Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, Mar 27, 2016 – Easter

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phage606 Days. If those raw apple leaves were poison, I wouldn’t be here. I tried heating them to dry them but they were tastier if air dried. I keep going with air dried ones because they worked better too. They’ll kill any disease in there anyway. If they have phage in them, I don’t want to damage them. I didn’t take wormwood with them. It will make you feel like you are being electrocuted. Wormwood contains poison terpenes. Apple leaves have no poison. They do all the heavy lifting too.

But you already know all that. Why is there an Easter Bunny? Reading the link, it is symbolic of fertility and rebirth, the rabbit. Thus the egg part too. The tradition goes back to German immigrants in the 1700’s. That’s 1700 years too late for Jesus, but not Cadbury.

Counting my blessings more than calories, I count myself lucky that I was born close enough to discover the antidote for all this calendar madness. You would have to eat apple leaves to get it though. Apple trees may not grow as powerful everywhere, not having the pathogenesis to build phage against many ills. That may be easy enough to cure by introducing the tree to your own pathogens to expand its phage library. It sure worked to cure my tree of apple scab. It seemed to use my inherent human immunity to that fungus. It goes both ways.

Is anywhere safe from this? No. Biting Bugs with worms in them will be everywhere. An apple tree from there will be better for those bugs. If you get the leaves too hot, you will kill them and they won’t work it seems. That’s all I can figure. I eat them raw or air dried. The active ingredients are not water soluble. They will only dissolve in ethanol it is known. There seems to be no benefit over powdered raw leaves.

The cost of arthritis drugs are through the roof, $1,100 to $5,000 a month. The side effects are more serious than the drug warrants. Wild Apple Leaves have manageable side effects with pectin enzyme, so charging double should be easily warranted. That just tells you how hard you should attempt to locate as many apple trees as you can, inoculate, and try them all to potentially save $10,000 a month. The leaves were also noticed to be a clot buster, reversing several of the effects of a stroke years after the fact. You can’t put a price on that. Lyme Disease was defined as a strange juvenile arthritis in Old Lyme, Connecticut. I would move heaven and earth to find out why they weren’t working for me, but I sure don’t have any problem with them. Mind you, they are all that I have taken, quitting Celebrex when I found it was comparatively useless at $100 a month. Then when the nematodes started coming out, I really got interested. I only tried enough wormwood to find out it was contraindicated with Apple Leaves, and got rid of a year of worms before I was able to use it with not much side effects. Other drugs may have other side effects in combination, but why would you take them if they don’t work? If they do work, fine. Go for broke, literally.

There seems to be a common thread here. All Lyme treatment fails. I know why. It does nothing for the nematode parasites relatively nobody even knows about. After all that treatment, you will still have hundreds of those things in you, ready to reinfect any second you stop. Then the whole problem will wake up again, even more forceful than it was to begin with. I was lucky enough to skip all that useless diversion. I suspected International Lyme Disease, which by all accounts was a worst case scenario. Finding out about 24 years of ACA Herxheimer just confirmed that, along with the fact it showed up in Mexico, pointing to additional Borrelia Garinii. There is no test for all that, short of Wild Apple Leaves. Doctors are more than a century out of date, denying the reality of international travel, or the entire international oil and gas business and the people who worked in it.

It’s a two part solution. The apple leaves break the biofilm, and the pectin enzyme starts to dissolve it faster. Nothing else does that that I know of, but you are welcome to spend literally millions trying. I would also be interested because every single person who thought they could do things better than I could has failed spectacularly, all my life. I’m still waiting for the next batch to produce someone who can do it better. I guess I am just lucky. They all get sicker anyway, and they’re all fine with that, doing it their way. That’s what you get targeting spirochaetes when they are only a tenth of the trouble, if that. It also kills 90.9% of the cells in their body, the biotics. Yeah, that’ll work. Or bee venom “Therapy.” It took over a year to get down to the worms in bee stings, and more to finally expel the stingers. Brilliant. That’s like emptying a loaded revolver or even a Glock into yourself to treat a gunshot wound. One thing for sure. You’ll likely forget the initial single gunshot wound. I can treat BVT victims, far worse than Lyme, for $10,000 a month, for at least a year. Hey, it makes $1,000 a month seem cheap, but they’ll likely all lie about it, and opt for the Enbrel economy version. It’s obvious nothing can detect the nematodes yet, short of My Apple Leaves. I’m batting 1000 here with the clinical trial here where I control the source of the leaves and enzymes. The patients may not get it, but their worm exit wounds don’t lie. “Oh, just a rash.” Yeah, right. Remember that bug bite 30 years ago? Apple leaves did.

d’Herelle went to Georgia. Was it for the apple trees, or the quince? Both are from the genus Rosacea. Could be. On top of all this, is the forensics. What did they find out about phage? I’ve found out a hell of a lot more, without even bragging. Nobody can prove it. It is far beyond all biotechnology. Why even waste time pursuing a degree and slowing yourself up? All the thesis advisers will be inadequate anyway. One thing for sure. You’ve got Phage.

Sunday Housecall is big on prostate cancer this week. Who cares? I walloped that over a year ago. Took out the worms. My apple leaves are $100,ooo a month. I know they work. 😉



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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