Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, Mar 23, 2016 – The Daily Journal

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I have been looking at the LDAA Lyme Disease Association of Alberta. There is no LDABC. There is also no study of Vector Parasitology in either place. Boy, are they ever going to be embarrassed by Wild Apple Leaves when all of a sudden people discover it is the most important thing in human health EVER!, and it has been totally ignored by medicine for all the time they have existed.

Evans found it in horses and camels. The Japanese talked about nematodes in CSF in 1939. In 1942, they discovered African Sleeping Sickness. Nobody had a clue about it in CSF of MS/Lyme Disease until January 20 this year. I’ve been trying to tell everybody for a year and a half here. Filarial Nematodes from multiple vectors infest every human being, and I think they cause all sorts of horrible chronic illness I can reverse in a lot of cases. The ones I can’t are squarely the fault of an incurious medical system that can’t listen to anything, including their own professors and pathologists. Why are they at fault? Their inability to keep current delayed treatment until it was irreversible. This is as current as it gets, and they ignored it.

Deer eat several kinds of tree leaves, but they like apple because of the taste, and if they can get it, I take it. I found apple leaves are safe for human consumption, and have many health benefits, the largest being the live anthelmintic effect, where they force live parasites out of your skin wherever you have been bit or stung by bugs, all of your life. As the nematodes leave, your health improves every day, and chronic conditions disappear. Isn’t that the reason for all medicine in the first place?

Then there is Lyme Disease. All of the above. Get rid of the parasites first. Then get rid of TrypanosomaBrucei_ProcyclicTrypomastigote_SEMthe biofilm they farm. Easier said than done? Well, yeah, but I have been doing it. It may be too late for me, being 100% confirmed 24 years chronic Lyme Disease, deemed by no less than the Mayo Clinic, with their recent update on ACA Herxheimer disease. It only occurs in 100% chronic Lyme. Who needs tests and false negatives? Wild Apple Leaves are the ultimate cut to the chase no matter what tests say. Those vector parasite worms have to go. The more that leave, the more useless you will find all medicine really is. It never touched them because they never knew they existed here. Well, what are they doing there anyway then? Both the worms and the doctors?

I should add that my vector exposure was a lot more than most, being a lifelong surveyor in jungles and forests all over the place. I likely had Borrelia Burgdorferi, Garinii, Afzelii, Myamotoi, Duncanii, and some they don’t even know of yet, including STARI and Pow. Apple Leaves skunked out all sorts of vector nematodes, more than 200 of them. Then there were the Swimmer’s Itch schistosomes. There were thousands of those, coming out of pores like dirt. The difference is they were obviously Live Dirt! My apple leaves gave them their marching orders.

I’ll never stop Wild Apple Leaves as a maintenance now that I have found most blood feeding insects Bacteriophages1carry nematodes. Some say only 30% carried infections, others say 40%. It seems like a lot of them carry nematodes that leave right after being bitten if you keep up as little as 85 mg apple leaves. I even found the leaf stems were effective too, making me suspect the phloridzin is the active ingredient that scares the worms out. Then again, apple leaves exhibit characteristics of phage due to their panacea nature. I tried tweaking the phage with great results. The apple tree is a phage factory and repository for same if you know what to do. Imagine being a worm and a hail or virtual hornet nest of those phage things show up. No wonder they leave so fast now, slithering for their lives.

Wild Apple Leaves are a long term antibiotic replacement. I tried 600 Days, but it wasn’t continuous use and the dose actually was diminished, as you get more sensitive as the pectin enzyme co treatment reduces biofilm. Alone, the leaves are a wicked powerful antimicrobial, and cure a common cold. The enzyme alone even stretches 85 mg out to at least a couple days for me now, and I still feel the residual herx. Then again, nobody has been here before, trying to come back from 24 years ACA Herxheimer since May 1992. I can only imagine what this would do for “normal” Lyme. On top of it all, they are pro biotic instead of being anti biotic.

For the record this is Day 602. I should keep the clock running. If the apple leaves kill me, they should have done it by now. I tried as much as 4 x 350 mg a day, but without any circulatory enhancement it didn’t make any difference after that. 500 mg of straight cayenne pepper broke through that plateau, but the herx effect got too uncomfortable. A blood test for liver toxins showed I was still OK. The apple leaves were easy on the liver compared to antibiotics. You can take as much as you want, but you need cayenne to break through the 4 capsule plateau I found, and perhaps pectin enzyme also helps. There was no noticeable better effect though overall. Might as well save valuable apple leaves I thought. That was a year ago.

People with obvious horrific neuroborreliosis symptoms are hard to talk to. They ask questions, which you answer, then they immediately ask the exact same question again, having absolutely no recognition of what the answer was. I thought the person was hypnotized as a cruel joke. Wild Apple Leaves cure that in 72 hours, but you can’t make them take them. Get ready for a 100,000 hour repeat of the same thing, every time you talk to them.  A huge waste of time. I guess they are frightened to find out that they had it. Everybody might be different, but that was a shocker I really noticed.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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