Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, Mar 31, 2016 – Vector Parasitology at SFU

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Dr Carl Lowenberger is the NRC Chair in Vector Parasitology in Canada. It only took me 610 Days to find him, but he really has to know about this. It looks like all the focus is predictable, ignoring the huge domestic threat that Wild Apple Leaves expose, TrypanosomaBrucei_ProcyclicTrypomastigote_SEMbeing a Live Anthelmintic, giving live filarial nematode spirochaete farmers the boot from where they hide in you and sponge off you for decades. They were from Canadian bugs, mostly, and not some odd tropical species. Everybody in that field is looking at tropical regions and diseases from that, while I am onto a huge problem right here down on the farm. Doctors dismiss it as something that cannot exist, yet it does. I had hundreds of these things, and thousands of schistosomes come out too. The apple leaves made it obvious from the get go. Nothing tells me anything about what I have witnessed for over a year and a half here.

I’ve got to tell you it is kind of frustrating, or had been, until a glimmer of hope from Dr A B MacDonald when he discovered this, published Jan 20, 2016, possibly following what was happening from Wild Apple Leaves. The adult nematodes weren’t found by autopsy, but the larval forms were. I tried to tell his compatriot Lyme Researcher Dr Eva Sapi about it because I heard her mention filarial nematodes in ticks. That was the closest match to what I was seeing from Wild Apple Leaf consumption at the time, Sept 2014. They make it all so obvious. Surra was a match, and it infects vertebrates. Now they know it causes MS. That is what they call Lyme Disease in Canada more often than not. It is a specific case of it, and some say just a symptom, because they don’t test well for Lyme in Canada. They have enough on their plate with the largest infected density of MS cases in the world. The last thing they need is more of the same. Consequently, they all went into Ostrich mode, ignoring it.

I’m a bit old to become a grad student. Still, I like to follow this field of vector parasitology because it is so relevant to what I have found here. I’m more the age of a retired professor, but was just an engineer. I’ve been thumping the apple leaf tub instead, because it alone gives an education second to none. I had enough chronic diseases to give them a real workout, and view what they were kicking out from old bug bites and stings, but all without a microscope. Herb or food? Whatever. What you will see will show you exactly what is happening with all disease. Vector parasites, unknown, multiple, and ubiquitous. Multiple domestic vectors too. When you skunk out all those worms, you’ll feel a lot better. Everybody thinks there is nothing wrong. Wait until they get a load of this. Still waiting though. It’s been a slog trying to get the word out. Nobody will believe it. Denial is so much easier and tidy. The denial will eventually kill them from exactly what they deny, and they won’t have any idea what did it, even though they themselves denied it even existed, with absolutely no evidence or proof.

Let’s say you take me up on it. You won’t need a degree in rocket surgery to tell you that those parasite filarial nematode spirochaete farmers weren’t doing any good in there for decades. You’ll feel better as they leave too. If you wonder what the heck they were doing there, you’re not alone, but I’m sure glad they’re finally gone AFAICT. Just had a new one on my scalp take off too. New vector bites that have nematodes with them cause that when they taste your apple leaf blood. The nematode turns tail and leaves, before it even gets started. That’s a good thing obviously. You get herxing from what seems like an apoptosis effect from the repair or replacement of old damaged cells. As the pectin enzyme gets rid of more biofilm, more nematodes get exposed and come out. What are they and what were they doing? You tell me. They obviously had a cushy deal for decades that they gave up shortly after wild apple leaves smoked them out.

I guess you’ll never know until you experience it for yourself. YMMV. I look at all the new biologic arthritis medicines like enbrel, humira, remicade, etc. All very expensive, and they just alleviate the arthritis, $400 US a month continuously or more, and do not actually cure it. The side effects can be life threatening. The leaves cured mine I think, or it seems that way comparatively compared to how it used to be. It did take a few months of continuous use, but that was because I likely had it 50 years I think.

There is an article trending on Facebook of a study showing 3 month extended use antibiotics are ineffective in treating Lyme Disease. It has created a furor among Lyme Patients, but I see the doctors’ argument that long term antibiotics are harmful to your body systems. Biotics are 90.9 % of the cells in your body, so killing them all creates many serious problems. OTOH, some LLMD’s feel that the benefits outweigh the negatives. Apple Leaves are probiotic, and the method of defeating biofilm with pectin enzyme is more benign than prophylaxis antibiotic treatment. Eventually, I suspect the two together can make short course antibiotics effective again. The polysaccharide matrix of biofilm makes it impervious to even extended antibiotic prophylaxis. What good will it be if the treatment kills you, or eliminates options for equally serious medical conditions in the future? Wild Apple Leaves and Pectin Enzyme are a replacement for antibiotic prophylaxis, and obviously more effective overall from the filarial nematode parasite elimination effect at least, confirmed by that study alone amongst others. Antibiotic Prophylaxis is ruled out in Canada due to the high patient kill rate and low success. You may be one of the lucky 30% it doesn’t kill. Wild apple leaves eliminate all the problems alone with pectin enzyme co treatment. I wish they were faster, but I was breaking new trail there, so proceeded cautiously.

Nothing addresses the obvious massive vector parasite complex otherwise.

phage-group-bright-2-russell-kightleyI should add that my leaves are raw and air dried. Boiling them will kill the nature, or possible bacteriophage, they contain, so they won’t work as well. I tweaked mine and confirmed phage like properties by introducing the trees to my serum pathogens and immunities. They were too valuable to waste on killing some to confirm that though. You will have to confirm that yourself. I likely would have trouble anyway because of the osmosis effect when handling the dry leaves. I don’t have many of the 2015 phage modified leaves left, but there will be a whole new batch starting next month. You’ll have to come here to get some though. That isn’t even a hundredth of the story how I do it. BYOB and groceries. Excess quantities appreciated. lol

Now it’s back to typotherapy mode… Mad Money on CNBC has a piece coming up on defeating the scourge of hospital super bugs. Just a tease. Nothing defeats them except bacteriophage. I was hoping it would have some news from Vince Fischetti. It is about Seres Therapeutics. Interesting… taking natural solutions and isolating why they work, like the “African Fever Tree” leading to the discovery of Quinine for malaria. Apple Leaves already address the microbiome issues leading to dysbiosis, but they are into specifics. To that end, they have assembled a world class team. There is an ongoing clinical trial of C. Difficile treatment Ecospor®. Impressive, but like the whole biotech sector, their stock has been beat up. They are certainly preaching to the choir here about the microbiome.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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