nematodes obviously survived it all. That’s because our drug selection process takes it easy on the worms. Otherwise, the worms would make you sicker. This anthelmintic lets them out alive, and they don’t attack. If you mix apple leaves and wormwood, they may attack, so be careful.

So it is the 600th Day since July 31, 2014 when I started. I’m alive. I wish I had started earlier. I am not sure that would have stopped the progression, but it seems stopped for now. Since then I have found out my trouble is certainly Lyme Disease, and it has been chronic for 24 years. There’s not much hope for me, being chronic ACA Herxheimer disease that long. I got it working outdoors as a surveyor. There were ticks, but lots of other insects carrying nematodes, and even tiny mosquitoes. Not much new happens until a new infected bug bites me, and the worm comes out of it right away. And like always, you may not see the bug, but you sure see the nematode by where it comes out. If you ever had Swimmer’s Itch, it will get all those out too, from decades ago, along with lots of other long forgotten nematodes from infected bug bites.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
— ABRAHAM LINCOLN. So I took one for the team of fools, except Wild Apple Leaves are anything but foolish. I thought you should know. After 300 days, I thought I had plateaued, but found it was polysaccharide biofilm by trying to dissolve it with pectin enzyme. Then another equal sized group of nematodes came out. Recently, I have found that nematodes even come out of new bites. That is how my modified clinical trial has gone. It worked. The fact nematodes were even there was only a theory. All that time I could not find even one curious or interested doctor. All I got was flimsy opinions that I had unrelated incurable diseases. I cured them.

DrEvans-DVM-MDIs that all there is? I didn’t know we have an entirely useless healthcare system. Wild Apple Leaves show that with absolute certainty. Save your time and money. Use it to find a good apple tree and raise it for yourself. Until medicine addresses the TrypanosomaBrucei_ProcyclicTrypomastigote_SEMvector infections, and the contained nematodes, trypanosomes, schistosomes, and more, they haven’t even started you on a road to getting anywhere near well. The same goes for alleged Lyme Literate doctors. You will go nowhere. The worms will make it all chronic. You have to get rid of them first, and they aren’t only in your intestines. They’re in your skin, joints, spine, and brain. Dr. G. Evans, DVM, MD, knew nearly a century and a half ago from treating horses for what he called Surra in 1880. The human form is Lyme Disease.

Yes, Wild Apple Leaves may be a one trick pony, but when they make the pony talk, what a trick. That’s not enough for medicine, the ultimate no trick pony. If they were, they could solve all of this.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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