Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, Mar 22, 2016 – Count on it

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Day 600 was yesterday. Day 313, I started biofilm reduction. Day 1, I started givin’ worms the boot. Glory Days. I just finished a 600 day clinical trial of apple leaves with 400 Days of 350 mg apple leaves, cut to weekly 100mg, then back daily 85 mg for a couple months, and by now, any vector worm here is a lost tourist for less than a day. That’s how deer deal with vectors. If they don’t have apple, I hear they eat poplar. Likely they’d prefer apple. I thought Poplar was poison to humans. Apple leaves aren’t. Same thing, but the apple leaves are preferred.

pound-o-wormsI don’t know. All I did was see the deer, and grew curious about apple leaves. They didn’t like the apples until they fell off. Then they ate the whole thing. Meanwhile, Brussels has been attacked. People don’t care. They’ve got bigger fish to fry. Must be some whoppers if they beat parasites literally eating their ass. Of course, you could be filling it up faster than they can eat it. That’s where I found most people are. They like feeding their wormy slime pits. I always think of that picture of a pound of worms knowing the weight of worm slime I have gotten rid of. Eeeeeewwwwww!

TrypanosomeI’d learn to enjoy it if I were you. There is nothing in the human diet that stops bug worms, short of my apple leaf clinical trial. I wish I could tell Yolanda Foster. I found the trouble. Nobody cares yet. All the news is about Brussels and the bombings. Borrelia Garinii and B. Afzelii take a back seat over there. Maybe that is why the bombers went nuts; Neuroborreliosis. The apple leaves could stop them by smartening them up, but perhaps they are borne of that stupid medical shell game they are playing all across Europe too. They have all those sand fly worms screwing around between their ears, and doctors are incurious. It affects their thinking, and now it is an epidemic. They could analyse their CSF for trypanosomes.

Caduceus.svgIf that is the case, they have created their own nightmare by not telling people the truth, and ignoring treatments. Don’t shoot the messenger. What worries me is they are that nucking futz. Looking at all the security guards wearing uniforms sprayed with permethrin vector repellent. Watching all the worm riddled masses, ignored by their doctors. It’s the European way, the same as the Canadian way, with doctors. Patient gets borrelia, and gets ignored, or alternately declared insane. Meanwhile, some guys catch neuroborrelia from camel flies, and the doctors couldn’t care less until they blow themselves up in an airport. Apple leaves would have got rid of all their trypanosomes when they were way back in Syria and Iraq. Then they might realize the whole thing is batshzt crazy before they even start. Medicine would rather make money off all those worms first before apple leaves smoke them out.

In that light, these medical shenanigans are the smoking gun underlying terror. Meanwhile, back to the cold harsh reality. The human world is riddled with vector nematode parasites, and totally in denial, both doctors and patients. Not me. That’s so 600 Days ago. Apple leaves are the only known way to smoke them out. Inexplicably, the neuroborreliosis goes in the first 3 days, or it did with me. You’ll have no idea until you find a good tree with good leaves. Like all these terror things, it is a spectacular failure of intelligence and imagination, made crystal clear in hindsight. I’ve been kind of slow on the uptake, only being terrified of medicine for about a year and 4 months. That’s when everything they tried made me sicker. Could have just been me, but it was a little too coincidental for me. Then they confirmed it again 4 months ago. They doubled down on stupid, like sack o’ hammers dumb. The COPD and Asthma disappeared more the further I got away from them. I forgot the Ventolin prescription and just coughed out another quart of biofilm. Then garlic walloped the mycoplasma walking pneumonia left after getting flu from a visitor. Apple leaves walloped the rest of it in hours.

On the minor trouble front, the leaves cleared out my sinuses finally. I battled that for years, and thought it was possibly a Klebsiella pneumonia related thing with arthritis. Gone now. Saves money on Advil Cold and Sinus pills. Turns out it was a vector nematode related thing too. If you are in Tasmania, the apple leaves should be optimal for harvesting now. South Africa or Tierra Del Fuego too. The proteolytic enzymes are maximal during the fall season, likely because the leaves start producing the apple ripening enzymes. In the northern hemisphere, it is getting close to the time for innoculating other trees against venturia inaequalis fungus. I tried one test tree last year, and the apples were the size of grapefruit. That was simply from diminishing the apple scab organically. It is a new trick for the arsenal. Simply eat apple scab infected leaves, and inoculate the roots with your urine later. The tree somehow mimics and uses the human antigens to venturia inaequalis.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt thinks it may be cell phones and EMR making us sick. What about 20+ pounds of parasites and bacterial biofilms, literally eating you alive, that wild apple leaves get rid of? Then there is the Under Our Skin documentary. Kind of dated, but you get the drift. Nobody offers any solutions. I do. It’s not all of it, but instead it is head and shoulders over all of medicine.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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