Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, April 2, 2016 – Master Class Introduction to Temperate Vector Parasitology

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Human-parasite-iconsThe class could be segmented into Testing and Treatment/Discovery, Treatment/Elimination, and Maintenance Phase. There are external Dermal resident species, and internal resident species too. You get them by ingesting/breathing dust, nematode eggs/larvae, and the mites I take it. They defeated theoretically alleged human defences. They have never been discovered until now. Wild Apple Leaves show you where they hide. A picture may be worth a thousand words. Wild Apple Leaves may be worth a million words. I think that is too conservative. Those also show wasps, hornets, spiders, and bees, but no aquatic biofilms. If you have a chronic disease, chances are one or more of these multiple apple leaf exposed parasites will underlie it.

lifecycleNobody has connected the dots yet. All the temperate parasite nematodes exposed by Apple Leaves are undocumented as yet. The connection has the potential to eliminate 5800 deaths a day in North America, including most attributed to smoking, a crude vector defence borrowed from Native North Americans. You can bet they mimic tropical vector parasitoses like Malaria, where they have an “ecto-vecto” cyclical host vector relationship. The complexities may take a while to understand, but knowing is a large part of the battle, and wild apple leaves provide the data to investigate.

Most of the focus remains in the data collection and initial analysis stage to identify the multiple vectors, the nature of nematodes and/or pathogens they transfer, and the specific hominid known related diseases. Initially there is a yellow jacket – rheumatoid arthritis relationship implied from personal experience.  Early detection may lead to simpler and faster acting cures for this chronic illness.

Next, while more parasite nematode species are eliminated, some other relationships may be discovered like the connection of spider sting to Herxheimer Disease and Dropsy/pitting edema of the lower legs. As mentioned yesterday, bees are parasite/nematode vectors found by Phase 2. Unfortunate BVT victims may provide massive amounts of data such as gunshot victims provided live gunshot effect data. Apple Leaves expose a new insidious species or more from known vector genus Hymenoptera (ants, bees, wasps) stings, including effects of the expunged barbed bee stingers, recently discovered by apple leaves to contain a vector parasite themselves, decades after the fact. BVT Victims may provide the most data unwittingly initially. Hymenoptera, like Arachnia Vector Nematode Data, would otherwise be rare.

New vector species are also identified in the maintenance phase such as the relationship of mosquitoes to nematode transfer, affording a host parasite relationship that needs further analysis. This yields invaluable original data directly linking nematode type to vector, and possibly the disease. The whole science is in the embryotic stage, so if you are looking for new stuff, temperate vector parasitology exposed by wild apple leaf live anthelmintics might be hep for you.

Wild apple leaves also expose an unknown HPV Wart persistence factor that should be investigated. The leaves provide a new keyhole to view causation relationship of chronic disease killing 5800 people a day here. Unfortunately, I am the only professor with knowledge of the process and the results so far, and I am looking for help from curious students of entymology and nematode parasitology. The leaves are providing too much data, physical and effectual, as well as evidential.

I should also throw International Action Plan on Multivectors lip service in there, defending my own plan including apple leaves and permethrin protection. Permethrin is hard to get in Canada. Hint: There are several sources for veterinary grade 10% to dilute/protect clothes/etc.They put a marker chemical in it to make it smell bad though, while real human grade permethrin is odourless. Isn’t it always that way trying to stave off an asymmetrical false flag bioweapon foreign terrorist attack though?

I’ve got to tell you that permethrin search here is getting creepy. It looks like our government wants us all dead, except themselves. It isn’t so crazy when you can prove it in a few google links. Ted Cruz says they told West Texans they can’t use insecticides on government even if they’re like locusts. Texan’s shot back, “Wanna bet?” If they’re not in on it, a few good old boys could take out Canada with a few matchboxes of bugs on a weekend. It’s not like they need any more oil though. They need less right now, especially from Canada. But it’s prolly more a local real estate scam horrifically bad management left us wide open to.

I’ve been watching too many old Columbo‘s…



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