Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, Mar 28, 2016 – Is It Just Me?

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It’s Day 607 for the record. The news seems crazy not because of the content, but because they misdirect from all the real stories. The cost of free healthcare is through the roof on prescriptions for stuff that doesn’t work. It could be just me. I’m the only person I know of who has given all the filarial nematodes the boot. I know they seriously affect thinking. After a few days of Wild Apple Leaves, the fog clears and it all seems so naked in the bright light. Those bug worms really do a number on you. Dr MacDonald‘s last vid was a year ago, but behind the scenes there is a lot spring boarding off my tip to Dr Sapi, the microbiology professor from University of New Haven, Connecticut. You know you are on the right track when your Professors jump into the field of vector parasitology.

TrypanosomaBrucei_ProcyclicTrypomastigote_SEMThat means nearly everybody else is still infected. With the same little bug worms that cause all manner of diseases. Heart. Lung. GI. Brain. Endocrine systems. The news is all about Hulk and the wives of political candidates. That is soooo not what matters to me. What matters is an ignored epidemic. They ignore it because they don’t know how to treat it or otherwise stop it. It’s bad when the top doctor has to say, “Trust me… I’m Not a Doctor!” Even worse, it is becoming clearer that people don’t even have an idea what is really happening. In a reverse way, I have become the sick one, figuring out a way to stop it. I worry what will become of that? It isn’t just Lyme Disease, but that was the keyhole that gave us a peek into what is really happening with parasite riddled humans from bug bites with a parasite worm transferred with them. Eeeek! And they are still alive inside everybody.

Doctors think it’s nuts. They’re right, but it is them who are nuts. Here is the problem, and the solution, and they are ignoring it. I remember a pharmacist who thought the worms were a good thing. I know they are anything but. That bug might have just flown out of a sewage lagoon or a dead decaying animal, and now it is your problem too. Vector Disease is bigger than anyone suspected. It’s a whole new paradigm of medicine for North America, and completely under the radar of the existing system. That’s not good, as they are about to get overwhelmed with baby boomers.

Just in arthritis medicinal value alone, nobody would be able to afford this. It all boils down to a time study. How many apple leaves can you collect per dollar? Then there is drying, powdering in a blender, and encapsulating/packaging them alone. Nobody cares because they simply do not know. You have to divide the raw weight by 20 approximately before drying to account for a 95% moisture content. That’s what I think about, but the news thinks about refugee vetting. Hello. If they are coming here, they are all bad. They want us all dead. They are over 90% terrorists. At least they’re where they can draw a bead on them. That is the end game of Iraq they so desperately wanted.

I wondered how I could be of the most help in the coming health care crisis, moving out of the problem column into the solution column. People will never see it coming, because they don’t know how to see the vector parasitic nematode problem. You can only see them in autopsies and when you smoke them out with Wild Apple Leaves. I can’t be the only one when they are finding the worms in cerebral spinal fluid from autopsies of MS/Lyme patients. I knew it all along for 606 Days anyway, that I’m not nuts, and I have found a way to get rid of the worms. I need more apple leaves that I know work. Apparently, not all leaves work like I assumed. That will be a big problem if all the leaves have to be vetted for anthelmintic power. That will make it cost prohibitive. You don’t want to waste money harvesting leaves that have no effect. All of mine work so that is easy. Some work a lot better from my experiments on them. Maybe there is another anthelmintic that does the same thing, but I kind of doubt it. If you have somehow killed all the worms, you may have solved the problem, but in a hitherto unknown way. Apple leaves will teach you nothing about the W5 of the parasites.

The best way is to try the leaves as you pick them. You’ll need capsules of pectin enzyme should they “snotterboard” you in the process. Find ten or twenty different trees if you can. They should taste a little bit like apples, although they may be a bit bitter from the chlorophyll content. Drying them first minimizes that. Really good ones will go through your skin by osmosis. Ironically, I have ACA Herxheimer disease, a guarantee of chronic Lyme Disease, so I can feel the leaves that way, and I am very sensitive. This will really throw a wrench into any time study. If they balloon to over $10,000 a month to vet and harvest, covering costs of the wages and the weight measurement, nobody will be able to afford it.

My brother picked about 4 ounces, dried, of leaves an hour at let’s say 20 bucks an hour. Maybe $10 would be closer. That is with no drying , powdering, and packaging. Wage could be cheaper but then there is employee overhead. I simply told him to pick ones that looked like they were edible. I tried catching some in a net in the fall, but that was a tangle to deploy and retrieve. Next I’ll use a catch linen sheet instead. Just hang it from the branches, and bunch it at the trunk. I still have no takers in Tasmania where this would all be happening now, because those leaves will be ripe for the picking. But how could I vet those leaves for anthelmintic effect? It would all be in the effect the picker notices. If you haven’t got any pickers trained, it will all be useless and random, not knowing what you are getting, let alone where you are getting it from. You need that W5 on the leaves… Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Now not to mention How Powerful?

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44Oh well. Works for me. Maybe it is smoking. Wouldn’t that be a hoot, if it only worked for smokers? Everybody else would die. There would be no way to get rid of the filarial nematodes that will eventually kill them. They’re hundreds of times deadlier than smoking, and that is a conservative estimate. Picture that that last meal of that vector could have been a cesspool, or a rotten carcass, or a rat. Now it’s your turn. That is what is happening. Those bugs can kill a moose, and then they eat it too, just before they transfer what killed it, to you. This man is almost 110 years old and smokes a dozen cigars a day, with a whiskey chaser. Something in that garden may have something to do with it. Beet greens? Collard greens? Apple leaves get rid of the worms for me.

Yet they still look at ticks. Every kind other bug bite or sting will erupt with Wild Apple Leaves eventually if they work for you. The nematode will drill out, still alive, and it becomes obvious it was there for decades. Until then. It flees the coop and leaves its farm behind. They even leave new bites, and immediately. You don’t even know you were bitten, but surely, there is a nematode that comes out. You feel a little better as every nematode leaves. Now you know why the deer crave apple trees, and it isn’t for the apples. The leaves are the only way to stop it that I have found yet. They’re also the only way to test for this whole new paradigm of all sorts of diseases that eventually kill everyone from just one of the multiple categories, and one of your multiple bug bites.

Dr. Suzuki said 20% of people have arthritis. To me, that is evidence enough of borrelia. Is it just me? I thought whatever that deer had was what I have. Strong side weak. Now I find it was likely Surra. The identical thing to Lyme Disease/MS in humans. They diagnose MS here because they can book it for a few procedures. We still don’t have MRI’s here though. unless you want to blow 700 bucks. That’s 35 hours of apple leaf picking, and maybe 8 or 9 pounds dry if you are lucky at 4 ounces an hour. If they work, even one pound should be enough to clean all the worms out and keep the maintenance up for new bites. Having ACA Herxheimer helps to select the best leaves. You feel them right away.

Apple Tree Bark is BCTF.logocheaper online, but I do not know if it works as a live anthelmintic like the leaves do. $2.80 an ounce would mean $11.20 an hour to break even in my hypothetical time study. Deer eat leaves, not bark. The small stems connected to the leaves did work. They would be pretty close to bark. My leaves have gotten rid of all my worms, so I couldn’t be sure to test them anyway, unless a new infected bug bite happens to have a nematode. I see there is a link to a webpage for the Paul H. Duray Research Fellowship. Unfortunately, I am not a young researcher, being older than dirt, but in a way, That could be better because I seemed to have all sorts of things wrong with me, giving me a baseline to see how much the leaves could do alone. There may still be permanent damage from the malacia lesions to nerves. But then all the trypanosomes and other little worm parasite animals came out eventually. Hey, that’s something.



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