Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Fri, April 29, 2016 – New leaves

SomeWormsDay 640. The apple trees have been awake about 10 days now. Our medical system still has its head in the sand. They know nothing of the multiple vector nematode parasites right under their own noses. It explains an awful lot, like almost everything they can’t understand about chronic disease. Eat some apple leaves and bark, and the nematodes come out of your skin alive. They’ve been living there for decades. They live in your skin and intestines. Nobody knew about the ones living in your skin, until now.

Sunday will be World Lyme Day or May will be Lyme Month is some places. That the month when all the biting and stinging insects start waking up. Now that the apple trees are growing again, you can snip your own leaves and bark again to see what I am talking about. Sadly, no one will believe you. They will die from those very parasites and co infections they farm to raid your nutrients. The more that leave, the better you will feel. It is only one small piece of any named disease, but an important unknown piece I think. It explains why they can’t be eradicated and how they remain chronic. The nematode repopulates the pathogens like spirochaetes.

Nobody ever gets rid of chronic Lyme disease for long. They all ask “Why am I still sick?” In Canada, they just ignore it, and spare you the futile treatments. How is the quit smoking going? It still is amazingly. 9 days now. I have a craving because I actually Want to cough out biofilm loogies. I manage to stifle the cravings still and they are a little easier to get around.

Unfortunately, I worked outdoors in the woods and farm fields a lot of my life. It was an occupational hazard all of us knew nothing about until later, and when it was too late. Even more insulting are the attempts to low ball the risk after the fact to get out of insurance responsibilities. Treatment for any of it has been delayed to the point where it would be useless if I had not discovered the Apple Tree leaves and Bark thing. Their fraud was unchallenged until then. They won though. It will all be hidden fraud for a few more centuries. On top of that, they have created a perfect murder weapon. People will just drop off a few vectors, and you’re done, with no treatment and no response available, except here. Find an apple tree. It means everything.

I lost quitting smoking. I had a puff of an old cigar with my wine. Fail. I’ve got to quit quitting quitting again. A slip. I put it out. 10 days. The depression was overwhelming today. I lit it again. I am going to die, but at least the depression is gone. Given all the facts, it seems ironic and humane. I put it out again. Sorry, but that is how I will die now. Damned if I do, and damned if I don’t. Medicine will kill me. They will nuke me with x-rays and CAT scans. I just won’t go. I’m on the run now again, but the depression is alleviated for a few minutes. All that welling up bug biofilm is coming out. I had a wellbutrin/zyban. Can I salvage it? It remains to be seen.

If I just forget that slip and quit quitting quitting again. I don’t like the vasoconstriction. I’ll clear out the toxins with Apple Bark. I just had a nice chaw of it, about a tablespoon. You really taste the phloridzin in it. It is known to be powerful against multiple toxins, including heavy metals. I am a child of the leaded gas era. Tobacco is the least of our worries, but still a worry none the less. I feel more hopeless than guilty about it. It really moves that biofilm mucus out. Maybe I can make a pizza. Food becomes another addiction.


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Thurs, April 28, 2016 – Lost a Day

Day 639. I never made a new post. Just kept tacking on to yesterday’s. Here it is almost rolling to Friday. Kinda lost and preoccupied trying to get tax reporting together. When you get arthritis or Lyme disease here, they cancel all your additional medical insurance. They have known behind the scenes since the 80’s with me,. and said nothing. I also had the juvenile arthritis scarlet letter. Now I know it was all from bug bites and stings. It could happen to you if you had that HLA-B27 gene.

Raw Apple Bark is a new weapon in my arsenal against inflammatory cytokines. It gives a SomeWormsnice warming feeling reducing swelling of my knobby knees. The swelling seems to actually be biofilm slime, and also dissolves. Bark is better than leaves at that while still being anthelmintic, I think. Something came out of a couple new bug bites so far I think. These are dermal resident parasites, and they are usually long lived to begin with, being resident for several decades until the apple bark or leaves force them out. You will know what they caused by your own medical situation, after the leaves and bark skunk them out.

They say solar flares caused radio blackouts on April 17. I remember the satellite TV was cutting out. Now I know it was solar flares, and not as “nefarious” as jet contrail spray making up for nuked ozone. Still keeping smoke free for now. Also keeping nematode parasite free, even rarer. It took me over a year to get them all out and the new ones still keep getting booted out. I see the news about the tequila bottle found floating with human remains and a message. An interesting Message in a Bottle story. He finally got his wish.

Going by statistics, I am not supposed to have long either. 24 years late stage tertiary chronic Lyme disease, a stroke 9 years ago, former long time smoker, and trying to break the smoking paradox whereby everyone I knew who quit smoking died. Word on Prince is it may be a painkiller overdose. I count myself lucky I never got sucked down that way. I battled pain from a juvenile age. Ibuprofen just depressed me after a while. Tylenol was bad on the liver. Aspirin hard on the stomach, as was Naproxen. Doctors intentionally hid it all from me. Their prescriptions of exercise made it all exponentially worse, likely so they could make more money pushing pain killers. I didn’t know what to believe until I discovered the whole Apple Tree thing. I believe they’re on the wrong track and any idiot can tell you that after they see what Apple Tree Bark and Leaves do when eaten.

The Man who Tried to Save BC and failed. I was delusional to try. Now it will go out bragging about their strong economy from ignoring all the arthropod disease and picking up victims’ housing at pennies on the dollar. Easy to hide if they just call it something else.

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Weds, April 27, 2016 – There’s an “APP “For That

Day 638. Apple-Tree Polyphenol/Phage Protocol.Pyrus Malus Not Miscible with Water. It is miscible with Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol, and I can get it here in BC with a permit or in Alberta off the shelf. Hard to get elsewhere in Canada. It is the only treatment for early and late stage chronic Lyme or Pow that won’t kill you. You’ll see why when it shows you your first infected bug sting and bite. All that other dirt coming out? I suspect it is Swimmer’s Itch. They are thousands of little live parasites.

APP? Where can you get it? Nowhere. Yet. You know it’s some bad azzed shzt because it has a three letter acronym. You can make your own, or just skip the whole deal and start eating the Wild Apple Leaves yourself. Don’t take anything else like wormwood unless you like surprises like electrocution. Some people may dig that. Not so much me. I suspect that is why people with Lyme disease keep getting sicker, when APP makes you better every day. After the first hundred worms or so, you’ll figure it out too. Those bugs have been spitting live parasite worms in you all your life. Don’t bother telling a doctor. It’s too far over their heads. They don’t know what the things are, and they assume they do not exist. Keep it our little secret from them, and leave them riddled head to toe with thousands of the slimy deadly things forever.

Caduceus.svgCan you tell I am a little bitter? Trust me. Avoid doctors like the plague unless you want to be bitter too when they lock you up and/or treat you anyway with something that does nothing. They’re in cahoots with the parasite worms for money and have been asleep at the switch for 60 centuries, so keeping them in the dark for another 60 is fair game. They can screw around with their own thousands of worms to keep occupied until they die from thousands of worms. You don’t want to get in the way of that obvious romance. Try to restrain your guffaws when they try to claim all those parasites are actually GOOD for you.

An apple leaf a day might work to keep them away, but if you are older like me, better start doing catch up eating the whole tree minus the apple centres. The skin has good phloridzin and other polyphenols. These days, the rest of the apple is good for practicing baseball pitches. It is the most pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide contaminated produce on the planet so far. According to government food safety agencies, that’s OK, and so is filling supermarkets floor to ceiling with this crap for our consumption. It’s the largest conspiracy to commit premeditated murder in history, but you can’t sue city hall, or even try them for premeditated murder I guess. Murder on, baby food weed killer lacers.

I’m still craving cigarettes, and the earworm misdirect is still working, now focussing on quitting nicorette and even Thrive altogether. This is Week 2. The gum makes your teeth sore if you chew it too much. Gum reportedly does loosen earwax so you can give that earworm the easy way out. Good luck getting it to leave though. It seems to be stuck in that smoking mind space. Time to bring in the Big Iron! Ahhhhggggh!! You can’t put your finger on it, or drill it either. Even APP can’t touch these puppies! Depending on age, you’ll love to hate these more than even cigarettes. They’re relatively harmless though, although that is debatable.

Mere mortal worms though, Look Out! APP skunks their slimy lil’ butts out. Here is a larger version caught off Taiwan by accident, but Thomas Grier shows that there are lots of smaller ones that drill straight out of your previously most private spaces, ears, brain, neck, colon, everywhere! Doctors run for the hills, but they’re still riddled with the dang things anyway. QED.

SomeWormsMy new thing is Apple-Tree Bark on top of leaves. It works better raw. Boiling it or leaching it in alcohol may kill the phage I suspect is behind it smoking all those worms out everywhere. Don’t  mess with a good thing. Do you boil the salad too? When the biofilm dissolves, chewing the cut bark reduces the viscosity of the expectorated pectin/polysaccharide bacterial biofilm slime. Add pectin enzyme and bromelain, serrapeptase, and other digestive enzymes. The apple-tree fibre is probiotic. Doctors hate that. It stops killing everybody. No wonder it is selling out everywhere. Apple Polyphenols are in extracts of apple peels by the tonne on Alibaba or Ebay, but people would know if they work like the raw bark and leaves. I haven’t seen anything about that.


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Tues, April 26, 2016 – Smoking CessationG

Day 637. It will be 7 days since 4 – 20 when I quit smoking. I smoked since I was young. I have always failed at quitting, and both parents were initially hooked. My father was able to quit eventually. 4 – 20 also happens to be the DEA Holiday when they gather all the pot smokers in the world together in public to set up and destroy all their lives. Smoking Kills even if they have to be the ones to do it.

I kept it up so far, but it is the hardest thing I have ever done. The marijuana part was easy because I am still allergic to terpenes and turpentine, the active ingredient in THC. Terpenes are also responsible for thujone, the psychoactive ingredient in Absinthe from sweet annie wormwood.  The nicotine part is exceptionally hard. Only Mark Twain found it easy. He said quitting smoking was the easiest thing he had ever done because he had personally done it hundreds of times. Quitting quitting quitting is hard.

The apple bark has been helping. It has detoxified as I went, from the free radical scavenging anti oxidants of the apple polyphenols. I nibble a small twig. The other discovery was songs that are earworms, those quirky songs you just can’t get out of your head, can alleviate nicotine cravings. Melanie never got a cent, which sucks. Return the favour to big tobacco. Much study has been done suggesting addiction in general is all in your head. I found a way to short circuit it, hopefully finally. Apple skins, bark, and leaves are a source of the polyphenols and other medically useful compounds, foremost of which is an unknown anthelmintic. It shocks out helminths from insect bites where they have been parasites ever since the insect bit you, over your entire life span.

There is a noticeable circulatory enhancement effect of straight raw cut apple bark. I think it is related to the phloridzin content. Other rapid circulatory enhancers are aspirin for emergency blood thinning, ethanol for vasodilation, but this is a slower bigger picture process whereby reducing biofilm increases x-section vessel area for blood volume flow/rate and lowers pressure. I have seen that claimed for apple polyphenols from reducing bad LDL Cholesterols that block arteries with plaque.

That is not the big thing about edible apple leaves and bark. It is the unique “Live Anthelmintic” properties. The bug vector nematode parasites come out of your skin alive. They are known to cause multiple diseases but this is a way to show they are responsible for nearly all disease. Other anthelmintics like Ivermectin and Avermctin or DEC  kill them, releasing dangerous toxins. Apple leaves simply make them leave and they apparently do not even have time to defecate their lethal toxin load and die. Somebody definitely has to figure out what is happening there, as many of those worms were resident leaching off me for more than 5 decades. Some nasty ones were in old Yellow Jacket stings.

pound-o-wormsI still have cravings. I changed the words around to a couple Yardbirds songs that are earworms. “I’ve gotta Quit Quitting Quitting!” or If I can’t quit quitting quitting, etc… It works for me occupying my thoughts. It may not for you. I am the only person I know who has lost about 15% of my body mass in slimy worms and their biofilm. It take they were hooked on the nicotine too because some had been there most of my life. The other song is Louise. Something about concentrating on performing the music completely takes your mind off the craving, replacing it with an eventually annoying catchy tune. Also ironically, Eric Clapton’s Crossroads foundation should know about that trick to preoccupy your  mind where the addiction craving is emanating from. I’d be sorry about messing with your head but I’m really not. That’s the trick.

Obecalp is Placebo spelled backwards.Sometimes reverse things can work to promote your cause and garner attention that nobody would pay to it. Apple Tree Polyphenolics are not a placebo; They are the real thing, and they scare all medicine to death, a decidedly good outcome.

In the news, Tanks a Lot. That is what happened to Sarepta‘s stock, but nobody cares about the patients. Their muscular distrophy drug was not approved for wider clinical trial study. There is a 2011 study on tebovirus related Glioblastomas, but it only has been tried on mice using MBZ and ABZ trying to emulate what I have been doing already for 637 Days. This thing is redundant all over again, but you’ve gotta keep running that play till you get it right, right?

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Mon, April 25, 2016 – God Helped Us

Day 636. It takes Divine level help to get through this. Doctors, Herbalists, and Naturopaths are stumped alike by Borrelia. It underlies everything. God shows us the Helminths behind it when apple bark and leaves smoke them out. The Apple Polyphenols move the gallons of dissolved polysaccharide biofilm out by lowering the viscosity, converting to simpler sugars to expectorate and/or consume, and make them hydrophobic it seems to gel them out when air passes through the alveoli blood air interface in the lungs. It can’t be proven, other than by the fact that it is working. Medicine missed the helminths for all history, but Apple leaves and bark smoke them out of their decades comfy holes hiding inside you. It must be an act of God.

We all know bits of the apple story from Genesis 3. The whole chapter has a message from the original sin, and why the apple tree itself has to be employed to break it. I am not proselytising as much as struggling with my own understanding of it, and it all seems to fit the problem above all medical reach. It requires Divine level intervention from this tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yesterday was how Evil plays a role with every infected bug sting and bite, and we pile on with our own cursing of each other. Today let’s try to get back on the good track, because if you can’t, how will we ever get past this pandemic of vector disease? Time is short and Zika is already pandemic spread by wide international travel. If you have a better idea I haven’t heard yet, I’d be all ears, but I know antibiotics are already futile until medicine recognises helminths like Professor Dr. MacDonald in the Jan 20, 2016 Paul H. Duray filarial nematodes in MS spinal fluid at autopsy study. Unfortunately that is only in the discovery stage. It will take decades to get to the rank and file doctors, and they haven’t discovered the other Borrelia ones we found 636 Days ago, let alone found MS is just a symptom of Lyme Disease. Still want to cling to doctors? They’re still killing patients and saying the patients failed the treatment. I’m still trying to get the word out and keep it current because I can see what is coming.

Although Apple Tree Bark is sold out now at many places, not only because of me, you can get it from prunings of an apple tree. Do Not throw out the twigs!!! They are epic unobtainable medicine!!! Small pieces less than a 1/4″ in diameter and 3-4″ long can also act like chewing a pencil for a surrogate cigarette, although it is sweeter tasting. It should taste bitter sweet a bit like apples, but more like phloridzin from apple skins. The leaves and bark have it too. All three extracts would be ideal. Take as much as you can handle. The leaves, and also by extension the raw bark, are the anthelmintic “worm extricating” part, smoking the worm parasites out of all your old bug bites since birth. That is how I can show you your first infected bug sting and bite. It will be one of those.

Back to work. I am trying some weak blackberry wine and pectin enzyme on Sunday night. It is dangerous to drink alcohol while quitting smoking, but I have to see if it works dissolving the biofim with apple twig bark. It seems to work initially. I would have to get more Pectin Enzyme Agave Tequila to try also. The polysaccharide in the Agave plant is similar to biofilm pectin. The excess pectin enzyme in some Agave tequila with the strong ethanol alcohol speeds up biofilm dissolution. I have a whole lifetime of it to mop up although I have already got gallons of it out. The weak home brew blackberry wine is working comparably to tequila because it has excess pectin enzyme in it as well. The greater polyphenol content in the bark has a more powerful effect on the biofilm than the leaves, and the herx is gentler. It doesn’t take much natural raw bark. I am trying soaking the twigs in the wine and last bit of tequila. The outer two layers of bark seem to have the most polyphenols by taste. There is a dark outer layer and a yellow sweeter inner layer to the bark. Even weak wine alcohol softens it up noticeably.

It takes more wine than tequila naturally to dissolve equal amounts of biofilm in situ. Bromelain imparts a pineapple taste to it. I see the ebay offerings sell Bromelain  and Pectin Enzyme BCTF.logomixed. It all works when the apple polyphenols somehow catalyse the break up chemistry. It is an apple tree protocol, and leap frogs traditional medical failure with chronic borrelia disease by virtue of the vectored parasitic helminth biofilm elimination. All three concepts in that are foreign to all medicine currently, but essential to make headway in the medical metaphysics of this known 24 year Acrodermatitis Chronica Atrophicans situation. All Medical Disciplines are adamant that Lyme Disease does not exist. I can find their first bug bite, and make the floaters drill out of their eyeballs, but they will say they don’t exist. On top of that, when that is happening, it will be a slam dunk to get them  committed by their peers when they protest. Sorry about the irony, but How do ya like Them Apples?

The Bark test is nearing completion. I may fail my quitting smoking, although I have not yet. I’m ready for a slip, but know I cannot do it. I just cut off a bigger apple twig stub to fight cravings. Also gnawing the two little twigs that were soaking in the wine. They softened up the bark quite a bit. I am examining an old glass sample jar of absinthe soaked apple leaves but I must be delusional. A sweat has emerged through the lid seal itself. There is no way it could have leaked. There is a new bite that raised a small nit on my right shoulder. I’m still smoke free but not long enough to test for new nematodes. It is said that can take 9 months, but they say most of the nicotine gets out in a few weeks. Perhaps non smokers may get enough second hand smoke, but that is less likely these days.

Dr. MacDonald has helped a lot since informing Dr Sapi of this discovery. He has been connecting the dots of Lyme Disease Borrelia since the beginning, and the recent link of SURRA in veterinary vertebrates is indeed ground breaking. Thi8s matches what I saw in the field with deer and geese. Avian species like geese are unknown however even in veterinary medicine.


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Sun, April 24, 2016 – Colour Us Guilty

Day 635 Back Alive. Saved another Sunday. It’s a British English spell checker. It wreaks havoc with search engines. As Churchill stated, two nations separated by a common language. The cursed and the cursors. But it is more than just that. We both wreck our bodies to make food and lawns look pretty. The planet may be demonstrably dying, but it sure looks pretty. If you look up and there are no tankers spraying it down, the deficiency of Dobson Units of Ozone will UV-bake it all dead soon enough. The contrails are a way of life since everybody thought bigger bombs were a good thing. It was all done before I was born. I’m still quitting smoking. I rediscovered something big, but cannot find a non smoker curious enough to help me find a way to make it work. I will have to become both test cases. It is reportedly the hardest thing ever, but I think I’m up to the challenge.

I thought it could be the cyanide in smoke that scared the nematodes so badly. Still, I had two worm exits before cutting down but after starting cut apple bark, and one after the 4-20 quit date false start. That is still not enough data. I just know it works for smokers and also speeds the detox of nicotine/tar aromatic hydrocarbons. I know the inventor of the cigar air slipstream (cigarette filter holes) to reduce the aromatic hydrocarbons by cooling them in the filter. Arenes are carcinogenic it is said. He died at 103. Our house mother died at 103 also, when we found out she was actually 108. I guess she fibbed about her age to get the job 40 years before that.

I may not have enough non smoker cred but I count on the detoxifying effects of apple tree fibre and phenolics to simulate a whiny non smoker genius. Then I can get down to cracking why non smokers don’t have as good results. Of course it is dangerous as hell, but I scared all the worms out so far. I know what should happen. If I start packing up worms again, I can boot them with a single cigar and a cup of apple leaves I bet. I like Italian dressing with them, but they caused a one ibuprofen headache back when I was full of 58 years of worms. Over a couple hundred have gone since then, and thousands of Swimmers Itch schistosomes I surmise. I can always get a new batch taking a swim and rubbing against a dock. Or maybe not. They were pretty tenacious there. Maybe they will leave faster before they biofilm up for a few decades.

Why should I have to do that? Are those nonsmokers all so certain that I’m not right, and they are not better bug worm food? I bet these worms they already have will kill them dead faster than 10 packs of cigarettes a day ever could, eating their sweet smoke free neural meat, cartilage, and vital organs via their biofilm farms. Anybody can quit smoking it is said. It takes a real man to face cancer. I can go one better and say you have to have real guts to face these nematodes with no protection as the latest vector worm bug Zika goes viral literally, let alone every other disease in the book of medicine, known and unknown. Still fighting cravings, and it is getting easier as advertised. Plain gum helps me. I am scared of alcohol now. That could be failure. Nothing is more addictive than smoking it is said, with crystal meth/cocaine  coming in a poor second.

If I can survive quitting, I will break the trend around some peers. Smoking wasn’t as much trouble as the bug worms were I think. The helminths would also be “hooked” on butts, but they still can’t leave it fast enough if the biofilm gets broken through. I just cut up another branch, but am getting a small headache from the osmosis effect I am noticing. Thinking the bark does the osmosis too, although I did eat some phloridzin rich buds off the branch while trimming and cutting into 10″ sections. Meanwhile the apple polyphenolics are known life extenders. You can look it up about phenols and the animal life span studies. Although the piece isn’t scientific, the science raised is legit when you check it out. Now I am trying it as a smoking cessation cleanse and it worked so far. It’s not a craving killer unless you count chewing the twig, but being a free radical scavenger, over lowering LDL cholesterol, can only help. If you don’t get any strong anthelmintic action, I guess you will have to suffer the consequences living  until your brain and neural helminth parasite worms get the better of you.

You can tell by my run on writing that the withdrawal effects are still prevalent, making me a bit fidgety. I need more liquids, and now the hot and cold waves are less trouble. Still, trying to wind back this clock is a battle. Lyme disease is a tough fight, none tougher it looks like with the multiple layers picked up through travels. Thank Richard Longland for the biofilm youtube channel to understand it all. It needs Divine level therapy not to fail the patient, and apple polyphenols may be the only ticket if antibiotics use the disease itself to kill. Still going though through 635 Days. I can coach you and you will need it if you are under diagnosed chronic like multiple oilfield forestry and construction  workers are. Curse Me at your own peril, since this is demonstrably above all medicine if professors Emeritus like Alan MacDonald are all having difficulty. Haven’t quit quitting smokes yet at 2 PM, in the simultaneous battle. Louise is the jingle of the day, and I have a supply of apple twigs and all sorts of Dentyne Ice gum. It gets bland easy though. I may die from starvation, but it won’t be from cigarettes. Apple leaves and bark would keep it from happening anyway. What a catch 22 since they wreck the entire apple leaf/bark crop here. Still doesn’t beat premeditated death sentence by entrapment, but close. Tough call.

If you are forced to work with infectious bugs, and you can’t quit, shouldn’t that be a compensation claim? Guess how many ways there are to get out of that, and they use them all. Dissolving companies. Quick Statute of limitations. I can see a risk paradox developing that takes out the whole country. All just from bugs, on top of acts of God. No wonder medicine ignores it. It sucks to be us. Now they kill us by treating us to death. Apple leaves and bark may be the only way out out of being overly bug exposed. Doctors are paid to ignore it all. We’ll be dead soon enough the management surmises. Just behave or they can make it hurt more and longer.

I think they have euthanasia here now though if you can’t afford cigarettes to do it. With that apple polyphenol longevity thing, plus the anthelmintic, you could live a very long time. It is an odd twist of fate you will have to decide to deal with in your own way. If apple polyphenols rewind the clock too far, you could just die of starvation. What would be the odds of that? Nearly limitless? How do you insure for that? Penny lottery?

I definitely have to break a curse put on me. Smoking is a great deal of it. Everybody has the curse of vector helminthiases. Some have more than others needing divine intervention. I am at least in that boat after four and a half decades starting in the bush. The apple tree fibre and phenols are just a start on the hell they have wrought. I was bit by the other bug too, leaving yet another serpent. Like others, some was self inflicted out of understandable frustration, in no small part from all the other nematodes hitching the ride. It was a severe occupational hazard we were blind to and all became part of on top of that. We were all a part of it. Colour us all Guilty. Pray to God for forgiveness. If you can forgive me and help the community then I can forgive you and help where there is no alternative.

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Sat, April 23, 2016 – Hazards to Health

There are lots of unintended hazards to health. Non smokers are hazardous to the health of smokers. I notice that Thrive gum is misrepresented. It does not have as much nicotine in it as advertised when you read the fine print. Instead it has a small amount of the compound nicotine polacrilex, not actual nicotine like competitors advertise. You might as well buy plain gum. Try a piece of nicorette of the same dose. No comparison killing cravings. They think smokers are stupid enough not to notice.

Another well meaning measure under the guise of health & safety that winds up killing more people faster. Quitting smoking kills by suicide enough with stop smoking pills, and now dirty tricks. It’s politically correct, but that killed more people than anything in history by democide in the 20th century alone.

Hookahs are worse than smoking. You see e-cigarettes are just as bad. The devil you know is better than any substitute and safer. Smokers get thrown outside where smoking becomes even more hazardous to their health due to the temperature differential making more tar condense inside them. Yet you still have to quit. You fight the major depression and the cruel Thrive joke when you desperately need an antidepressant boost. That is what it has been like so far battling this addiction. They say it is harder to kick than any other drug.

I made it through another day smoke free so far with my paradoxically cheery 14 bar blues song that I changed the words to. This time I was dreaming that I was quitting this morning and grabbed a Thrive. Nothing. At least I saved wasting a real nicorette. The stress isn’t good on my heart. I am seeing why all the people I knew who quit died. I am not getting better as advertised. Still I have come this far. Others said it was the hardest thing they have ever done. You have to resolve to die trying. Now I am gnawing on an apple stick to try to calm down. They say nobody died from quitting, but I know they are lying. Smoking makes you sick, and quitting it can kill. You have to be aware of all the risks. That little apple stick is helping me, or at least I am believing it is. It’s all in your head they say. So are all your endocrine systems automatically. Cravings are less though, and while still a force to reckon with, a bit easier to deny.

Like before, just stop quitting quitting. Then I can deal more with wounds from bugs, my own HSE, and otherwise self inflicted hurts. Like others, we don’t dwell enough on environmental troubles of the atomic age, even though they dealt more bug troubles. Do dandelions help bees? Should we let them grow? Weed killers killed wild flowers and bees. So go the bees, so goes mankind. It doesn’t look good. Kill the weeds, kill the people, but it looks so pretty. We monocultured ourselves to death. People aren’t going to rip up their lawns. Not my problem they will say. I already had a tangle with that where the sterile monocultures met the forests, and wound up with Lyme Disease. We were warned, and the naysayers got exactly what was said would happen. Other people are collateral damage.

How much longer can the natural or volunteer apple tree hold up? People wet in their own pool too much. There is no beaming up out of this one. Odd how justifiable indignation fights depression. Saving the bees with wild flowers gets too little too late, and they get taken as noxious weeds. Then there is permethrin and neonicotinamides all bad to bees, 1 in 38 military children with autism, and other pollinators, but the crops look good. It makes one think of Sunday and apologizing for messing this all up so badly. Sorry doesn’t cut it. We’re all guilty of selfish sin. Hang on… another craving. A few deep breaths. I’ve got to beat that habit. You could be a Nobel laureate, but if you smoke, nobody would listen. Perhaps the discoverers of CFC Ozone depletion would have never got the word out.

Artificial Intelligence existential threat grabs headlines because it would be fast. This is more a slow growing oozing thing. Fast growing diseases are easier to defeat but the slow building biofilms are much harder. I think of all the people I worked with that have to go through the same thing. “Dropsy” alone is a hard one borne of arthropod vector biting, but not always. Many times it is mistaken commonly for acute decompensated heart failure ADHF when you had large vector exposure risk. Doctors are not familiar with northern Canada domestic vector exposure. They will just say you are nuts. Then you cure what they cannot touch. They won’t believe it. They would rather cut your heart with their new gizmo.

Just keep gnawing on an apple twig or find a source of apple bark. It’s an old forgotten country cure. Put both together, new and old, to use the better diagnostics. Something possibly about amylase in saliva eventually softens and sweetens the bark. Over time, it dissolves completely. It will dramatically lower your blood pressure though so can’t get outraged to fight that depression. At least the zyban has started to wear off. Doctors know nothing of the occupational hazards of heavy construction and forestry other than ticks and antibiotics that won’t work. The vectors of the Canadian boreal forest are many and mistaken by medicine by virtue of the panoply of imitative diseases they carry.

How much is ADHF Acute Decompensated (Congestive) Heart Failure worth? It is the top killer. The map on that CDC link could be a vector pressure map. There are geographical clusters, so I look at bugs. You can see from the dropsy link they are stumped. I found out it was all plugged up with biofilm slime, and I hacked it all out with some apple bark, leaves, and enzyme help. If you have congestive heart failure, I have a cure, but get ready to get rid of bucket loads of snot, and more than just a few worms if it was from bug bites. I proved it outweighs the effect of smoking. Dump all those bug worms and biofilm it can’t hurt. They’ve tried everything from sulfonamides to rat poison. My way was easy and I am living proof if quitting smoking doesn’t kill me from the depression. It was easier hacking out biofilm loogies smoking, but after a few days it is the other way around. The hassles I go through to prove this to you guys. Gee.

If coffee goes down the wrong pipe, that could replace the coughing. Or a bit of campfire smoke. It’s all bad. But the loogie that goes with it is another chunk of biofilm. Oral apple Bark really gets it moving with a little enzyme treatment. That flush free niacin also helps moving carbohydrates out. That is a lot of the trouble. If ACA Herxheimer is chronic Lyme Disease, I have stumbled on a great treatment for it, but it took time and was tricky. I’m not sure if I can just soak away the old rough “lizard skin” on the feet too. I dumped nearly 11 months worth of biofilm here. You could do it faster because I intentionally went slow Du testing. It requires extensive feedback, and you have to wipe out misdiagnosed Congestive Heart Failure, but that’s all in a day’s work here. No prescription regimen. Meanwhile, after supper cravings for cigarettes are strong. Sip extra coffee. Anxiety from smoke cessation? All I have is the apple twig and relatively deep breaths. Now a real nicotine gum but I find it too strong. Put it aside for now.

Why don’t people try this, apple bark plus polysaccharide enzymes, for CHF/ADHF while they wait? I had a lot of those conditions and more, and they insisted it was no mistake. If you dare go to a doctor instead you may never get out since you can’t have anything while you take their proven 100% fail medicine here exclusively. Ignore it or die. Medicine tried and failed more spectacularly dollar wise than perhaps any other scientific endeavour in history. How could an average engineer with a net connection run circles around it all? Why did they miss all the prior art? Was it just “too old?” It got tarred with the blood letting brush. Unfortunate case of baby with bath water bobbing there for a century or more. A gold brick in the garbage.