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Fri, April 1, 2016 – Astonishing Discovery

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It’s Day 611. That is astonishing in itself. I’m not foolin’. The astonishing thing is that all these little parasites have hidden in bug stings and bites for not only all these decades as in my case, but in all people for all millennia that mankind has existed on earth. That is the real April Fool’s joke, and our entire moneyed medical system hasn’t discovered it. Hilarious. What a waste. They continue to ignore it 611 Days after I discovered this, and they likely will continue to ignore it too, even more foolish than I ever could have imagined. It was a failure of imagination on my part getting it through to them.

They’re riddled with vector parasites too. Eureka! I have found it! They don’t care. Now I know why they add “curious” to all the job descriptions at Seres Therapeutical. There is an epidemic of incurious behaviour in medical research sciences, I take it. I concur. Their brains have been drilled like Swiss cheese by nematodes and spirochaetes, and they don’t even have a clue or care how or why. I can’t believe it, but I have to. At this rate, I’ll take this “secret” to the grave, even if I carve it in stone on the headstone.

If there was a terrorist attack of an equivalent nature, it would make headlines for months, but somehow worms eating you alive are OK, killing 5,760 North Americans a day. They farm the spirochaetes to do the eating, but they’re small, so they can get away with it. Sure it will kill you, but who cares? Not them or their meal tickets. That’s how they got away with it for 10,000 years or more. And they remain under the radar.

Realistically, how many North Americans does it kill? Only 4 a minute. Four a MINUTE?!? I’m not foolin’, even today. Every eight minutes, you have more Canadian and American people gone than lost their lives at a Belgian airport bombing. Roughly a passenger plane crash an hour. Who are the real April Fools here? I can start stopping the treadmill of nematode hparasite caused chronic illness into the maws of death, but they aren’t interested. “Too much hassle.” Is it just me, or is it them? “You’ll have to prove it!” Umm, doing the math, shouldn’t YOU have to prove it now that I have told you how, and I have proved it for over 611 Days? The dying ones are beating a path to your door, not mine. You had 3 and a half million of them to try with since then. Failed every single one too, except me.

What would I have to do if 3.516 million showed up? I’d need a budget and a staff. I’d need safe apple trees, but they’re all getting sprayed with all sorts of stuff. I’d need a staff of leaf pickers and dryers and grinders and capsulators. I’d need to get them going with 3,500 kgs of pectin enzyme a day. You would have to get on the biofilm stat. That would accelerate it while we were getting the apple leaf supply up to speed. I might not be able to help the 2% that are diabetics without a lot of insulin. All that biofilm sugar would be tough on them. Straight apple leaves for them and pectin enzyme sparingly PRN. I’d need an army, and they would all have to start working right from the get go.

Well, I’m not fooling. It would be a huge hassle. I shouldn’t have let it get 611 Days out of hand. But doable. They already have that army. What are they doing to stop it? They’re waiting for me to prove it? I see. I have the plan, they have all the dying people, all the money, all the dope, and all the doctors an’ nurses an’ shzt, I told them how for 611 days, and now it’s my fault? The incurious need not apply. I see Seres Therapeutics‘ point. Sheesh! That is an example of a regular foolish conversation with incurious hospital people and their smug ducks. It’s the day for it though.

arthurschopenhauer geniusI only happened on the pectin enzyme for almost 300 days now, though. That could speed the whole thing up by getting the biofilm nematodes out sooner. Biofilm is pectin. Slimy goo. The enzyme makes it sugary slimy goo, like the pure polysaccharide agave syrup they prep with it to make tequila. I just have trouble knowing a city the size of 70’s Greater Vancouver died since I tried to tell them what was wrong, and they did not listen. Not even a little bit. Incredibly Incurious, and right bull’s eye in the middle of their own discipline. They’re still resting on Sir Alexander Fleming‘s laurels to the point where all the chronic diseases have defeated them. It’s good that apple leaves seem to be a sustainable probiotic antimicrobial replacement. They don’t care about magic bullets though.

pound-o-wormsNow that I have the calculator out, how many tonnes of worms would those 3.5 million people have to get rid of at an average weight of 10 kg worms a piece? That’s only 35,000 Tonnes. Not that impressive, but at least it would be a start. You could pile them at the empty parking lot at the hospital. You could play in the gallons of biofilm slime with them. Worms? Diseased slime? What’s the diff? Well, about 3.519 million dead people altogether. Politicians will argue there won’t be enough jobs for them anyway. Even a quarter of them would be bad.

Well, we would be hiring. Pretty soon, other people would catch on that they had better start getting rid of all the filarial nematodes too, and they had better get with the program. After all, didn’t 3.5 million people at death’s door just dump all those other worms? Maybe we should hold off instead for a while; We can handle a few years closer to the grave. I know. You can ration it like you do with health care now. That’ll get rid of 3/4 of them waiting for a place in line. Then there will only be 4,320 of them a day showing up to die of a nematode parasite caused chronic disease too. Taper it in a bit, wait and see. We can nibble down that 1 and 3/4 year backlog when we thought you were just fooling.

The sad reality is that this is no joke, just like yesterday or the 610 Days before it. I can see procrastinating a week or so, but a year and three quarters? That’s not exactly “Stat!” Oh, they only say that in Hollywood? How are you doing with your ten to 15 percent of your body weight in worms? Yes, I understand you have nearly 5,800 more funerals to organize by tomorrow, but would another day really help you think about it? That’s just North America.  Screw all those other billions. Every person has roughly 4 times their age in nematode parasites to get rid of if they only had 4 infected bugs bite them a year. One every 3 months. No problem? Why did they all die then? That isn’t counting shark attacks, terrorists, car accidents, or lightning.

For all you know, the Chinese could already be doing it. Or the Russians! They have an advantage. They can both read. Gee, better get on it. Meanwhile, a robot could take your job. Good thing you’re too smart for that. You have a good old fashioned noggin’ fulla Swiss Cheese. That’s why healthcare is so successful. The last thing they need is more success, and just after they got on top of sustainable death.

Brian visited. I thought he would come yesterday, but he showed up today. Talked about worms. He said he had osteoarthritis. I said the nematode farmer’s spiros eat cartilage,  and eventually they would eat it all. He feeds them glucosamine and chondroitin to keep them happy while they do it. Told him to just go to my apple tree and eat a few leaves a day to get rid of the farmers, and about the pectin enzyme. Told him I knew all about the herxing, but it was not the bad kind by medical blood serology testing. My liver numbers were all clear. Then we talked about the bar in Seymour Arm, 1/3 locals, 1/3 loggers, and 1/3 tourists getting drunk and fighting. Yeah. Those were the days. That is where the six yellow jackets that caused my juvenile anklosing spondylitis stung me. I packed the worms for 50 years, and knew it was them after they came out. He already saw the temporary scars they left. Talked about why I have zero faith in doctors. See above. I mean there is incurious, but life threatening eliminating 611 Days incurious with a proven 10,000 year track record of failure? You have to be “special” to be that blind azz dumb fzcked AND conceited. No foolin’ there.

He actually knows someone who regularly tries bee venom therapy. Told him those were the worst worms and stingers EVER for me. It took over a year and a half to finally get down to those ones, but they were in there over 40 and 50 years too IIRC. Apple leaves would smoke them out faster if they were recent. This is technology? Knock yourself out. I shudder to think how that will go when the apple leaves smoke all those worms and stingers out. Can I come, watch, and laugh? I’m about to give up trying to get the apple leaf live anthelmintic message out anyway. Typo therapy. Keep bloggin’ an’ sloggin’ along here.

More on topic, it’s astonishing. Temperate Zone Parasitology, not Tropical Parasitology. We are talking Canada and the US to the North Pole, and not New Zealand. 3 Apple Leaves a day tuition… Dr. P. Malus professor. Guest: mike1baker. Lab credits: Apple Leaf Harvest lab series. Not kidding. Too late on April 1 now for that. They’ve all missed it. This blog could be the home study portion, but it needs all the fat trimmed by a Ninja editor. It’s true too. The Apple Leaves will teach you. Most of the lab will be identifying good candidate trees by feeling and anthelmintic effect. Catchy name… or Canadian Migratory Vector Nematodiasis Proxy Parasitology and Treatment. There could be a spinoff… Vectors of Spirochaetal Proxy Parasitology. It’s hard to put a name on it. Temperate Parasitology has many main angles. Trypanosomiasis/SURRA. Filarial Nematode Spirochaete Farmers. Aquatic Biofilm Contact Parasitology. Yellow Jacket Nematode Transfer. Bee Nematode Transfer. It literally opens a new can of worms for all kinds of vectors known and unknown. It’s way too big to keep on top of. I can find nothing on it really except nematodes in Ixodes scapularis ticks. It’s way more than that, including mosquitoes and mites, fleas, not the ectoparasite but a subdermal vectored nematode parasite of each kind, all temperate. Too many vectors, too many nematodes?

They obviously defeat our storied Sebaceous defences. Some appear to co opt the hair follicles too. Hair grows again after the worms leave. Cellulite? Hard to say if it ever recovers from that causation elimination. It is a great diagnostic tool. Got cellulite? That’s a sign of temperate vector parasites. Apple leaves get the farmer out. Here’s some defence. Military grade. To go with the Wild Apple Leaf counter attack measures. We’re on full alert due to what they call “Climate Change.” It’s a chemical disaster really.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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