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Tues, Mar 29, 2016 – Genetics

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TrypanosomeDay 608, now that I finally have it straight. People are a slave to their genetics they claim. But is the genetic weakness to life or to the hidden filarial nematodes they are packing around? Looking at it through the eyes of a vector parasitologist, I suspect it is a genetic weakness to the vector parasite complexes. Wild Apple Leaves remove that roadblock. Along with it, they would also remove what you thought was a genetic predisposition to vector disease. In theory, no more parasites, no more problem.

While this is a whole new infectious disease paradigm for medicine, it is totally unknown domestically, save for only one vector, the tick, out of hundreds if not thousands. One new vector I discovered, aquatic biofilm, is largely ignored. It is the one behind Swimmer’s Itch. Then what about all the parasites that seemed to be in mosquito bites? It is a brand new direction that nobody has looked into. I went looking for a school to get more information, only to find that the closest match was in the veterinary sciences. It has been ignored in human medicine, but that is not to say that it isn’t responsible for nearly everything we call chronic infectious disease. Heart, lung, brain, and GI are 99% of that, and Wild Apple Leaves will show you it is likely a worm and its biofilm behind it all.

The North American vector parasitologist knows that all medicine will go nowhere without addressing this first. He or she also knows that it won’t be limited to one geographic region of earth. Wild Apple Leaves become the professor, skunking out hundreds of different vector parasites. It’s overwhelming. And there are no researchers to help me, the only domestic vector parasitologist I know.

When Dr. MacDonald discovered Trypanosomes in CSF of MS autopsies, that shows you how big this totally new umbrella is. It solves the mystery of MS. It is a vector parasite disease. Dr. Duray himself spent his life linking this unknown vector parasitology to heart arrhythmia, through one vector parasite identifiable disease, Lyme Disease. Of course everybody focusses on spirochaetes, while the nematode behind the curtain is the root cause. A Vector Parasite.

To put it in Trump terms, it is “Yuuuge!” Nearly every other bug bite you have ever had will have one of these parasites in it. If you don’t believe it, the Wild Apple Leaves will smoke it out. It worked for me. The only other way to find this out is apparently by autopsy. Spirochaetes are a given. They are just the symptom of the nematode parasite and its biofilm.

I’m an engineer, so it is highly unlikely this will ever be discovered in the medical realm. They are still preoccupied with declaring everybody is insane to shirk insurance claims. It is quite barbaric actually. When you look back at the history of medicine, every new ground breaking technology they have met has been greeted this way. That isn’t something to really be proud of. It is also no way forward. They are obsolete and marginalized, a dead science with obsolete tools. Serology is useless to determine biofilm disease. The disease markers remain hidden from view from a serology point of view. Wild Apple Leaves snap it all back into crystal clear focus. The biggest disease of all is obsolete medicine itself. It’s all obsolete too in this light.

Biofilm and spirochaetes are just a symptom of the vector parasites. I know it, but you can see how hard a sell that is going to be. Eventually, all my detractors will die of exactly that, but that will take time. Should I just shaddup and hide? Or should I jump in to the fray and show them the error of their ways? I’m sick of the same old, being told that isn’t possible only to watch them slink away when a nematode drills straight out of their face, between their eyes. No apology. Nothing. Doesn’t sound very inviting, upsetting the apple cart of a bunch of well armed psychos. Somehow they will twist that into it somehow being my fault, machine gunning the messenger. I don’t have much faith in the whole lot of them, knowing their track record and MO.

I see that University of New Haven was in the news a month ago. I think the parasite builds the biofilm, not the spirochaete. I’ve been able to pare down the biofilm using the two part apple leaf and pectin enzyme treatment. The apple leaves eliminate the vector parasite and start the biofilm degradation process that the pectin and other enzymes help. However I see that the bee venom treatment people are lurking in the comments on their FB page. My worst and toughest nematodes were in bee and yellow jacket stings, but nobody wants to hear about that. So I soldier along, alone, in my little embryonic vector parasitology world. I’m not talking about rare tropical diseases either. These are all right here, right now, in everybody ever bitten by insects or who rubbed up against a slimy raft while swimming or wading.

On that topic, Trichobilharzia regenti is a schistosome that looms large. There were Trichobilharzia-regenti-cercarialiterally thousands in me coming out from the Wild Apple Leaves like dirt. A second wave was hidden in the biofilm after Day 313. The link leaves it at cercarial dermatitis or Swimmer’s Itch, however of interest is the migration of the schistosomes to the spinal cord of the intermediate host. They are a neural tissue feeding species. That is a lot bigger than you would think, given that they assumed the human immune response took care of these things. I found anything but. It is possible that immunity stops the migration to the spinal cord, but the schistosomes remain alive until apple leaves smoke them out decades later. Domestic Vector parasitology that Wild Apple Leaves rip the lid off becomes too large to manage in that light. Luckily, they also eliminate it. Ignoring Wild Apple Leaf vector parasitology moves you to the back of the class in medicine. They really won’t like that. It puts every doctor back at square one.

I guess I stick with it because of the thrill of discovery. I got my worms out alive while doctors are still finding them in autopsies only. Thanks to Dr MacDonald though, I know I am on the right track. Moreover, that was the World’s First Scientific paper on Jan 20,2016. Now they are finding the same types of worms I got rid of in dead people, and they are saying that is what killed them. Well, they won’t be killing me then. Yet it’s lonely at the top of domestic vector parasitology world. It’s like playing a perfect game of solitaire, and there is nobody there to witness it. It’s like pizzing your pants in a dark suit. It gives you a nice warm feeling, but nobody seems to notice. No Adult Nematodes were found in the CSF, but larval forms were. The adults are likely what I saw coming out of the insect vector sites, and the recently discovered neural lymphatic system was their nursery. You can meet your own worms simply eating Wild Apple Leaves, and they come out. Then you tell me. We can compare notes.

I found out that tryps have cousins that are TSTD… Toilet Seat Transmitted, lol


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