Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, Mar 25, 2016 – Good Friday?


DoRightIt’s been 604 Days since I discovered this bug worm thing. It’s a Christian world holiday, but it’s not all good. Why do we ignore vector parasitology? Biblical apple leaves expose a whole new forgotten world, and it is anything but good, riddled with vector nematodes of many unknown descriptions. This whole world is there for everybody, man, woman, and child, to discover for themselves. Only two doctors I know of even know they exist, and I was the one who told them that apple leaves shock vectored nematodes out where you can witness them for yourself. I am a live guinea pig or test Rabbit. The Ether Bunny.

Since then I have deduced the nematodes are responsible for all the top chronic diseases that kill people. Heart, stroke, GI, brain, and likely even cancer. Why? Several reasons. My own experience was high on the list as I felt better as every nematode parasite evacuated my body. They had been there for more than 5 decades in some cases. Another reason is that they are totally unknown to medicine. My score was Apple Leaves 13, (14 if the ACA Herxheimer ever goes away, and I can feel it being nibbled away as we type, and more if you count all the misdiagnoses,) Medicine Zero. They truly had no clue these nematodes even existed. Likely, that is why they have failed against all the top killing diseases. If they spent even a little time and even a miniscule fraction of their huge budget on this, the world would be so much better off, moving forward in a totally new direction of medicine by wiping out multiple chronic diseases. Instead their progress is measured simply by discovering new chronic diseases like Zika.

All vector parasitology focusses on easy to find nematode parasites responsible for rare diseases where they can be found. Absolutely none has focussed on the hard to find nematodes we shock out, hiding in every single person in the world. A couple months ago Dr Alan B MacDonald found some in an autopsy of an MS patient. Eva Sapi found nematode eggs in Ixodes scapularis ticks. I discovered them in everybody just by using Wild Apple Leaves, and both the people and the nematodes were alive AFAIK. It took Banting a day and a half to get his discovery out, worldwide. We are over a year and a half and the intelligentsia is still clueless.

Jesus would have known about all of this. He was Crucified today, a couple thousand years ago. The doctors had their chance then, but probably thought He was beneath their station. Let’s see. Guy changes water into wine, heals all the lepers, likely by getting rid of their nematodes, walks on water, feeds multitude with a handful of loaves and fishes, and they crucify him. These days, they just throw you in psych to bag a pay check for a few weeks instead. Or they write a few scripts and maybe even do a few “procedures” and tests to fatten the bill. They’ve come so far in a couple thousand years. Should you be so unlucky to get a vector illness, they may or may not mess with you until they kill you. Discover the problem, and you become the problem.

Yeah, they all deserve to go to Hell. In that light, “Forgive them not Father, for they know what they do” from the Greek Bible literal translation, seems to be more accurate. If Jesus showed up today, and got chucked in psych to rot, He could heal the whole hospital, but the doctors would take all the credit. You would have to be nuts to attribute it all to some Jew with a “Messiah Complex” in psych. Attributing it all to some Roman with a 6,000 year track record of failure, a rubber hammer, an’ a stethoscope would make it all seem so legit.

Can you tell I am struggling here? Looks like I’m not alone. Looming over all of this are Wild Apple Leaves. Why do they work, and moreover, why do they work so spectacularly? Why do doctors ignore the obvious? I guess it is because they are all damned, even though they only wanted to help. Along comes the help that has eluded their discovery for multiple millennia, and they go out of their way to ignore it. It was offered that maybe I was the wrong pitch man. I think the Lord works in mysterious ways. For some reason, I was selected to be The ONLY Pitch Man. It must have been so they all would all ignore me, and intentionally, to their own obvious peril.

See if you can pass the Wild Apple Leaf test. Try eating them without any nematodes scattering for their lives, which coincidentally, they also steal from yours. Hillary says my voice is too moderate, and I am getting drowned out. How can I Trump the fact that there are likely at least a hundred parasites killing you slowly and surely, and by eating Wild Apple Leaves and some Pectin Enzyme, you can get rid of them? Won’t happen. Too timid and moderate here, I guess.

DiYGene Simmo0ns says with a computer, “You can write, you can play, access the global community!” That’s all bullshzt. That access is one way. Nobody is looking. You have to go viral with a barking cat. Or a mewing dog. Photoshop helps, or failing that, even GIMP. Why was the Easter bunny so upset? He was having a bad Hare day. GROAN! See? Shzt like that flies. People don’t want to know about worms slithering inside their ears and eating their brain. They kinda know Leafssomething is wrong, but they can’t put Their finger on it. When you put Your finger on it, they don’t wanna know. When you tell them the worms are lethal, they’ll shoot back that we all have to die sometime. Hey, idiot, I just told you you do Not have to die simply eating Wild Apple Leaves! Aww, forget it. You DO have to die. Yeah. I’m the wrong pitch man. They really don’t like that high inside hard stuff in the strike zone. Gotta keep ’em low, slow, and in the sweet spot to find the parking lot past the fence in left.

HornetPizzGimme another hornet pizz. Need a bit of tequila too. It’s all good. Now that’s a pitch they can put in orbit. I make the best Apple Leaf chasers on the planet bar none. They dissolve all that biofilm breakdown, but I cheated with a bit of bromelain. Tastes like pineapple blue agave licorice instead of bland congestive slop. It cured COPD, but that’s incurable, so never mind. They said I have asthma. Not any more. It’s incurable too. Get rid of several pounds of biofilm, and it becomes a memory. Maybe I’ll actually have that cigar I have been saving FOREVAH! Naww. I’ll save it for Easter. It’s probably dried out and harsh like the last one was. It’s been sitting around for months. I poured some blackberry wine into the Sambuca bottle to swish it out. Tasty. That pressed Agave tequila is crap, but it’ll do in a pinch. I prefer Hagar, but Patron will do in a pinch too. Trust Me, I’m not a doctor. I am a mineral processing engineer. And my azz is my plant. We run a tight ship.

So how do we Trump that? Easy. Be proactive instead of reactive. Reactive will always come up less. As a mineral process engineer, It’s a good drink that is good for you, but it gets better. You could have the good for you part without becoming an alcoholic. That is what I focussed on. while doctors focus on sustainability of bandaids.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

4 thoughts on “Fri, Mar 25, 2016 – Good Friday?

  1. Hi Mike. Have you heard from other people with success with the leaves? Still like to read your rants from time to time…but seems the leaves are not always the answer (as is the case for me, as you know). But very curious about the success rate…


    • I had a healthy friend try some 4:1 pectin enzyme to leaves I made up, and within a day, the worm exodus started. That friend also smoked, but I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.


  2. Btw. I’m not giving up fully on it yet. This summer I will try the bark instead, and see what that does.


    • Nobody knows there are worms in a third of your bug stings and bites you have had all your life. If your leaves work, or bark works, a worm will come out of a new mosquito bite right away. Dr MacDonald found them in the cerebrospinal fluid of an MS autopsy, but was not able to identify the species. It was close to Trypanosome Evansi responsible for Surra in horses and other vertebrates. This is the only way to get them out alive. Raw leaves are best.


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